Best Soft Blue Paint Color

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Looking for the best light blue paint color? Here are my favorites and the tips and details for each!

Best Soft Blue Paint Color

Best Soft Blue Paint Color

Light blue is my favorite color to paint a room at home. It has personality but is still light, bright and neutral with the right tones.

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However, there are tons of different shades of blue! So, today I am rounding up the favorite blue colors that you can choose for your home.

If you’re deciding on a paint color, check out our color formula for the best process to ensure the color will suit your home!

I recommend Misty as a light blue-gray paint color that will complement most homes! This is a very popular light blue color for a reason!

Light blue is almost always a cool color, and blue and gray tend to have cool undertones. Read about undertones here!

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Most blue colors have a distinct cool tone. Warm blue tones are more purple or lilac because of the extra red!

The windy sky is a wonderful blue-gray, bright and happy. To me it feels like water, all grown up and sophisticated. It feels like a sunny cloudless day and your home really feels warm and inviting.

Iceberg is a very bright blue with a strong gray base. It’s almost blue – but muted with that gray there’s nothing pastel about it. Iceberg is neutral enough to cover any wall throughout the house and still look interesting.

Best Soft Blue Paint Color

Brittany Blue is a light, fresh, cool blue-grey. His pants are icy but he’s definitely blue. It’s almost sky blue, but with shades of gray that don’t look like UNC-Chapel Hill.

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Icy blue with gray undertones. It’s close to sky blue and is one of the truest blues on this list. Pair it with cream colors instead of white or gray to keep it from being too blue.

Lake Placid is a bright purplish blue. It is cold and icy and still retains a very blue hue. This is a modern take on baby blue.

Clear and pure blue color above. Because of the gray undertones, it does not get muddy tones, but they make it less bright. It is a very happy color and works well on the walls in many rooms.

Whispering Spring is a bright and icy blue, but surprisingly saturated in tone. Otherwise, it’s really light, but still really blue – and stuck in that gray, so there’s no pastel feeling.

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Severnica is a cool, clear blue-gray color. It has an icy look and goes very well with a more charcoal gray color.

Manor Blue is a mid-tone blue gray with purple undertones. It’s a true shade of blue, but it definitely has green undertones that give it a moody feel.

Windy Blue is a lighter but rich blue-grey. It has enough pigment to really be blue, but the tone is muddy enough that it doesn’t look trivial. This color is amazingly alive!

Best Soft Blue Paint Color

This soft blue-grey is the color of a gentle early morning mist. It is very versatile and pairs well with a variety of accent colors.

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The My Paint Color Formula eBook takes you through the painless process of expertly testing paint samples to ensure you get the right color for your home. A few months ago I decorated the guest room in our house in NC (you can see that our newly decorated space is missing). While I’m happy with how it’s turned out so far, I still have some work to do, including adding some color to the white walls:

Big, colorful art might help, but I’ve also thought about wallpaper or painting the walls blue. When I asked for gray color suggestions last year, I got so many helpful suggestions from you that I decided to let you all help me find the perfect blue! After receiving more than 400 compliments via Instagram and Facebook, I collected them and am sharing eight of my favorite blues with you. These are the colors that our readers use, love, and recommend to others!

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With that said…let’s do it. I use the LRV (light reflectance value) of each paint color as a guide and divide your favorite blue color from darkest to lightest. The lower the LRV, the darker the paint color on the wall will look and feel.

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We’ll start with a blue lacquer color that many of you have heard of – you may remember from my 2020 home decor trends post that Sherwin Williams named Naval as its 2020 color of the year for Navy. It will be popular among readers too! This is a beautiful dark blue color that looks very rich on the walls and also beautiful on the cabinets:

Even though this is the darkest blue on my list, I love that it’s not dark at all!

Benjamin Moore’s Gentleman’s Gray is a dark blue with a hint of grain, giving it a rich feel. A perfect example of this is Bree of ZDesign at Home’s exquisite guest room:

Best Soft Blue Paint Color

Hail Navy is the #1 most recommended blue color with everyone sharing their favorite! It’s a beautiful deep blue shade in every room I’ve seen. Sarah from Virginia Street used life on the walls of her home office – I love the look of her beautiful wall decor. :

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It works beautifully with wood tones and whites, doesn’t it?! You can see more of Sarah’s offices and find everything in this space on her blog.

Indigo Batik is the shade of blue you’d expect from the name – the same beautiful indigo color you’ll find in batik fabrics. It might be a little too exciting for the four walls of the room, but in small doses it’s definitely a winner! How amazing is this nursery by the talented Michelle in front of the indigo batik painted mountains?!:

In case you were wondering, the other two blues she used were Sherwin-Williams Bracing Blue and Aleutian. You can see more of Michelle’s beautiful home designs on her Instagram account

Blueprint is the Behr Color of the Year for 2019 and the color I chose for the accent wall in my youngest daughter’s bedroom:

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It’s a great mid-tone blue with a bright feel! What I love about it is that it works with any color I put next to it, so we’re not limited in our choice of bedding, pillows and other accessories – it almost works as a neutral paint color. You can see my daughter’s boho chic bedroom as well as some other blues we used in her room (including the blue we painted her dresser).

Benjamin Moore describes Van Cortlandt Blue as an old-world decorative blue that works equally well in more modern spaces. Looking at it in the color band, it definitely has a more traditional vibe and I personally don’t know that I would paint all four walls of the room this color, but wow – this laundry room cabinet looks amazing. Stephanie Gamble:

Benjamin Moore Smoke is one of two blues that wasn’t on my radar for big blues until some of you suggested it. After seeing it in use, I’m in love! You can see it in action on the cabinets in Jillian Harris’ stunning laundry room:

Best Soft Blue Paint Color

This is definitely a color I want to try in my own home – maybe on my girls bathroom sink?! Check out Jillian’s blog for more pictures and details of this beautiful laundry room.

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Palladian Blue is on my list of front door colors to try one day – it’s a beautiful, soft greenish blue (BM calls it blue, but looks more green than blue to me!). Laura from Laura Murphy Interiors painted the front door of her gorgeous home palladium blue and she couldn’t be more in love:

Follow Laura on Instagram @meadowhaus_design to see more of her modern farmhouse – it’s beautiful inside and out!

And that concludes our top 8 list! If you want to easily find this post again when looking for the perfect blue color on the road, pin the image below:

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