Clark And Kensington Paint Colors 2021

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Clark And Kensington Paint Colors 2021 – This article is sponsored by Ace Hardware. I received compensation and product, but all opinions are my own.

Here’s the need. Color changes everything! Paint is the easiest and cheapest way to perform miracles, and I’m here for it. Do you know why I’m here? color! It’s back (I tried it, but it never left my house) and I couldn’t be happier! If you want to use color but don’t want full, bright tones, I understand. The trick is to look for deep or muddy (or quiet) sounds. Dax’s new paint color checks all the boxes. Young, bold, blue, but cool. It’s a Clark+Kensington Gothic Iron piece, and we couldn’t love it more. Gothic Iron is part of Clark + Kensington’s gorgeous Color Trends 2021 “Understated Impact” collection, and man is the perfect way to describe it.

Clark And Kensington Paint Colors 2021

Clark And Kensington Paint Colors 2021

This was my first time using Clark + Kensington paint, sold exclusively at Ace Hardware. I’ll be honest, Ace Hardware was not a store I frequented frequently. But now you can’t stop me. Ha. Ace made it easy and convenient to find the paint and craft tools I needed in Dax’s room. I love that you can run fast (security is important – social interaction is mandatory and everyone wears a mask) without getting lost or taking 20 minutes to get to the far corner of the store. It usually takes 40+ minutes to get the paint, but at Ace Hardware it takes about 15 minutes! If you’ve been following the stories, you’ll know I’ve had my own taste. In this case, I just placed an order online and one of my colleagues brought it to me in the store. Simple and safe. I went to the store to paint while wearing a mask. But the cool thing is that Ace Hardware offers free domestic shipping over $50*! You can get your paint fast because it doesn’t come from a warehouse hundreds of miles away – which is great when 70% of the population lives within 15 minutes of one of Ace’s 4,200 stores!

Paint & Supplies

*Sharing and delivery location varies by store. Today, in-stock orders placed at noon or orders placed at least two hours before closing time, whichever comes first, can be delivered.

Okay, but back to Dax’s room. I worked on it slowly and randomly, but I had to draw it if I wanted to make real progress. The walls were light (and therefore very dark) and seemed fragile. I wanted to use color, but I didn’t want it to be a big thing. Enter the Ace Hardware and Clark+Kensington color palette for 2021. Dax loves the color blue and when I saw “Gothic Iron” I knew it fit the bill.

Let’s talk about inspiration. Is he an inspiration when it comes to your project? I love the way the playroom looked and wanted to do the same for Dax’s room. I wanted to try (if you count my husband and father-in-law who helped bring my idea to life) with a modern and unique concept as well. The moody, metallic blue color was perfect for the wall setting I envisioned (I shared that inspiration photo in this post). I like the topic but I try not to get too caught up in the topic because children’s interests change quickly. The carpet, paint color and military vehicle decal were my starting points, but the result was a modern red, white and blue look with a vintage/modern feel.

When I was planning, I started by organizing his house to make room for books and other toys. I recommend you do this anytime you are designing a house. Physically move things around and guess where things will go with sticky tape! Now it’s time to tape and paint!

Clark+kensington Oyster Pearl

I forgot to take a photo of the top paint, but I chose Clark + Kensington Silent White and I’m happy with it. True white, no blue/pink shades (in our lighting, i.e. always try a sample in your own space!). I wish I had found it when I painted the girls room! As for the line, I used a chalk line to keep it straight, but I should have used a laser level. Despite its name, chalk line is permanent. Ooops.

3- Paint the tape in your base color. It may seem strange, but it’s duct tape and any leaks that occur will be the “correct” color.

It works! I’ve made a variation of this project several times (here and here) and attaching the ribbon this way gives a sharper line.

Clark And Kensington Paint Colors 2021

It’s time to treat the walls. I’ll be back with a full step-by-step tutorial, but suffice it to say I loved it and it was worth a try. I used 3/4″ x 1/2″ x 8″ dies (cut) from Ace Hardware and they were perfect. I compared this cut to other stores and the wood cut was better than the ace.

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We are very happy about that! Genevieve asked in. never! For more information about Ace Hardware, visit and check out Paint Studio (so fun!) to get your project started!

I’ll be back soon to share more information/resources about the room and a step-by-step wall treatment guide. Stay with us! Choosing paint colors for kids can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating. There are many shades to choose from and shades vary greatly depending on how much natural light is present in the area. Also think about color psychology and how color can affect your child!

Although choosing paint colors is not easy, its advantages are great. Paint can transform a space and have a huge impact on design.

There are many important things to consider when choosing paint colors for children, such as lighting (natural and artificial) and the paint surface.

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Clark And Kensington Paint Colors 2021

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Clark And Kensington Paint Colors 2021

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The Perfect Blue Paint Color For Dax’s Room!

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