Best Colors With Oak Trim

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Best Colors With Oak Trim – Wood trim is a classic feature of many older homes. Some homeowners love the warmth and character it adds, while others find it dated and drab. If you struggle to love your wood, the wall color can be visually distracting. Choosing the right neutral paint color to go with your wood will not only save you the cost and labor of painting all the woodwork, but it will also add a unique beauty and warmth to your home that is hard to replicate.

So they move and mix. For example, a nice light brown can harmonize with orange wood (similar color families on the color wheel), but a soft gray-blue offers more contrast and drama (different color families). Both are beautiful, but they are two completely different vibes. In general, when staging or preparing a home for sale, keep color choices mostly realistic and harmonious. This is because it helps to visually expand the space, giving potential buyers a more neutral canvas to imagine the home as their own. This makes neutral paint a great choice to pair with wood trim.

Best Colors With Oak Trim

Best Colors With Oak Trim

*If you do not plan to sell your home, you may want to explore more dramatic paint color options than you will find in this article.

What Color Flooring Goes With Oak Trim?

This beautiful living room is a great example of a wall paint color that adds beautiful accents and contrasts to a wooden wall. (Orange and blue are opposites on the color wheel, so it achieves the desired effect). Perfect for a homeowner who loves bright colors! However, if you are planning to sell your home, this change and drama is usually too much for buyers. Homeowners preparing to sell their homes should choose a more neutral palette to appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers.

Now let’s see what neutral paint colors you can work with those wooden decorations?

The warmth of cherry, mahogany and other red woods can add great beauty and depth to a space. This redness is most apparent in certain light, and sometimes makes the wood sound slightly or purplish.

Warm grays with a slight hint of taupe (such as Benjamin Moore Pale Oak) and toned down violet (Benjamin Moore Collingwood or Abalone) work beautifully with these rich wood tones. The red wood tones go well with a slightly pink-orange (Sherwin-Williams Kilim Beige) beige.

Pale Oak Oc 20 By Benjamin Moore

The wall paint in this room, Benjamin Moore Collingwood OC-28, looks beautiful against the rich red wood tones of the floor and staircase woodwork.

Woods with orange tones may fall a bit more on the yellow or red side of the color wheel, but their base color is still in the orange family.

Orange wood stain works well with paint colors from the same pigment family – orange! These include light, subtle beiges (Benjamin Moore Muslin and Gentle Cream and Sherwin-Williams Navajo White and Soft Tan) that are not too warm.

Best Colors With Oak Trim

A warm gray can add a nice touch to orange wood (Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist), but this may be a little different than what you want in a home for sale.

How To Pick The Right Paint Color To Go With Your Honey Oak Trim

The wall color in this room, Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream OC-96, is a nice, neutral balance with the orange wood trim.

It is obvious that the wood in the yellow palette is yellow in color. Sometimes they can lean a little orange, and in the right light, they can get green or pink flashes. You’ll often see this wood color in homes built in the 1990s when “honey oak” was all the rage.

To complement the yellow wood tones, choose a neutral wall paint from the yellow color family. This includes subdued tans (Sherwin-Williams Canvas Tan), some cream or beige paint (Sherwin-Williams Shoji White), and warm gray colors from the yellow family (Sherwin-Williams Amazing Grey).

Paint color isn’t always obvious (especially when it’s neutral), but they all fall somewhere on the color wheel. Confused about the color family? We’ll take all the time measures out of it and teach you exactly what it is and how to find it in our Color by Number™ online course. Learn more here!

What Kitchen Color Schemes Work With Oak Cabinets?

Sherwin-Williams Shoji White 7042 is the perfect backdrop to show off the beauty of the yellow wood cabinets in this contemporary bathroom.

Whether you’re looking to completely refresh your space, experiment with a new design, or just need some professional guidance to help narrow down your paint color choices, we’re here to help!

