Doors To Fit Billy Bookcase

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Doors To Fit Billy Bookcase – How to Make a DIY Built-in Bookshelf with Oxburg Glass Front Doors Using IKEA Billy Bookcases on a Budget Hack

Another IKEA Billy Bookcase hack in books! After our third set of these bad boys that we built in our home office remodel, Robert and I will probably be able to build them on our bedroom bookshelves this time.

Doors To Fit Billy Bookcase

Doors To Fit Billy Bookcase

But every time we’ve done one of these hacks, we’ve used a different size or type of bill bookcase, and the issue of running out of stock at IKEA, I thought it would help to make a tutorial. This smaller version comes with a glass plate door so you can control accessibility

Built In Billy Bookcase Hack

Check out our DIY built-in entertainment center using Billy’s tall and wide shelves here Or check out our DIY playhouse made of bookcases using our small Billy bookcase.

They all pretty much follow the same steps, but we feel like we’ve officially mastered DIY interior shelving using this technique.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to create a custom high-end look in your home, need lots of vertical storage without wasting space, or just want to try a cool, high-end carpentry project, this is it!

(This is what we used, but you can change the number of Oxburg Billy cabinets and doors to fit your wall dimensions or needs.)

Billy Bookcase Hacks For Ikea’s Most Versatile Piece

Note: Consider wall and ceiling height measurements to adjust the bookshelf and board size you need. For reference, our ceilings are 8′ and our walls are 11.5′ wide

To bring the Billy bookshelves as smooth as possible to the back wall, remove the base plate. Use a utility knife to cut the batten lines. Next, use a claw-back hammer and a small pry bar to pull the board away from the wall.

Collect all the boxes from Billy Books with the top extension Leave the bookshelves without the thin supports that come with them, as the back wall will support the bookshelves after you install them.

Doors To Fit Billy Bookcase

Since the bookshelves are designed to have a base (but it is better not to build one to allow access to the shelves), there will be a small base in the back.

Are Billy Bookcases Sturdy? ⋆ Love Our Real Life

To make it look seamless, measure the bookcase and cut a piece of 1×2 board. Attach the 1×2 to the bottom of the bookshelf with nails

Measure your wall and make sure the bookshelves are centered and placed where you want them Start a central library

Use your fingers to firmly hold the sides of the two bookshelves. Next, screw wood screws into both sides of the bookshelf to secure each other.

See that little space around the sides and top of the book cat? We want to fill it so that it looks like it’s built into a bookshelf

Awesome Diy Ikea Billy Bookcase Hack Built In With Oxberg Glass Doors In 8 Steps

To make the bottom of the bookshelf look like a solid piece of built-in cabinetry, attach the original 1×4 board with end nails.

Use a coping saw or jigsaw to cut the side of the board to mimic the shape of the wall base. It doesn’t have to be perfect, as the brackets can adjust the perfect cut Repeat the process for the top of Billy’s bookcase, covering the sides of the 1×4 board to match the crown molding.

Since the bookcase sides are usually not the full width of the board, measure the gap between the bookcase and the wall and use a circular saw or table saw to cut a 1×10 board to fit the side faces.

Doors To Fit Billy Bookcase

Again use the finish to attach the 1×2 boards to the front of the bookshelf to hide the gaps in the bookshelf.

Billy Bookcase With Glass Doors

Doesn’t it look solid and stable now?! Well, once the cracks are filled with foam and the voids are filled with Loctite foam.

Use Loctite foam to fill larger gaps We used this to fill the small gap between the bottom 1×4 and the bottom of the bookshelf because it was a little big for mulch. Once dry, cut the foam and smooth

Next, use wood filler to cover any nail holes or cracks in the board where they join. Leave to dry

We used our shop to remove the sand dust from the built up areas so that it would be ready for paint.

