Best Neutral Colors For Walls

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Best Neutral Colors For Walls – Paint the walls a neutral color and you have the perfect decorating palette. Here are the most popular neutral paint colors for 2022.

Among the neutral paint color trends for 2022, we’ll see less of the cool grays of the past and more of warm grays and gray paint colors, creamy whites, and even shades closer to beige.

Best Neutral Colors For Walls

Best Neutral Colors For Walls

When it comes to paint colors, neutrals will continue to be the most popular interior paint colors in 2022. If you want to create a clean, modern interior, neutral shades like gray, beige and gray are great choices.

The Best Whole House Paint Colors (2022)

Gray has been a popular neutral for almost a decade. This year, many homeowners and designers are gravitating toward warm gray tones and shades of gray. Warm neutrals create a soft, neutral palette without the coldness associated with traditional grays.

These paint shades can be used in any room and won’t compete with other colors or design elements in your space, making them the perfect neutral backdrop for your decor.

Sleepless gray is one of the best-selling interior paint colors. I have used it in my house and I really like it.

Rest Gray is a warm gray color with green and purple undertones. But don’t let that scare you! These colors add just the right amount of warmth, so it’s never a cold gray.

Benjamin Moore’s Most Popular Neutrals

I often run Repose Gray at 50% brightness in my local store and I like the lightness and airiness of the lighter version.

It is a beautiful gray color that is perfect for well-lit passages. Despite its name, its appearance is not icy.

In fact, it’s so hot that it can even turn pink. It is brighter than sleep gray, but has more saturated colors. This was another contender for my kitchen remodel, but turned out to be too warm for what I wanted.

Best Neutral Colors For Walls

Another very popular neutral paint color from Sherwin Williams. Agreeable Gray is significantly warmer than Repose Gray and thus falls more into the “greige” category.

Neutral Color Scheme Inspiration For Decorating Your Home

However, it is an interesting paint color that changes color depending on the light – sometimes it looks more gray and sometimes it looks beige.

Lovely gray is a popular, great choice for living rooms and kitchens, as well as a whole house color.

I first saw Breath of the Wind in my friend’s bedroom and instantly fell in love with its warmth and softness. Combined with white trim, it’s a fresh, modern take on the traditional beige color.

Recently, classic gray is gaining popularity. I consider this paint color to be a typical grey. It’s the perfect combination of beige with just the right amount of gray without being too warm.

Designer Approved Neutral Color Schemes To Try

In dark corners, it looks more gray, but in a well-lit room, it is very soft and bright, adding just the right amount of warmth. It’s a true warm neutral. If you love gray but want a little more warmth, I think classic gray is best for you.

In a north-facing or shaded room, it looks a bit gray and dull. And in a sunny, brighter, warmer room, it looks more beige.

Accessible Beige is one of Sherwin Williams’ top paint colors, and for good reason. If you’re looking for a more saturated and warmer neutral, but still have some light gray to tone it down, this is a great option.

Best Neutral Colors For Walls

Warm whites and creams are another great choice when trying to create a neutral style in your home. The right white paint color (or cream) can look warm, soothing, and work well with modern decor—especially when paired with clean lines and finishes like warm wood furniture.

Our Favorite Neutral Paint Colors & A Paint Guide

In tone, it is very similar to Rest Gray 50% lightened, which makes it a very light and airy color.

However, in some lights it has a noticeable green tint. Because of this, I think one room is better than the whole house.

Paper white is another one of my favorite paint colors. It’s a very soft gray, but technically falls into the “white on white” category.

There is enough green, so it never gets cold. In fact, it’s my first choice for east- and west-facing rooms, where one side feels cold and dark during the day, while the other feels warm and sunny.

Color Trends For 2023

The very popular Simply White was actually Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2016.

It’s still as popular as it was then, and is a great choice for warm creamy whites for walls and decor.

The only caveat with this color is that it looks like yellow, so go for brighter walls (I don’t recommend using this color on the matte finish we painted for the boys).

Best Neutral Colors For Walls

It should be fine during the day, but incandescent lights will turn it yellow. If so, consider dimming your lights in cool daylight to combat those yellow tones.

Neutral Paint Colors: A Complete Guide To Choosing Subtle Hues

Alabaster is a soft creamy shade. It is almost white in color, but light enough to be considered white.

If you are looking for a warm white without harsh, icy or other whites, this is for you!

In bright light, it looks almost pure white, but with a slightly subdued feel. Dove white is a popular decor choice, but is also a great neutral wall paint color.

Cream is a wonderful cream-colored paint. It will add warmth, comfort and charm to your space. This will help keep your space fresh, comfortable and bright at all times.

Neutral Paint Color Scheme

Another beautiful cream color. Similar to Simply White, artificial light brings out more yellow. But don’t let that scare you!

It’s a lovely warm white paint color that can be the perfect neutral backdrop for your entire home. It works especially well in traditional homes filled with warm wood tones.

Beige and brown are great additions to these two classic shades, as they’re pleasing to the eye while providing a richness that lighter neutrals can lack! In addition, there are many different variants of these colors, such as dark brown, brown and even almost golden shades.

Best Neutral Colors For Walls

Beige will be back in fashion in 2022, and I’m glad this decade’s color is making a comeback.

How To Choose The Best Sherwin Williams Blue Paint Colors Of 2022

Manchester Tan complements warm woody tones and honeyed oak. But it also works well in a bright white finish that adds a warm ambiance to any room in your home.

Bleeker Beige by Benjamin Moore is the perfect sun-kissed, long-lasting beige that’s subtle and easy to match. It might be considered a dark color, but it has a gray tint so that it is not too hot.

If you have a lot of dark wood furniture and white trim, Bleeker Beige is a great choice. It’s a great neutral that works well in modern, traditional style homes, but I’ve seen it work well in coastal style homes with lots of navy!

A “neutral” paint color does not mean gray, gray, white, or beige. In fact, any pastel color can be used as a neutral.

Designer Approved Off White Color Paints To Try

While you probably don’t want your home’s color scheme to be pastel pink, it can be neutral in a little girl’s room. Likewise, a soft blue-gray paint color would be a great neutral for a bedroom or bathroom.

I hope this paint guide has given you some ideas and inspiration as you find the perfect neutral paint color for your home this year.

Remember, don’t let trends dictate how you decorate your home. After all, your home should be a reflection of your personality and unique style! Don’t be afraid to do what you and your family enjoy!

Best Neutral Colors For Walls

Remember – no matter what you read or see online, it’s important to test your home’s paint color before you commit!

The Best Neutral Wall Colors In 2022

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Jenna is a self-taught decorator and interior design enthusiast who has helped thousands of people create homes they love. One of the most common questions I get asked is “What color did you use in (insert room)?” I wanted to create a post as a guide to all the paint colors I use in my home.

Of course, being the neutral girl that I am, I chose

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