Colors That Go With Oak Trim

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Colors That Go With Oak Trim – If you’re looking to update your home and want to work around kitchen cabinets or honey oak trim, a thin coat of the right color can bring your space into the modern era.

Oh, honey oak. Wood of choice for houses of the 80s and 90s. Of course, oak is not a natural shade of honey, but has turned to an amber color over time due to the use of stains and polyurethane.

Colors That Go With Oak Trim

Colors That Go With Oak Trim

Unfortunately, honey oak kitchen cabinets, trim, cabinets, doors, and even flooring are not the modern look most homeowners are looking for today.

Best Paint Colors That Go With Oak Wood Trim

If you’re on a budget, or just don’t have the interest in managing an entire cabinet or cutting room right now, your oak nightmare can be realized.

Interior paint can work wonders to transform any space, and a room filled with wood is no exception.

First, you need to decide whether you want to accentuate the tone of the wood or blend in and camouflage it slightly?

The most important thing to know about honey oak is that it has a color, which is orange or orange-yellow.

You Asked For It: 5 Color Palettes To Freshen Up A Tired Honey Oak Kitchen

Of course, other types of wood can be stained and finished in orange or yellow, but generally when we see these colors we call them “honey oak.”

Other woods, such as maple or pine, may also be yellow or orange because of the stain or polyurethane used in the finish, and polyurethane can turn amber over time.

When you’re looking for colors to match your honey oak veneer, flooring, or even cabinets, you need to always keep in mind the tone of the wood you’re working with.

Colors That Go With Oak Trim

Unfortunately, this may not be the case. Like many things from the 80s and 90s, Honey Oak has had its day and probably won’t be back anytime soon.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak

But just because honey oak is no longer the norm, doesn’t mean your home has to stay in the same era forever.

Whether your trim, cabinets, or floors are a wonderful shade of yellow, orange, or orange, there are things you can do to make your home feel more modern.

To find out which colors are suitable for these wood tones, it’s important to first understand the basics of color theory.

Known for its orange color and strong grain, honey oak should be used sparingly, or simply embrace it and choose a color to match.

Paint Colors To Complement Wood Floors

To achieve this coloration, you will create a harmonious color (similar) palette, using colors similar to the main color (orange) to help blend the honey oak, or you will create a contrasting tone that combines some or opposite colors Swatches. Color can enhance the color of honey oak or create a focal point for it.

No matter what color palette you choose to use, it will require you to pay attention to the tone of the wood to determine which color will work best.

There are two main ways to transform oak trim, doors, or cabinets by simply painting the walls:

Colors That Go With Oak Trim

Finding the perfect color for your honey oak cabinets, moldings, or flooring comes down to finding a harmonious color palette, whether using complementary colors or a blend of colors.

How To Decorate And Match Colours With Your Oak Furniture

If you’re confused by all this color theory terminology, look at the color wheel and point out the colors you’re working with. Honey oaks are orange. From there, I recommend using one of two methods to create a harmonious color palette:

By using two colors on either side of your main color, you will create a comparable palette. In this case, we’re using orange, so the colors on each side will be yellow and red.

You certainly wouldn’t paint your walls orange, yellow, or red, but you might want to consider using these shades. Therefore, yellow beige, orange beige and grays and beiges with warm cream tones will work well. Avoid green beiges as they look bland against the warmth of the cabinets.

If you surround warm oak with another warm color, it will blend in and serve its purpose. Soft, warm neutrals with orange or yellow accents can harmonize the space and help the oak fade slightly.

How To Update A Honey Oak Kitchen

Again, use natural, earthy colors. Warm oak has a very natural look and pairs well with natural colors. You need to make sure there is still enough sharpness to prevent white space from being visible. I think using gray (even though it’s technically the right shade) brings honey to the room and keeps it from feeling washed out and ugly.

By using colors from the other side of the color wheel, you can achieve a complete color palette. The other side of orange is blue and the other side of yellow is purple. Any bright blue will contrast nicely with the orange in honey oak, adding to the impact of the color.

Before you start thinking contrast is bad, it’s not. A well-designed room has good contrast between different colors to create a harmonious color scheme.

Colors That Go With Oak Trim

Some contrast with orange-toned cabinets can be a good thing. You just don’t want a predominantly bright blue on the walls! However, using this color in a more subtle way (such as teal) will create balance and add some pizzazz to these cabinets without making them stand out.

Staining Honey Oak Trim Darker

Enough about color theory! Let’s look at some colors combined with honey oak and you’ll get a better idea of ​​what works.

Based on what we’ve discussed so far, we’ll narrow down the color range with a warm gray or beige with a hint of yellow or orange (or even a little pink to get closer to red). If we wanted these cabinets to be the focal point and really pop, we would focus on balanced colors and bring in blues and greens.

My color choices for modern homes usually reduce to gray. Even though designers will tell you it’s gaining popularity, most homeowners still prefer it.

While I will be sharing warm grays and beiges with you in this blog post, I generally find that cool grays look uncomfortable next to warm honey oak cabinets.

Painting Old Oak Wood Trim White Step By Step

So let’s dig in and discuss some colors that actually work.

It’s a warm gray with green/beige undertones. If you don’t have many natural nights, it can be a very saturated color, so try it out before you commit.

I’ve always loved this paint, but it works wonders more than honey. It has a modern gray look but is cozy and warm and pairs well with the orange.

Colors That Go With Oak Trim

This rest gray like mine has slight purple and green undertones that keep it from flattening. Lounge gray is my all-time favorite, but I think the warmer colors work better with honey oak.

Paint Colors That Go With Honey Oak (cabinets Or Trim) Story

Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray (SW 6205), unlike the name suggests, is actually a light teal with gray undertones.

This is a lovely paint color that brings a coastal vibe to any space. It pairs well with oak and other wood tones (even dark mahogany!) as well as crisp white decor.

While you can see how beautiful the color is in the kitchen above, it’s also the perfect color for a bedroom or bathroom.

This is my top choice for a beige that pairs well with honey oak. It’s a suitable beige color that doesn’t tan too much and won’t wash out.

Making Red Oak Trim And Cabinets Feel Updated And Chic

This is another perfect beige candidate after Honey Oak. I love the warmth and it minimizes the orange tones without looking “boring”!

If you’re not dealing with orange cabinets and just want a color that goes with the honey oak flooring and trim, I think an oyster bar would be a great choice.

Although it seems to be falling out of favor with more modern grays and grays, it’s still a beautiful warm beige that pairs well with orange or yellow wood.

Colors That Go With Oak Trim

It’s described as a “warm neutral beige” but also “mushroomy”. I agree with both of these things. It’s a very traditional beige, so if you’re looking to modernize your bedroom, it might not be the best choice. But if you want to get a tan, it definitely works.

Painting Oak Cabinets & Trim

Not only does it blend in with them due to the warm beige nature, but the purple helps cut down on some of the orange in cabinets, moldings, or oak floors.

White dove is always a good choice when dealing with other warm elements. It’s soft and white with enough yellow to work well

This shade of blue is

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