Change White Background To Transparent In Photoshop

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Change White Background To Transparent In Photoshop – Blog / Design / How to remove the white background from an image to make it brighter in Photoshop

There are many reasons why you might want to remove a white background from an image. Maybe you don’t have a clear representation of your logo or need a cut of your product to create a mix. Fortunately, Adobe Photoshop has several options for removing the white background. In fact, you can remove any kind of background with Photoshop, you just need a little practice.

Change White Background To Transparent In Photoshop

Change White Background To Transparent In Photoshop

First, let’s focus on removing the white (or solid color). The tools and techniques you use will depend on the quality of the overall image and its color. If the cut out image is black and has no light color, you can use a simple Background Eraser or Magic Eraser tool. However, for images with bright colors or detailed information, you’ll need a more detailed tool to avoid accidentally erasing important parts of the image.

How To Make White Transparent In Photoshop

In this tutorial, we’ll go through how to erase an image using the Magic Eraser Tool, Background Eraser Tool, and Quick Selection Tool.

Pro tip: A white and gray checkered line is the default for clarity. When you watch this series, you know that the background is clear.

How to remove a white background from a photo with the Eraser tool Step 1: Open a photo

Select an image from the folder and open it in Photoshop. Align the image to the center of the artboard for easy editing.

Remove White Background From Image Online For Free

In the Tables panel, click the lock to open it and convert it to an editable table. Rename “Layer 0” to whatever you want. Alternatively, you can create a new layer by duplicating the first one and then clicking on the screen to hide it. That’s in case you make a mistake that’s too big for you to fix.

Select the Magic Eraser tool from the toolbar. This is the third in a row. Select the following items of interest:

In our picture there is a green picture that blooms in a magic circle. If there is a bright area in the image, it will also disappear. For this reason, you can try a background cleaner instead.

Change White Background To Transparent In Photoshop

Click the crop option below the image. This will cut out clear details around the cut. Export the image as a PNG file with one click

How To Render A Video In Photoshop With Transparency

Save for Web on the File tab and select PNG. If you save as a JPEG, all your hard work will go to waste as it will be saved as a PNG with a white background to maintain transparency.

Select the PNG option, click Save at the bottom, name the file and click the blue Save button

How to remove a white background from an image using the background remover tool.

You can find it by clicking on the toolbar. It looks like a circle with bars in the middle, these are the bars that control the tool. The sample color is directly below, in this case, the white area.

The Easy Way To Change The Color And Adjust A Grey Background In Photoshop

Since we are removing the white background of a color image, we need to select the following preferences for the background remover tool:

Place the cursor on the white area and press the mouse button. Hold down the mouse button and drag the curtain over all the white areas. Since we chose a tolerance of 20%, the napkin does not affect other non-white colors. If the tolerance is higher, the color will be slightly affected. Try different tolerance settings for different images depending on the color of your main chart. If you notice that you are left with some white spots, just clean them carefully with a regular towel.

Step 4: Repeat the last two steps of the Magic Eraser option above.

Change White Background To Transparent In Photoshop

The white color is not always completely white, sometimes it has clouds or dark edges. You need a different tool and method for this type of white. One of them gives you more control over the removal tool. It’s coming, a quick selection tool. For this tool, we choose an image with a background that is not completely white. If you want to follow this tutorial, you can get the image for free here on Rawpixel.

How To Make A Transparent Background

Open and copy the image format and hide the first one, one below the one you are working on. This table with the first image is a safety net if you make a mistake removing the background. Label the bins with descriptive names so you know where they are. If you are not sure how to do this, check the screen in step 2 and remove the white background with the magic eraser tool.

Select the Quick Selection tool from the toolbar. It is installed using the magic wand tool. Set alarm clock preferences as follows:

Hold down the mouse button and drag the curtain you want to separate from the background. This method selects the object instead of the background to gain more control over the selection. This is useful when the background is uneven, white or otherwise.

Place the curtain on the object and on the inside so that it does not extend too far back. Once you press the button, the options will change to the favorites bar, you will only have the option to add or remove a selection. ‘New option’ will cancel the option you have.

Change Image Background Online

It seems that the selection is not complete, so we will refine it with the brush tool. Click q on your keyboard and a red area will now appear on the image. This dark area is the unselected part of your image.

Move into the image and select the brush tool (or press B) to touch the edges. Use white to add to selection (turn off red) and black to turn off (add red). Minimize brush size for better control in tight spaces and treacherous corners.

To finish, click q again to remove the red and show the option in the dotted line. Double click on the option and click on the Feather option. Set the slider to 3 and click OK.

Change White Background To Transparent In Photoshop

Use a white brush to erase the red from the camera buttons and black to erase the background between the arm and shoulder.

How To Change The Background In Photoshop, Quick, Easy Tutorial

Once you are sure that the item is selected correctly, turn on the selection. When the profile is selected, delete it and you will see a clean image.

Some artists rely on using the lasso and pen tools to select objects from the background, but these tools are useless when the background is plain white. With the three tools we’ve shown you in this guide, you’ll have enough information to remove any type of white matter. Note that you can download images with bright backgrounds in two different file formats, PNG and SVG. If you don’t have the latest version of Photoshop, you can get a free trial through the Adobe Creative Cloud website.

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Change White Background To Transparent In Photoshop

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The white color also makes the decision making process easier and you can also make complex decisions such as choosing hair, adding feathers and more. Let’s dive in and find out more.

Open the image in Photoshop. you’re

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