Vanessa Rhoades is the author of Just Right! Easy DIY Home Staging: Second Edition and creator of Three Bears Home Staging®. She is an HSR™ Certified Professional Home Stager and a Certified Expert E-Designer. Houses built later. Even if you plan to hire a professional to work on it, the thought of painting all the wood can be daunting.

Best Colors With Oak Trim

That’s why most of us like the look of natural wood. And there is nothing wrong with that! Honey oak trim is inherently beautiful, especially if you combine it with the right wall color.

The Best Wall Paint Colors To Go With Honey Oak — True Design House

The right combination will give a nice and simple look that is suitable for those of you who do not need a very bold design.

If you want to combine honey oak with a specific wall paint color, one important thing you should know is that honey oak has a color.

When choosing paint colors, accessories, furniture or other elements of your room, ask yourself: “Is yellow-orange beautiful?” Self-examination is essential.

Here are some top ideas for wall paint colors that go perfectly with honey oak trim to create a simple yet elegant look:

How To Choose Paint Color For Rooms With Wood Trim

This modern bedroom is completely comfortable; It has a spa-like feel. Honey oak gives the whole area a soft and warm look.

The designer created a simple look by combining sweet oak rugs with Benjamin Moore’s paint color – taupe paste. It is basically a soft light grey, a neutral color that can be paired with any shade.

The wall paint is also combined with Benjamin Moore – Pismo Dunes for the asphalt area and Benjamin Moore – Plymouth Brown for the ceiling insert. This neutral color combination will always give a modern and contemporary look.

Best Colors With Oak Trim

If you want a simple, minimal, but elegant look, you can always choose soft gray for the main paint color. Honey oak trim can be the perfect accent to complete the overall look.

Our Favorite Neutral Paint Colors & A Paint Guide

Basically, this picture shows a great example of a timeless bedroom with light brown walls and sweet oak trim.

Although the wall looks beige, it looks like it was painted by Benjamin Moore – Gray Mist.

Gray looks very light and subtle, so it is more white than gray. That’s why the wall paint blends perfectly with the white ceiling.

The neutral color combination of this room shows a modern look, while the furniture has a more traditional look.

The 8 Best Gray Paint Colors For Cabinets For 2022

This classic combination of modern and classic style creates a completely new, timeless design. This is perfect for those of you who don’t like the crisp and polished modern look, but don’t want a completely classic look.

Wood is an element that never goes out of style. That’s why wood is your safe choice if you want to create an elegant look that can be relevant for years to come.

In addition, this kitchen is considered an ecological design. It includes recycled denim insulation on the walls, energy-saving LED lighting, bamboo and Energy Star appliances.

Best Colors With Oak Trim

The wall paint here is Benjamin Moore – Cream Fleece 233. A cream color like this pops the sweet oak. This is the perfect color combination to create a bold contrast between the trim and its surroundings.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Is The Best Greige Paint Color, Per Our Designers

The Tudor fireplace, vintage light fixtures, honey oak and leather sofas give the perfect classic look.

But, when mixed with honey oak, the soft green wall paint color gives a completely different look. It is more modern than traditional.

Sherwin Williams Wall Color – Artichoke #6179. In fact, it’s quite bold when combined with honey oak trim leaves. However, this color must exhibit the element of craftsman style in wood trim.

In addition, the combination of green and honey oak trim is enhanced by creamy white, painted on the fireplace and ceiling.

How To Choose Trim Colors That Flawlessly Coordinate With Your Walls

Every tone in this Craftsman living room is carefully chosen to give it a timeless, classic Craftsman look.

Benjamin Moore goes with a honey oak rug in a white farmhouse kitchen. image © Taylor’s Home Building and Remodeling

Honey oak trim blends perfectly with the floor and cabinets. The floor here is vinyl plank, which Tajima calls rustic.

Best Colors With Oak Trim

Using wood for trim, flooring and cabinets creates a consistent and uniform look. However, the designer was also needed

Paint Colors That Go Best With Honey Oak

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