Dark Paint Colors For Living Room

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Dark Paint Colors For Living Room – Well, without entering the room, we will continue with some small design projects. It’s like writing a book with invisible ink on a typewriter: it’s possible (?), but it’s not our normal process, and it makes us vulnerable and questioning, but maybe in a good way? Today we show you an update of a project we presented earlier this year, and to continue with this we have to make a very important decision on the paint color, if we can’t afford it, you can paint it.

You see, a dark accent wall annoys us all, it makes the space smaller and worse for attention, it screams as an overwhelming force in the room. This is going to be a BEAST to paint, so we are partnering with KILZ® because we need a good primer on this project and they are the best in the business, used and recommended by all of our painting contractors. We Plus, now they have a choice of paint colors, it’s a unique painting solution. So we all choose this color based on how it feels or looks in the morning and in the evening, rather than if it’s in the room today.

Dark Paint Colors For Living Room

Dark Paint Colors For Living Room

Here’s how the project went down – Corbett is one of my best friends (see his house here ) and moving into his brother Chandler’s new apartment was full of charm, but they needed help in the decorating department. He likes it a lot as seen from his house, so he will be the lead designer (to save our design time) and with his input we will keep it a fun project for him. Of course, we dreamed of neat trips to Palm Springs and the Rose Bowl Flea Market Haul, who knows, it might be in our future. But in the meantime, we’re on our way and you’re invited to join us.

Tips For Painting Walls With Dark Colours

It lives in a historic building on Wilshire, in the courtyard you walk through to reach the entrance. This is very good.

He had just entered the palace when we saw it. Corbett recently had a garage sale where she sold most of her furniture and sold the ones she didn’t like, so there was a shortage of flooring and furniture. Of course, if he had known it was a few months before he took the couch, he might have waited, but without a time machine, you can’t go back and fix it properly.

It’s a unique place with obvious, solvable challenges. The biggest is the lack of natural light. The window overlooks the balcony, so it doesn’t let in much light, and it didn’t help that only one wall was painted that dark. It also requires some privacy from those around you, so you don’t have to leave the window open. He

The window treatments are very annoying because the window is so beautiful, but I understand – it looks very revealing.

The 9 Best Living Room Paint Colors For 2022

In addition to the need for a sofa, there is also the challenge of setting up the room, as there is no space to pass through (but not too long and narrow, hopefully) and no storage. But the biggest culprit is the dark accent wall we want to cover with KILZ® Primer and Paint.

The 70s were wild, mixed with many mid-century and modern or post-modern pieces. I know we need color, but we still want to keep that feeling.

We all got together and went down to the mood board below, but it wasn’t fixed, we were a bit closer to where we went. We know we want a lot of vintage vibes, so it’s hard to create a mood board without knowing what we’re going to get.

Dark Paint Colors For Living Room

But then Chandler lets us in on a secret: he doesn’t like the 70s, he hates the brutality, and he’s more into the 60s. And our favorite 80s/postmodern trend was definitely not his jam. When asked, he wanted the room to look like something out of Mad Men.

Living Room Paint Color Ideas For 2022

So Julie took that inspiration and brought even more inspiration into 2020. We get you, you want clean lines and a mid-century feel, but we think mixing in some modern pieces can do just that.

There are ways to bring in a mid-century vibe without going totally “kitty,” mostly by using clean lines and non-circular shapes and bulbs (he didn’t like it).

A few weeks before closing, Julie and I were having dinner in Pasadena and found this couch for $200. I’d like to get a couple of hundred for the unfortunate sofa feeder (why do I keep them all?), but you – $200 for this mid-century gem with original dress in great shape? Since I didn’t have room to store it and wasn’t sure it would be right for Chandler (we knew he wanted mid-century), we thought we’d at least put it in the living room and he could sit on it. him We are designing. Then, since we were renting a UHaul anyway, I said, “Hey, I’ll rummage through my storage room and at least give you some other parts that might work.” This is an unusual part of the process because most people don’t have temporary removal supplies. But since he’s a friend, he thinks it’s a good way to put some pieces and discover what he does and likes in the space. So you know them and they may or may not last because there are a lot of pieces in space that we haven’t seen.

Now there are many ways to arrange this room, but this is very natural for us and him, and like I said, it might not be the right piece of furniture, but we love the two chairs, the chair and the ottoman. , which gives It’s a pass. – On the spot

Living Room Color Ideas And Paint Color Inspiration

Julie having this simple design definitely helped her manage it and gave us a good idea of ​​what to do.

Sure, I’ll go in and move around (and get rid of at least one black leather/wooden chair – there are too many!), but we can’t go in there until it’s safe. Now, normally we wait to paint until we’ve decided on at least a few major pieces of furniture, but Chandler has offered to stay home and paint and that’s really important. So she (and we) picked some of the neutrals that pulled the most – here.

Julie asks for samples and, after coloring them all on large sheets of paper, leaves them outside the apartment building and sends a text message to catch them – like a paper drug dealer.

Dark Paint Colors For Living Room

We suggest you sit on the sound wall and the opposite wall and take lots of pictures.

Ways To Implement Dark Paint Colors In Your Home

As I said, this is not our usual process, and it is very difficult not to be in the room and make decisions without knowing what really works when it comes to furniture design.

Now, we have a vintage couch with a black “porpoise” patterned curtain (may I suggest a right curtain?) to catch your eye and add some interest. We can sew flags and we can even make fabric art for curtains because it doesn’t have to be black or anything so people can’t see it. It looks big, but it won’t be as dramatic. Then we can add drama and mood with fabrics, art and accessories. Or, if you want to express yourself in a completely different direction, all the colors are here.

I mean guys, I can’t tell you enough how we want to get our bodies to this place. Julie I want this so bad I have Photoshop and this room layout looks so heavy.

And this time we saw as many places as we could (obviously) – what do you say????

The 14 Best Paint Colors For Dark Living Rooms

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