Bm Hc 172 Revere Pewter

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Bm Hc 172 Revere Pewter – It is replaceable and does not damage the adhesive, allowing you to see the original paint in multiple locations and in different light. . It uses the original manufacturer’s paint to show the same color on the walls without confusion.

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Bm Hc 172 Revere Pewter

Bm Hc 172 Revere Pewter

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Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Review

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Yes, the products displayed in our online store represent only a small sample of what we carry in our store. To purchase our wide range of products, visit or call your nearest JC Licht location. Revere Pewter is a warm green-gray with a light brown hue. It is colorful because of its warmth and depth, making it a great choice for an open floor project in your home.

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This color varies depending on the brightness, the color is wider and wider, so it is a fun color to play with. Incidentally, Benjamin Moore HC-172 retains its cool gray color in most light conditions.

These are the most popular gray paint colors on the market and my personal favorite.

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Bm Hc 172 Revere Pewter

I love sharing colored lights and painting tips in the room! Painting is one of the easiest ways to transform your home on a budget. Do not forget to buy the paint you need!

Paint Colors And Transitions

When choosing a new paint color, you should try the original paint color in your home first!

The easiest and fastest way to do this is Sampleize! Now I use it only for painting. No mess, no paint pattern residue. In addition, the uncluttered rectangles made of real paint are easy to move around the room and easy for future use!

Revere Pewter is a chameleon paint color that makes it very diverse. Its best feature is that the shade remains gray while being warmer than other popular grays.

However, it is very muddy and sometimes slightly green. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a “pretty” look or if you’re looking for an earth tone. This green will look very green outside the window or in the room. Green can also appear when paired with a dark floor.

Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Paint Color & Neutral Palette Warm Off White Cream Greige Blue Gray Green Grey Navy Mcgee Home Amerie 2024

If you decide to use Benjamin Moore River Pewter in a dark room or hallway, you risk exposing it to too much light or it becomes dull and lifeless. In this room or in a room with dark furniture, the furniture can look brown or tan!

The other side of this color is pink-blue. In a room with lots of natural light, Revere Pewter will almost lose its yellow background and replace it with blue. It forms a traditional gray color while still warm.

The value of light reflectance (LRV) is the percentage of light reflected by the paint color. When it comes to LRV, the higher the number, the more light is reflected than it absorbs, making it whiter. But low LRV will be dark. So where does Reaver Pewter fall on the scale?

Bm Hc 172 Revere Pewter

So it is in the middle of the LRV spectrum. For rooms with little or no natural light, you will want to opt for paint colors with an LRV of 60 or higher. So if so, I would probably choose Edgecombe Gray or River Pewter with 75% power.

Revere Pewter Hc 172

Many colors look great with Revere Pewter! I’m a big believer in the flexibility of this shade, I wrote the whole post on how to paint with HC-172. Here are some additional paint matching ideas:

For a lighter look in the room, it can be combined with whites such as light gray and soft white, cloudy white and plain white.

Revere Pewter – A flexible shade with a wide range of accents from bright red to green, avocado, yellow or pink. Try Benjamin Moore or Coral Gable in Turquoise for a real look!

I would go white or warm white when decorating. As long as you stay away from too much yellow skin, you should be fine!

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Review & Inspiration

As you can see in the photo below, Revere Pewter is a bit darker and warmer than Agreeable Gray. Many people try to find comparable colors from other paint companies, often comparing River Pewter to a pleasant gray (Sherwin Williams).

Of course, River Pewter is one of the most popular grays, but you can choose any color and enjoy your choice! Just pay attention to the sound and choose accordingly!

After much discussion between the paint colors, I decided to use HC-172 in my last living room and I really liked it!

Bm Hc 172 Revere Pewter

Our living room is gray. Natural light combines with tonics to make the room warm and cozy. I think this is a great paint color for any open space, it helps the room feel cozy without Excessively large size.

Staging With Revere Pewter Hc 172 Benjamin Moore

River Pewter has been one of the most popular paint colors for over a decade, but we are seeing top interior designers use shades of gray / light brown.

This color scheme can be used anywhere on wall, shelf, even floor and ceiling decorations!

Revere Pewter really tends to go for the warmer part. It can look fresh when paired with other warm colors such as chocolate brown.

I painted my old patio concrete floor with Revere Pewter! Looks bright from the inside!

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