Best Sherwin Williams Colors For East Facing Rooms

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Did you know that the direction of the window affects the color of the wall? Here are the best colors for east facing rooms!

Best Sherwin Williams Colors For East Facing Rooms

Best Sherwin Williams Colors For East Facing Rooms

Choosing a paint color is difficult – you need to think about the style you want and the colors of your actual space.

My Go To Neutral Paint Colors

The orientation of windows in a room directly affects the amount of light the room receives – and how long that light lasts throughout the day.

When choosing a paint color it is important to understand which direction your window faces and understand the impact of that direction!

Next, get out your compass (if your phone doesn’t have a compass app then your phone has a compass app! Even the map app has a compass!)

Point your compass toward the wall with more or larger windows. Wherever it points is the direction of your room!

How To Choose A Perfect Paint Color

The sun rises on the eastern horizon, so east-facing rooms see sunrise and bright morning light.

Eastern light means you have warm bright light in the morning and cooler low light in the afternoon.

East-facing rooms receive more sunlight in the morning and less in the afternoon. Everything that shines in the morning shines. I’ll stick with shellac paint!

Best Sherwin Williams Colors For East Facing Rooms

East-facing rooms are light in the morning and dark in the afternoon. So a dark wall color will look very dark in the afternoon. If this isn’t the look you want, look for something lighter and brighter!

The Best White Paint Colors For Dark Rooms

For example, if you use your room in the morning (or after dark), choose colors that go well with bright, warm light.

For a room that you use frequently in the afternoon and evening, you can set your color preference to Cool Light (No).

If your room is used throughout the day, you want to be as efficient as possible. Anything too hot is too hot in the morning, anything too cold is too cold in the afternoon.

Stick to muted whites. If you’re going with white walls, use the same white as the trim work to give it a softer look – any contrast will draw attention to the tones that fade in the middle of the day.

Common Reasons For Paint Color Mishaps

Again for grey, choose something that isn’t silver and isn’t too warm or earthy. A nice neutral shade.

I’m kind of on a broken record here, but for an east-facing room to be a beautiful color during the day, it should be neutral, with no yellow or blue undertones.

For bright colors the east room can play with all the colors. Know that blues appear more blue in the afternoon and warm tones appear more golden in the morning. At opposite times, they are more visible.

Best Sherwin Williams Colors For East Facing Rooms

That’s why it’s important to look at the colors and turn the lights on and off, morning, noon and night, to make sure you like them before you commit.

Paint Color Ideas For Every Room, Explained By The Experts

Whether it’s too hot or too cold, it looks different from morning to night. The size of this hammock makes it difficult to decorate the surrounding areas.

Therefore, if you can still use colors – choose colors with neutral shades. Nothing is too pale or too cool!

My Paint Color Formula eBook walks you through the painless process of testing paint samples to ensure you have the right color for your home. This can affect your perception. Natural light varies in color and intensity depending on its source. If the beige pink that was beautiful in your previous home or the gray that you love looks too purple in your room, you may be comparing rooms with different exposures.

In this article, I’ll teach you how natural light affects interior paint colors (in the northern hemisphere anyway). I’ve included some suggestions for neutral colors that go well with the lighting in these rooms. But before we get into the details, let’s take a look at some important factors when choosing interior paint colors.

Best Paint Colors For North Facing Rooms

Always test the color of the paint where you intend to use it before starting to apply and stick it to your wall! (We send 8″x10″ paintings of our proposal to clients for a virtual color consultation.)

Rooms with north-facing windows have cold, gray light. Even with large, sunny windows, the color of the light is still on the cool side. This means that cool colors (blue, gray, green and some white) can feel light in a north-facing room. Painting a north-facing room with warm or warm neutral colors can remove this cold effect.

Edgecombe Gray HC-173 is a sweet gray that’s great for homeowners who want a gray color without being too cool.

Best Sherwin Williams Colors For East Facing Rooms

Navajo White OC-95 is a light cream color. The blue light in a north-facing room contrasts with the yellow of this color palette, providing a nice balance.

How To Pick The Right Paint Color

Grant Beige HC-83, a popular color, is a cool brown with a slight gray tint. It is very beautiful in a room with good light on the north side.

A room with a south-facing window is filled with warm, yellow light in the afternoon. In the morning, these rooms can be shaded, making the color in this area a little flat. If your south-facing room is too bright in the afternoon, cool or gray tones can help offset any warm light. Using warm colors in this space will make the room feel warm.

Balanced Beige SW 7037 is a lovely warm color and one of my personal favourites. A mix of gray and brown is softer than regular beige. Works best in rooms that get plenty of sunlight from south-facing windows.

Gray Owl OC-52 is a soft, warm gray with no frosting. The color will fade a bit in a room that does not get direct sunlight

Tips For Choosing The Right Paint Color For Your Home

Ballet White OC-9 is a light and sweet grease with a hint of warmth. This color can bring a lot of light and warmth to a space but may be too neutral for a south-facing room that doesn’t get direct sunlight.

East (and west) facing rooms are more difficult to view because the light is less consistent. In the morning there is bright and soft light that is slightly warm in an east facing room. When the sun rises, the light is brighter in an east-facing room and the colors don’t appear as bright in the afternoon. After noon, a room with an east-facing window is gray and dull. These spaces work best with warm colors. Cool sounds can be a little dull during the afternoon.

Macadamia SW 6142 is a light to medium neutral with a golden beige color that doesn’t fade in the afternoon.

Best Sherwin Williams Colors For East Facing Rooms

Creamy SW 7012 is one of the few whites that can hold its own in an east-facing room. It warms the space without being overwhelming.

Sherwin Williams Misty: Why We Love It

Techno Gray SW 6170 is a warm grey. With a slight tilt towards green, this color retains its warmth in the cool afternoon light of an east-facing room.

A west room has more dim light in the morning. After noon, the light gradually warms and brightens, increasing the intensity of the day. A room with western light works best with cool and warm colors but remember that afternoon sunlight emphasizes the power and depth of warm colors.

If you have windows on multiple walls, you’re dealing with multiple exposures (yes!), consider which window allows the most unobstructed light. In general, you want to focus more on the main events in the room. The good news is that you have a little more flexibility when it comes to your personal preferences.

A southwest-facing room has warm, bright light that brightens in the afternoon, while a northeast-facing room has cool, gray light throughout the day. A room with a south-east window usually has soft and warm light during the day, bright in the morning, slightly washed out in the afternoon, intense sunset due to the afternoon sunrise. A room with northwest light is cool and gray during the day, with a slightly warmer light in the afternoon.

What Are The Best Paint Colors For East Facing Rooms?

Need help figuring out how natural light affects interior paint colors? Or do you need help choosing an exterior color? We can both help! Watch this quick video to learn more about our Virtual Color Consultation Report, then click below to get started!

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