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Benjamin Moore White Dove Sherwin Williams – Choosing between two white paints that look the same is not a hobbyist’s job. Sherwin Williams Dover White and Benjamin Moore White Dove are so similar that many people cannot tell them apart just by looking at them.

The main difference between them is the base tone. While Dover White SW 6385 has a creamy-yellow tone, White Dove OC-17 has a more yellow-gray tone. This means that Dover White has a cream color, but White Dove has a slight white tint.

Benjamin Moore White Dove Sherwin Williams

Benjamin Moore White Dove Sherwin Williams

You probably know that both paint colors are white, which raises the question of when you can use them. So let’s compare each color, starting with when it fits perfectly with your decor.

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It is better to tear the paint colors apart. It cannot even be said that they are nominally different. But when you put them side by side, the differences are immediately visible. However, if you’re still having trouble deciding what paint color is best to use at different times, consider the points below.

Are these colors interchangeable? I don’t think so, the reason is simple. Dover White is a very warm color. For some it is more cream than white and for others it is too yellow. I think it’s a beautiful white color that creates a cozy and calm atmosphere.

White Dove, on the other hand, is soft white and although it has a creamy scent, it is not overpowering. The base has a gray tint, so it doesn’t look too yellow or too warm. I recommend White Dove as a milder, less yellow alternative to Dover White.

However, ultimately the choice is yours. Use the samples to determine which ones will look great on your wall and match your decor. You can then determine the best choice. But now let’s look at a quick color comparison using images.

Benjamin Moore White Dove

So looking at a photo can bring something to life, especially if it’s a photo of real life. The same goes for paint color. In my experience, people make decisions faster when they see what a particular color looks like on the wall than when they don’t have anything.

Dover White and White Dove are very popular paint colors and many people like to use them. However, if you don’t notice a difference, you can replace one with the other. In the image above you can see the heat emanating from the two colors of paint. They have enough light to see color details.

However, the use of wood in White Dove deepens the color and makes it warmer than Dover White. Still, there’s a hint of gray in the corners of the shadows. Not too warm, but enough to get a nice white paint color.

Benjamin Moore White Dove Sherwin Williams

By detailing specific aspects of paint colors, these charts will help you narrow down the best colors for you. I know that the base height and LRV are very important, so I can’t wait to show you these details to understand them better.

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I can’t say that there is much difference in the color tones of this paint when used indoors. Of course, they look different, but since they are both warm colors, they create almost the same cozy feeling. They make you want to relax with a good book and a cup of coffee after a long day.

However, Dover White emits more heat than Dove White due to its lighter creamy yellow tone. This can make the room too warm and the walls too close together. I say this because warm colors make a room seem smaller, no matter how large it is.

While white paint is supposed to make a room appear larger, warm white or off-white paint has the opposite effect. Dover White is a fantastic color if you don’t mind this extreme comfort. However, if you want the same warmth without feeling too cozy and stuffy, try Whitie Dove.

A color’s LRV, or light reflectance value, indicates how much light a color reflects. It uses a scale that displays values ​​from 0 to 100. True black has an LRV of 0, which means it absorbs all light. Pure white has an LRV of 100, which means it reflects all the light.

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When it comes to paint colors, there is no such thing as absolute black or pure white. Each paint color has a slight tint depending on the addition of other colors to produce it. As a result, paint colors use a scale from 2.5 to 94 to check LRV.

Sherwin Williams Dover White has an LRV of 83, which is very high on the scale. This means that paint colors can help brighten rooms that don’t get a lot of natural or artificial light.

The Benjamin Moore white pigeon has an LRV of 83.16, only slightly higher than the Dover white pigeon. Some say the LRV can reach 85, but this is still up for debate. The problem is that if the light in the room is blocked, the fairly light paint color will change.

Benjamin Moore White Dove Sherwin Williams

Simply put, White Dove OC-17 is brighter and reflects more light than Dover White SW 6385. The difference in cost is minimal, but when you put the colors side by side it makes a difference.

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As mentioned above, the main difference between Dover White and White Dove is the base color. Dover White has a yellow tint, making the color soft and very warm.

On the other hand, Merpati Putih is slightly yellow in color with gray tints. The color is as soft and warm as Dover White, except for the gray that gives it a softer feel. Undertones can look similar in certain lighting, but this only happens when you use separate paint colors.

However, if you paint the patterns side by side, you will notice a hint of softness and warmth in White Dove. Moreover, compared to the creamy yellow of Dover White, the gray is cooler. Let me show you what I mean using photos.

Here’s a photo of the Dover White in all its glory, showing plenty of warmth. You can see the creamy yellow I’m talking about…

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This may depend on lighting conditions – the Dover White is exposed to warm, artificial lighting, while the White Dove is exposed to natural light. However, even with plenty of natural light, Dover White does not look as clean and fresh as the White Dove in the photo above.

In other words, Benjamin Moore’s The White Dove may appear cold due to the lighting and elements surrounding it. You don’t have the same problem with Dover White. If you want pure white that reflects color and warmth, White Dove will be your best choice. However, if you are looking for a really warm white paint color, choose Dover White.

I made sure that both whites had warm tones. But I want to say again that one of them is warmer than the other. Dover White, which has a creamy-yellow tint, looks warmer than White Dove, which has a greyish-yellow tint.

Benjamin Moore White Dove Sherwin Williams

Sometimes Merpati Putih looks a bit cool because of the different elements and colors. Lighting is also important for bringing out the colors of the paint. However, I always want to emphasize that color depends on perspective. Compared to whites such as BM Chantilly Lace or SW High Reflective White, White Dove shows its original, warm shade.

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Complementary colors are part of what makes a paint color match any decor. These colors appear opposite the primary colors on the color wheel. I will show you the best complementary colors for SW Dover White and BM White Dove.

Since the color is warm white with yellow undertones, the best complementary color would be Sherwin Williams Violet Vignette SW 7137. The color is light blue with a purple tint that gives it a slightly cool look. Nearby is White Satin 2067-70 by Benjamin Moore.

If these additional colors seem too light for white, I will be happy to show you the appropriate color palette. This color palette could use more saturated colors for more versatility, especially if you’re not a fan of the classic all-white decor.

By now you should have a clear understanding of the difference between SW Dover White and BM White Dove. So I want to take you on a colorful journey to see what you can do with these and other colors.

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There are many colors that can be combined with Dover White to create a color palette. Because it is a white paint color, even though it is a warm white, it is a warm white, neutral, and neutral enough to be mixed with other bold, rich colors. Try Waterloo, Golden Fleece and Napery for starters.

Like Dover White, White Dove goes with many colors. The horizon opens before you with many colors that you can add to the White Dove color palette. But I am

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