Best Exterior Trim Colors For White Houses

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Best Exterior Trim Colors For White Houses – White exterior paints are very popular right now and they are also classic and timeless! For an all-white exterior paint color, I’d usually choose a standout white over white trim. Learn more about choosing a white exterior finish here.

NOTE: This article contains paint colors taken by us and our client Color Concierge. They are not color corrected, so you can see how colors react reliably to sunlight and shade. All of these are real photos of people’s homes.

Best Exterior Trim Colors For White Houses

Best Exterior Trim Colors For White Houses

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Exterior Color Schemes For Every Architectural Style

Both white exterior paint can be very beautiful. The key to knowing which one is right for your home is to take the time to choose a paint color carefully.

It’s not enough to look at paint samples and decide what looks best on paper. When designing an exterior color palette, it is important to consider lighting, environment, neighborhood and other factors.

Use the tips below to choose the best paint for siding, trim, garage doors, and more.

Below is a great diagram showing the deck, framing and gutters that will be covered later in this article.

White Exterior Paint Color Ideas

For a more stylish but classic look, paint the duct the same color as the trim and the downpipes the same color as the trim.

The garage can be painted white or black. If the house is quite simple, I like to paint it black. Otherwise, it can be overwhelming. If you decide to paint your garage door white, make sure you have black accents like the door pull and house number so it doesn’t look too obvious.

We love white houses with black windows, but not everyone has that option. Most of the homes we see have white vinyl windows that cannot be painted.

Best Exterior Trim Colors For White Houses

When the windows are white vinyl, we usually paint the windows the same color as the siding. White siding can be warmer or darker than white vinyl windows. No one will notice it in sunlight and it looks great.

Stunning Off White Paint Colors Our Designers Love And Why

If you have black windows and the window frames are wide, don’t paint the hood black. A wide black interior with black windows will look too heavy. But it will be painted in the same white color as the curtains.

In most cases, we do not offer dark window frames with white vinyl windows. Of course there are exceptions such as complex Victorian plans or where the body of the house is white and the interior is not too thick.

Consider a house with white windows with black interior and simpler architecture with a light white body. The black color adds a nice accent to the white exterior color scheme and adds interest to the simple design. See the image below. He was driving by (not one of our projects), but I liked him so I took a picture of him.

Don’t forget the front door! We like to think of the front door as the first impression of your home. This is the door that welcomes your guests and will make a big impact on your white exterior paint.

Tips And Tricks For Choosing Exterior Trim Colors {color Palette Monday}

The front door color you choose will depend on your preferred color scheme and other colors in your home and surrounding properties.

Want a simple black and white exterior paint scheme? Then the black front door is for you. Do you prefer a white color scheme with splashes of color? Consider a red, green or even pink front door! For more inspiration, read our guide to choosing the best front door paint colors.

There are so many amazing paintings out there. Here are some of our favorites, so if your favorite isn’t on the list, it doesn’t mean it’s bad, it just means we didn’t include it. The LRV of these white paints ranges from 72 to 85, so they won’t look too harsh or wash out in bright sunlight.

Best Exterior Trim Colors For White Houses

This white is our favorite color and is the lightest color for the exterior finish. This lovely home has a modern farmhouse exterior with white paint. Don’t confuse this with Benjamin Moore Pure White, it’s a cool, completely different gray!

Black And White And Loved All Over

For bright white elements like the white vinyl fence pictured, if you live in a northern area with little direct sunlight or lots of shade, use Sherwin-Williams Pure White (LRV = 82).

Avoid this exterior color in sunny areas in the south or in the mountains. You might need sunglasses to see it because it’s so bright! And in neighborhoods with lots of muted earth tones and textures, avoid the SW Pure White exterior white color scheme. It will look like.

Another word to the wise: this bright white is like a mirror. Avoid having a red or yellow house next door. Otherwise, your house will be pink or yellow on the neighboring side.

The windows are white vinyl and the architectural details are set, so we kept the window white and used less black accents. Gutters and machines were painted black to give the farm a special look. We painted the garage door white to keep the black accents light. Finally, the front porch ceiling was painted light blue for a classic southern farmhouse look!

The Most Popular Exterior Paint Colors — Jim Felder Photography

The color scheme is shown below. You can’t see the blue ceiling on the front in this photo, but it’s there. The garage doors are white but with black license plates, hardware and lights. The white and black balance is perfect.

Sherwin-Williams Alabaster (LRV=82) is hailed online as the ultimate white exterior paint color. I don’t necessarily agree; It is a special tool like any other color. Just because the exterior color is creamy white doesn’t mean it’s perfect for every house.

Alabaster looks good in the shade and in northern climates. It has a very yellow color, so it turns yellow in bright sunlight. The day before I wrote this post, I saw this happen at a color consultation.

Best Exterior Trim Colors For White Houses

Just like pure white, this bright white is like a mirror. Don’t use it if your next door neighbor has a red or yellow house, otherwise your white house will be the neighbor’s pink or yellow side.

The Best Exterior Paint Colours: Why Your Home’s Exposure Matters

Below is our web designer’s home, located in a very shady area of ​​Atlanta. They are going to paint the roof medium gray but it looks great! The black accent color is Black Magic (SW 6991). If you are looking for a new website, check out their services at Website Design Made Easy. I was impressed with their work!

Sherwin-Williams Greek Villa is a GORGEOUS exterior color throughout the house with an LRV of 84. It’s still bright, but much more pigmented than Pure White or Alabaster. You can worry less about what your neighbors are thinking.

We like to use SW Greek Villa exterior paint with red brick and other earth bricks like the client’s home below. It also works very well in the shade. Make sure you check when the house is in direct sunlight.

For more information on this home and paint colors, read our Greek Villa SW Paint Color Review. Order a sample here.

Twelve White Exterior Paint Colors

This color is the warmest white on this list, with an LRV of 72. It is best seen in the areas closest to the sun, such as the southern United States and major cities such as Denver or Salt Lake City. Oyster white looks thick and spectacular in the shade or in the north.

It is perfect to combine with hot stone or brick. Oyster White is an invisible green so it looks great in any light!

The following two homes are in North Carolina. You can see in the pictures how bright these houses are from the outside. This is because sunlight brightens and brightens paint colors 5-10 times!

Best Exterior Trim Colors For White Houses

This house was also on the water in North Carolina. This white exterior paint scheme is coordinated and blends in beautifully with the natural surroundings!

How To Choose The Right Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home Based On Its Architectural Style

The white exterior paint color is not only stylish but also classic and timeless. Color placement and colors should be chosen carefully. White paint color does not work everywhere.

Test, test, experiment with paint colors! Find out more about how to check your paint color here. Order large, ready painted samples from Samplize.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when choosing exterior paint colors is choosing colors that are too light. This is the best reason to hire a professional exterior paint color consultant to help you choose paint colors for your home. How an experienced color designer understands color

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