Best Way To Clean Patio Windows

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Best Way To Clean Patio Windows – Our windows and doors were ALL dirty and needed cleaning. The back door landing was the worst place. YOU

I can’t believe I forgot to take pictures of everything already, but don’t worry, you’ll see more craziness as we go.

Best Way To Clean Patio Windows

Best Way To Clean Patio Windows

Before dealing with these stains, I wanted to find a better way to clean stains and marks. Plus, I’ll know it’s going to take forever to get all the dirt out of the little holes.

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I did some research and found three hacks/tools to clean your dirty windows and door handles. I have tried all three and am sharing my results!

I found this window cleaning kit that includes cleaning pads. Both are great for small spaces and accessible spaces:

I thought this stiff brush would do a great job cleaning our door:

It did a good job of clearing dirt under the track, but it never went into the corner.

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There are also plastic shells, but they have a lot to offer. It was very easy to get into small holes.

Well done! But after washing, washing and cleaning, there was still a lot of dirt left.

Next, I tried an idea I had seen on TONS of Pinterest. It looked so easy, I was excited to see how it worked!

Best Way To Clean Patio Windows

To do this, you take the cleaning stick and place it where you need to remove the sponge to apply it to the door or wall:

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At first I thought this might not work, all the pictures on the internet cut/use the yellow, soft part of the sponge.

I knew I didn’t care enough, so I did it with the green side.

I tried a Sharpie razor and it was hard. I really had to cut it and I quickly realized that it was not the best way. The sponge is too small to cut properly, so it takes a few creases (maybe).

Then I tried scissors which worked great. But it was not clean and it was difficult to cut it properly.

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Finally, I decided to try the soft yellow side, as all the instructions suggested. I used a sharp knife and started to cut it when the worst scream came out…five million worse than the nails on the couch…the sponge cracked.

She tried it with dreadlocks and it was great, not greasy:

I didn’t get the sponge head deep enough, but I could tell right away that it wasn’t going to work.

Best Way To Clean Patio Windows

If you keep cleaning your door regularly, using a sponge can be a great option! The brushes I showed earlier worked well.

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My last attempt was successful! Of course it’s more expensive, but I can’t test it on everything around the house. (And the price isn’t too bad considering how much we’ll use it.)

After discovering my new YouTube passion – car videos I found this much cleaner. 😂

I can’t stop looking at them. I found Detail Geek and his videos interesting. Especially good before bed.

They use a steam cleaner on their cars they say and it’s amazing how clean it is. I had to get one…thought it might be especially good for our front door! Windex Outdoor Window, Glass, & Patio Cleaner With Hose Attachment, 32 Fl Oz Pack Of 8

It comes with a small set of links. From the reviews I’ve read, the cleanser is amazing. These videos are amazing!:

I used the nozzle attachment and was amazed at how quickly the dirt and paint melted off the rail.

It was great for getting into small corners. It has a curved attachment that makes it easy to get into those tight spaces.

Best Way To Clean Patio Windows

There are round brushes that are interesting because you can clean the face with steam:

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By the way, I tried to avoid the actual window – I didn’t direct the steam through the plastic to the window, so the seal might have some effect. I don’t know if it will happen, but I thought it was best not to take any chances.

I went back and forth between two combinations to clean and then drain the black water to the holes:

Once clean, I finished with a magic soldier to remove as much of the black plastic and metal stains as possible.

The relationship between the two was greatly appreciated by FAR. This train really impressed me.

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There are places that won’t make it to our in-and-out itinerary, but this section looks GREAT:

I usually take off the screen, but this took forever. Don’t worry, it’s clean!

I then cleaned the hard to reach areas to remove any remaining dust/dirt.

Best Way To Clean Patio Windows

I can’t believe how nice the window and door frames look! It is especially clear to us.

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I found some fun window and door cleaning tools that might work too! Sponges look great with hands! These tiny little brushes seem to get into small particles easily.

Have you tried any of the methods I tried? Are there other great ideas that have been used? Has anyone had success with cutting sponges? What did I do wrong? 😉