Billy Bookcases With GrytnÄs Glass Doors

Paint all the exposed wood with a satin color that matches the bookshelf to make everything look like a solid piece of built-in bookshelf. You don’t have to draw the bookshelves themselves, just the boards to match them

We wanted to add glass doors/oxford panels in front of the two bookshelves to provide hidden storage. The Oxberg doors are made by IKEA with Billy bookshelves, but there is a trick to making them fit properly by building them in.

Since the holes on the Billy bookcases are no longer suitable for hanging the oxford doors as intended in the design, you will need to drill new holes to the depth of the 1×2 board added to the front of the bookcase.

Doors To Fit Billy Bookcase

Use the marks in the combination square to mark the new hole in the front of the bookcase

How I Created My Ikea Billy Bookcase Shelving Hack — Melanie Lissack Interiors

Place the drill bit into the existing cabinet hole Use tape to mark where the holes stop so you know where to drill the new holes.

Attach the oxford doors to the bookcase and make sure all the built-in unit doors are lined up correctly. Then add buttons or buttons

Have fun filling those library shelves! I like to switch between arranging books and arranging books with mixed decorations Play with the height and shape until you are happy with the placement of the decorations

Here you can see the complete home office complete with all the colors and decor/furniture resources we used

How To Hack Sliding Doors For Ikea Billy Bookcases

How to Make DIY Built-in Bookcases with Oxburg Glass Front Doors for Hidden Storage Using the IKEA Billy Bookcase for the Ultimate Look on a Budget.

Have you built your own DIY bookcase before? Or have you done another great IKEA hack? If you haven’t, here’s fair warning that you’ll be hooked after you finish the first one. It really is like the best carpentry project for PCs and training wheels. Megan is a writer and editor with over 13 years of experience in print media. and digital, covering interior design and home decoration. He regularly contributes to design-focused outlets such as Architectural Digest, Domino, House & Home, Hunker, and Rue.

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, another IKEA Billy bookcase is being made – one is produced every three seconds. By the time you read.

Doors To Fit Billy Bookcase

Word is, another Billy has sold somewhere in the world – which is estimated to be one every five seconds. Since its launch in 1979, Billy has been an IKEA staple, having sold more than 60 million bookshelves worldwide – sixty! Millions!

Ikea’s Billy Bookcase Turns 40… And I Hacked It To Celebrate!

We understand why Billy is so popular. It’s light, versatile (because it can be configured in many ways) and affordable. Bills can cost $49 depending on size and color We also understand why people want to personalize it, with a coat of paint, molding or cabinet doors that say “That’s Billy?!” By creating time

A beautiful wall in the room is Billy’s bookcase? Of course there are actually five of them Alice Gaskell of Alice Grace Interiors attached five bills to her wall, then painted them in Neptune Dove Grey. The last step was to make wood around them with MDF doors, trim, brass pulls and moldings.

It wasn’t an easy hack by any means, but the results were more than worth it, Gaskell shared. “Hacking our library was one of the best decisions we ever made in our house,” she says. This has completely changed the look and feel of this wall.

Kelly Fandenberg’s library hack is so cool, you’ll think it came with the house. Instead, aiming for the look of a built-in bookcase on a budget, she used these shelves with melamine caps and moldings on top to give the IKEA favorite a special look.

Plasta Doors On Billy Bookshelves

“Growing up, I always dreamed of riding an escalator, so this was a dream for me,” he says.

With the DIY inspiration she saw working on Erin Conway, Erica of Penny & Honey turned her Billy Oxburgh wardrobe into this lightweight wardrobe in a few easy steps.

First, he gave it a few coats of Behra Chalk Spray Paint in Tiny Rose. Oxford door mirrors, painted them, and then glued them. theirs. Wipe the Loctite on the glass with an instant adhesive Finally, using a jigsaw, he cut two pieces in half to glue on the top glass and replaced the accessories with acrylic and copper screws.

Doors To Fit Billy Bookcase


Ikea Billy Bookcase Hacks

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