Classic Bathroom Designs Small Bathrooms

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Classic Bathroom Designs Small Bathrooms – If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, why not start by upgrading your shower cubicle. Imagine the possibilities: you can install a stunning brass shower head, add a comfortable bench or decorate the space with colorful geometric tiles. No matter what style you want for your bathroom, your room can be transformed into an impressive focal point. To start planning the design, use our collection of shower ideas below for inspiration (there are also some of this year’s bathroom trends).

Feel free to mix and match tiles, use a glass shower door to bring in natural light, or keep things simple by wrapping eucalyptus around the shower handle for a steamy, spa-like experience. Want a classic look? Your white bathroom can get a luxurious refresh with black and white marble walls and floors or a walk-in shower with a sloped ceiling for visual impact. We also highlight the doorless shower, which is perfect for fans of modern design, and features sliding barn doors (ideal if you’re going for a rustic aesthetic) and curtains to define the space.

Classic Bathroom Designs Small Bathrooms

Classic Bathroom Designs Small Bathrooms

So check out these amazing shower ideas to create a personalized setting just for you. Once you’ve finished your design, use shower cleaners to keep your new look flawless year-round.

Styling And Design Tips To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Interior designer Julia Chasman upgraded this shower with Zeal tile in Desert Rose from Zea tile. A built-in shelf in the shower is decorated with eucalyptus leaves from a tree in her own garden, and a narrow seat is placed for relaxation.

A large walk-in shower can benefit from displacement, especially if you’re looking for a spa-like atmosphere. Replace shower curtains with glass covers that only cover half of your walk.

This walk-in designer privacy wall gives the space the feel of a true retreat, while the large soaking tub adds to its luxurious feel.

Designed by Nicole Hirsch Interiors, this large bathroom has an en-suite shower that manages the space. The attractive black coating of the glass combined with the brass fixtures and neutral marble tiles creates a contrast.

Small Bathroom Ideas On A Budget In India

Make your booth stand out by placing it right in the center of your bathroom, like this design from Kiran & Company. Depending on the design (we’re thinking a feature wall and a rain shower), you can really make your bathroom one of the best-designed spaces in your home.

Hirsch ushered in the “Golden Age” of design by incorporating brushed gold fixtures into this shower. A clear glass wall separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom and features marble tiled walls with built-in shelves.

Get creative with a nautical stripe design that adds charm to your shower stall. Navy blue and white tile work well with glass doors and silver fixtures, including a chrome rain shower head.

Classic Bathroom Designs Small Bathrooms

Caroline Thayer turned to nature for this faux bamboo tile shower. With similar thick stems and junctions, the tile adds a natural decorative accent to the space and showcases the beauty of the perennial bamboo plant.

Best Bathroom Designs

Julia Chessman designed and decorated the bathroom at her Airbnb in Quail End, Joshua Tree, with a Moroccan-themed porcelain tile shower. The built-in shelf and corner bench feature the same graphic tile for a cohesive look.

Blue can be bold and neutral at the same time and this setup is proof of that. Carolyn Thayer added blue subway tile to complement the patterned floor, and chose gold fixtures to bring more style to the space.

Using the same layout as LH, go straight to your shower after spending time in the yard. The design of the reflective green tile immediately catches the eye. Plus, there’s actually a pool behind it!

A chevron feature wall draws attention in this shower layout. The vibrant pattern adds drama, while the metallic finish creates a shimmering effect.

Trending Small Bathroom Designs

Stepping into this shower with an amazing view feels even more relaxing. To personalize the experience, the ceiling shower head offers different settings from pulsating massage to soothing waves.

Deep blue tiles laid in a herringbone pattern, this shower was designed by Melinda Kelson O’Connor Architecture and Interiors.

Get inspired by this design by Maestri Studio and try a stunning and mesmerizing tile background. Completing the look are two shower heads – one with ceiling jets and the other attached to the wall – and clear glass doors to separate them from the freestanding tub in the middle.

Classic Bathroom Designs Small Bathrooms

Emerald green block tile instantly makes this Mistery Studio designed shower stall stand out. It’s an unexpected contrast to the geometric patterned shower floor.

Best Bathroom Ideas For A Relaxing Retreat

With its elegant appearance, this style of shower cabin can fit into any bathroom design. Its transparent glass doors can make a bathroom look bigger, no matter how small the space.

Black and white never fails to make an attractive combination. Here, Maureen Stevens Designs used cabana tape for a unique and minimalist look.

The intricate tiled floor adds a bold contrast to the white tiled walls and chrome fixtures. Hanging fresh eucalyptus branches will add a relaxing scent to your shower steam for a mini aromatherapy treatment.

The crisp white design of this shower matches the simple decor of the space, while the black and white curtains add plenty of visual interest.

Small Shower Ideas That Still Make A Big Impact

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Classic Bathroom Designs Small Bathrooms

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9 Best Toilet Brushes of 2023 Tested and Reviewed Best Shower Cleaners of 2023 40 Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas Small bathrooms have so much potential to be incredibly attractive and functional. But unless your room is a cute little room with a bonus powder room that serves no purpose other than washing your hands before dinner, even designing a small bathroom can be extremely difficult. It can, especially if you get professional help. Where do the clean towels go? What about wet forks? Can a tub and separate shower fit in there, or will they look and feel too cluttered? Then there are many small but important decisions you face during any bathroom renovation, such as plumbing fixtures, paint, tile, countertops, and lighting. Renovating a small bathroom is still a big deal, no doubt about it. However, if done well, small spaces can be a case study in the ease and efficiency one can easily find. All you need is a little inspiration and advice from design professionals to start revising your work. Don’t let limited space stop you from living large!

That’s right, before you rush out and call a realtor to help you find a new place, check out the following bathroom storage ideas, along with floor plans, window treatments and styling. Consider solutions to make your small bathroom look good (and function as a large jack-and-jill or primary spare). Get inspired by these simple bathroom designs and make every inch count and you’ll forget how small your bathroom really is. Scroll down for more design FAQs!

Three traditional sconces designed by Sara Swab of Story Collective and Tanya Smith Shifflett of Unique Kitchen & Bath were placed above the mirrors in this small bathroom to provide the light it needs. The mirror came from a creative solution: “While we originally envisioned a mirror with a handcrafted brass finish, it would have been too large to fit indoors,” says Swab. “Instead, we decided to save a bit of money by making four separate mirrors with beveled edges, which turned out to be one of our favorite design details.”

Create a sense of openness by drenching the room in pearly white, as design firm Toledo Geller did in this bathroom. Contrasting white marble tiles, white ceiling and light white windows provide a bright yet soft atmosphere. Glass shower doors make the space feel larger, while a small brass table adds elegance.

Bathroom Design Ideas For Classic, Vintage, Modern And Contemporary Bathrooms

To make up for the lack of counter space and storage in the bathroom of her Los Angeles home, designer Francesca Grace installed a small cabinet next to the sink. A simple wall hook holds a hand towel, while a wide mirror reflects light and makes the space feel larger.

If you don’t have much space to make a statement, do it with small vintage pieces. In the bathroom of a 1960s West Palm Beach, Florida bungalow, designer Gillian Siegel placed a delicate vintage pan between curved mirrors she sourced from McCox for a romantic touch.

Provide privacy without compromising on light by choosing transparent window shades. Rattan in shade

Classic Bathroom Designs Small Bathrooms

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