Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue Bedroom

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Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue Bedroom – Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore is a beautiful gray-green color with gray accents. The color is in a historic collection and a popular shade for farmhouse, fashion and beach decor.

I am so excited to talk about one of my favorite colors ever, Wythe Blue from Benjamin Moore! Spoiler alert – I love this shade so much that you have one

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue Bedroom

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue Bedroom

You can still see it immediately when you walk into my house. After reading about the shade and looking at some pictures, I am confident that you will love it too.

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Wythe Blue was introduced by Benjamin Moore in 1976 as part of the Historic Color collection. This beautiful shade mimics the timeless appeal found in traditional and modern homes steeped in history. It was even named BM’s “colour of the year” in 2012:

Much more than you might think, blue is a truly classic color. It has universal appeal, never goes out of style, and is surprisingly chosen as a color favorite across North America. It draws the sea and the sky, calms us physically and shows trust and commitment. Because of the role blue plays in our lives today, we have chosen Wythe Blue (HC-143) as the 2012 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year. It is a beautiful, quiet shade that is part of the property and it gives the roundness of the land, providing comfort and stability. Benjamin Moore

Wythe Blue is a muted blue that can fill a room or be used as an accent color to draw the eye. Here’s everything you need to know about this beautiful color, including many examples of the shade in real homes.

NOTE: If you are painting the room yourself, these tools will be very useful. And this post gives you my best tips for painting a room in 5 easy steps.

Wythe Blue Paint Sample By Benjamin Moore (hc 143)

If you look at a sample, Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue has heavy gray and green effects. But once the color is applied to your walls, you’ll notice that the blue especially stands out, with green or gray tones following, depending on the lighting and other accents.

Wythe Blue will take the gray accents and furniture in the room and show more gray materials. There will also be gray casts if there is nothing in the room or if there is not enough light to bring out the green.

Wythe Blue Green materials will be found in rooms facing west, where more yellow natural light will wash the walls. If you want green tones, you will need a system like white fixtures and floors in a bathroom with green exterior to bring out the green undertones. My dining room faces west, that’s why it looks so green!

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue Bedroom

Another way to see more green undertones is to pair another light blue color with Wythe Blue. A lighter blue will bring out the green tones in Wythe Blue. Also, the green will be more noticeable at night when the colors become richer.

Wythe Blue Hc 143

Every time you choose a new color, you should try the right color in your home first!

The easiest and fastest way to do this is with Samplize! I only use them now for color swatches. No mess, no test pots of color. Made of true color, the clear squares are also easy to move around the room and easy to store for future reference!

Wythe Blue is a color that is neither too dark nor too light. It lands right in the middle of the Light Efficiency Index, which is a scale that scales from absolute black to pure white on a scale of 1 to 100. Thanks to its intermediate position in the LRV, Wythe Blue blends well with most colors. Some tips to try from Benjamin Moore are:

Additionally, Wythe Blue pairs well with many whites. You’d be hard pressed to find a commonly used decor color that Wythe Blue doesn’t work well with in some way, shape or form. I use it with Simply White OC-117 in my bathroom and it looks great together!

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A shade of blue can also work beautifully as an accent colour. Bright reds appear in rooms decorated with Wythe Blue. Yellow and green complement each other even more than usual with Wythe Blue in the room. Believe it or not, tangerine can also make a great combination with shade.

Wythe Blue is richer than other blues and can be used in many rooms of a home. It’s cozy enough for children’s rooms, formal enough for dining rooms and neutral enough for outdoors. Here are some of my favorite examples from around the web.

This Wythe Blue master bedroom is crisp and clean. This photo from House of Turquoise shows how green backgrounds can be without power or mud.

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue Bedroom

I have a particular affinity for a bathroom in Wythe Blue! In fact, this is the color I recently chose to use when I gave my daughters bathroom a makeover. How beautiful is this board and batten? Every time I walk into this room, it brings me joy. Sappy, I know.

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This bathroom features Wythe Blue with gray fixtures in a black setting. This room was designed by Bella Casa Interiors, and you can see how the color shade moves from green to gray undertones depending on where the light hits.

Green furniture definitely stands out in the landscape spa-like Wythe Blue bathroom from the design team at Development Avenue B. Wythe Blue used as an accent in a room with dark lighting brings out the green color, as it can be seen.

This kitchen is very busy. The bright red accent stands out against the white and gray fixtures and cabinets. What binds the House of Turquoisekitchen together is Wythe Blue. Used sparingly, it helps focus your attention on specific areas of the kitchen. It is interesting to note that the shade works well with all the other colors in this room!

If you compare this kitchen with Wythe Blue to the one directly above, you will see the versatility of this color and how it works well with any style. It fits perfectly with this country house. The dark gray island really makes the blue pop.

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This living room showcases Wythe Bluein with a mix of blues, greens and grays. Studio Ten 25 does a great job of using soft lighting to help Wythe Blue feel neutral and even a little warm.

This Wythe Blue living room shows both green tones on the left and a more blue tone in the middle. It shows how fire really works in Wythe Blue.

In contrast, this living room with Wythe Blue from The Decorologist is an airy blue-green. Natural light fills the room and helps the dark wood bring out the green. Note that it is not as sharp as the other rooms.

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue Bedroom

My own dining room is painted this rich and comforting color because I fell in love with it as soon as we moved into our house seven years ago. Since my room faces west and has a lot of yellow/brown colors, it definitely attracts green. And I love it!

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If you want a hint of Wythe Blue on your exterior, add some by painting your door. It’s a welcoming, timeless color that will add a little fun to every day. This painted door is what first made me fall in love with it!

Are you still sure? What room did you add to Wythe Blue? I’m partial to the bathroom, but the front doors in this shade will always have my heart too. 💗

I’ve compiled some of the best tools for painting a room yourself. First, you’ll want to check out this post I wrote: Paint a Room in 5 Easy Steps These tools are the best tools I use when I paint my own rooms, that’s how they paint 95% of the time! I found an interesting set of pictures/floor plans the other day and thought you might want to look at them with me.

Like the other two ideas we discussed the other day, it’s a small, ugly place, but it’s also full of interior design lessons. Most of them are booked and some we may not have.

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This is a 1997 New Jersey vintage – with a very small lounge that is almost an extension of the door.

This house was built in 1997. It’s the cheapest, bare bones of four house plan options, about 3,000 square feet, including the basement. Believe me, Laurel, you take every penny we have because my kids are young and healthy…we are cash poor.

The only upgrade I believe is a garage with its entrance. It drives me crazy to have a garage in front of the house!

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue Bedroom

This next sentence is not a reflection on you or your children… As you say they are rubbish. I have friends with kids who are restless freaks, jump on everything. I think I was lucky, they said God for what you can drink.

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