Best Light Blue Paint For Bedroom

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Best Light Blue Paint For Bedroom – Betty Blooper thought she picked a fabulous blue wall color. Please read what she had to say.

I discovered her blog a few days ago. I think I stayed up until 3am the next day because I couldn’t turn it off. thanks

Best Light Blue Paint For Bedroom

Best Light Blue Paint For Bedroom

Seriously, I’m kidding. Honestly, I wish I had seen you a month ago. We just painted the living room. I wish it was one of those soft silvery blue wall colors

The Best Paint Colors For Bedrooms

I chose what I think is one of the best navy blue wall colors I’ve ever seen. It looked amazing on the color chip.

The artists came. I went to work and came home nine hours later. And, well, the navy blue color was much bluer than I expected. However, there was not enough time to do anything about it. You see, after three days, my husband’s sister and husband came to visit me.

And I have to make sure everything is dry and stored. Did I mention SIL is having her first child in six months?

However, I was busy cleaning up the bottle of chocolate milk that my four-year-old son had just spilled on my dog, cat, and me. The rest lived in an eight-foot log.

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Luckily my DH got home from work an hour early and was there to greet and entertain the women until I could introduce myself.

I love S-I-L. But for some reason I never felt like I was over measuring because it is so beautiful and versatile. Yes, that’s my problem, I’m sure. However, he seemed very happy to see me.

And then she said with a bright smile in our freshly painted living room, “Betty, this is the perfect shade of BABY BLUE for our new nursery. I just found out we’re having a baby! Oh, please, honey. And tell me tell me what color it is.” What color is baby blue?

Best Light Blue Paint For Bedroom

I tried so hard to smile, but I had a strong urge to wipe that happy smile off her face.

Choosing A Blue Gray Paint Color For Our Bedroom

However, God intervened to save me because at that moment I realized that the roast was on fire and I ran to the kitchen.

Worse, the color gets even worse during the day. In fact, my mother-in-law never mentioned knowing colors again.

And I worked really hard to find out what it was. I asked the designer about HOUZZ and was delighted when he told me the name of the paint color. This was one of the best blue wall colors. In her room, of course. Maybe he lied? I don’t know.

Oh, just so you don’t make a fool of me, I checked the color before bringing two gallons home. Like I said, it looked great on the chip – in the store, of course.

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Not only have others made this mistake, I’m sure at some point I have too. But maybe I blocked it. Trust in me. I made 100 makeup mistakes. If it makes you feel better, you can read about some of the scarier ones here. But how can we learn? have hope :]

God, they don’t even teach this stuff in design school. They should, but they don’t. And they don’t teach this anywhere else. Well, except here and maybe a few other interior design bloggers. So, how do you know about mistakes when choosing paint colors, especially blue wall colors that are difficult?

Below are the three main questions I consider when choosing the best shade of blue, or any color for that matter.

Best Light Blue Paint For Bedroom

Above is a photo I previously shared on the Pottery Barn blog. I love that Covington faucet! The last time I posted this photo, at least ten people asked me about the color of the paint and wallpaper.

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That’s another topic, but I hope you understand that if it’s not my room you can’t see, I almost certainly wouldn’t know the color or anything else in the room without taking a look.

Now I’m going to show you the problem, except it’s not my room and I don’t know what the real color is.

And even if I knew the name of this beautiful shade of blue, I can guarantee that it won’t look the same in your home.

Let me ask you. If I shared this photo on the blog, would you be foaming at the mouth and dying to know what color that wall is? It is unlikely.

The Best Blue Paint Colors For Porch Ceilings, According To Designers

Well, I understand it’s unbearably hot and you’ve had a rough day. So I’m going to tell you what most of you already know. ;]

You will prefer the blue color of the Pottery Barn bathroom boy’s room because the bathroom is beautiful and charming. The boy’s room is nothing special.

Would the room be more special with a different color scheme? No, color does nothing to make it more memorable. This is because paint colors are just one aspect of creating a beautiful room.

Best Light Blue Paint For Bedroom

Well, haha, after saying that I don’t know what wallpaper is, I ended up discovering that the wallpaper at Atelier Oiseaux Et Fleurs de F. is Schumacher.

Ideas For Blue Paint Colors For Perfectly Hued Walls

Right This is another problem. The wall color in the image above does not match the wall pattern. When building the fence, you should have a paper sample and, if possible, a CFA (cut off for approval) of the existing colored money.

Above is the color correction option for the shower. I based the new color on a pattern I found online.

Above is the third version of the Pottery Barn bathroom I found. Can you show me the original blue color of the rose?

The truth is, I could post one of these three photos of this beautiful bathroom, and I’m pretty sure I have Laurel-what-is-the-color-blue-room-color. – color issue

Designer Favorites: The Best Blue Paint Colors

Which one? As you can see, there are three light blue color options. However, I hope I mentioned, it’s not the color of the wall that bothers you.

Above is a stunning entrance to an award-winning home by Suzanne Casler. Suzanne, one of my favorite interior designers, is the queen of navy blue. And, by the way, I met her several times and she is very sweet and kind.

The first blue room came from Suzanne’s website. Below is the internet. I think the color is corrected on Suzanne’s website, because images taken straight from the camera tend to produce some color casts.

Best Light Blue Paint For Bedroom

And then there’s the case of our computer monitors. There the color also changes. Therefore, when we see an image online, most of us don’t know whether the image has been color corrected or not.

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***So if you find a color in an area that you like, try to find a color that matches WHAT YOU SEE. And it looks the way you want it in your space.***

I can’t emphasize this enough. It would be better if everything was close to how it would be in real life.

Another thing. Do not take the wall adapter to the store to connect it to your computer. I did this at the beginning of my career. He did that

Equality Fortunately, customers were colorblind or simply not interested. Unfortunately! I shot him. It wasn’t terrible, but it could have been much better. Turns out it was a Schumacher wall.

The Best Bedroom Paint Color Ideas For 2023

So, now we have resolved the first and second problems. Please bookmark this post. This is very important. Many mistakes are made when we use shortcuts. This is not advice.

This brings us to the third topic: choosing the most suitable blue wall color for your space. If you are inexperienced and just look at a small colored stick, it becomes more difficult to choose a shade of yellow.

The best blue wall colors are often dull and opaque in paint chips. But when they go to the wall, the blue really appears. This is why some blues can be very faint, even if they don’t seem so at first glance.

Best Light Blue Paint For Bedroom

Please do not place the size pattern on the table unless it is the table you are painting. It must be flush with the wall.

Color Therapy: We’ve Got A Crush On Powder Blue

Choose a color in the store. Lighting varies from house to house.

Select a paint color when viewing your home. Trust in me. I can’t tell you how many times I “figured it all out” in my home where I work. However, when I arrived at the client’s house, it wasn’t good!

Now that I’ve scared you, ;] I’m going to share some of my favorite blue wall colors.

Some of them are in the Laurel Paint and Home Palette collections and others are not. And a few more in the collection not listed here.

Best Bedroom Paint Color Ideas For 2024

I’m going too

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