East Facing Vastu House Plans

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East Facing Vastu House Plans – In today’s world, people think of Vastu Shastra as a myth, but it is not what it really is. It is a science developed hundreds of years ago to design harmonious buildings, palaces and workplaces. Vastu Shastra gives you instructions for building structures in a way that is in harmony with the forces of nature and sometimes they are guided as Eastern Vastu House. The basic idea of ​​Vastu Shastra is to unite all the five elements of nature – fire, earth, water, air and sky. Together they make a fun and lively site. When these Vastu principles are integrated with good architectural techniques, there is a peaceful environment that brings positivity and prosperity.

In Vastu Shastra, the five elements in the universe have a specific significance associated with them. For example, the sky is associated with progress and expansion, water is associated with healing and spirituality, fire is associated with fame and power, earth is associated with harmony and peace, and air is associated with happiness and joy. In this article we are focusing on Vastu tips for East facing houses. It will have all the information you need about east facing Vastu house plans.

East Facing Vastu House Plans

East Facing Vastu House Plans

When you are inside your house, stand in front of the main gate in the direction facing your house. So, when you leave the house facing the east, the house you live in is the east house. According to the principles of Vastu, a house facing east is considered a perfect abode. Scientifically talking about the benefits of an east facing house, you will get a lot of morning light when the sun rises in the east direction. Therefore, houses facing east attract a lot of positive energy.

X 39 East Face 4 Bhk House Plan As Per Vastu.

Houses built facing east or with a large space facing east are believed to bring good luck and fortune. Some broad and small houses facing east are known to be better according to Vastu Shastra.

If your house is in the east, the location of the main gate should be considered. Make sure that the main entrance is in the center and not to the north-east or south-east corners of the house as they are arbitrarily accepted according to Vastu. If the main door of your house is in the north-east corner, do not let it touch the corner and for this you may have a gap between the main door and the north-east wall.

And if the main entrance is facing south-east, follow the Vastu tips for south-east entry to reduce consumption:

When designing the Vastu 3D system facing the house, place your master bedroom in the southwest and this room should be bigger than the rest of the rooms in your house. Vastu for an eastern house suggests that the bed should be placed on the west or south wall of the room so that the head faces the west or south and the feet point to the east or north. If you plan to put a closet in your living room, put it in the north or west side of the room. Make sure that you always keep the bathroom door closed and it should not be in front of the bed.

Vastu For East Facing House Plan

According to Vastu tips for east facing apartments should be in the northeast part of the place. And the north and east walls of the room should be thinner and shorter than the west or south walls. This is believed to bring prosperity in personal and professional areas.

Vastu Shastra recommends that the kitchen should be built in the southeast of the house in an east facing house. If that is not possible, you can also get northwest to have a kitchen. But you should try to avoid North, West or North East directions. While cooking, one should face east, if the kitchen is in southeast direction. And on the west side, if the kitchen is on the northwest side. To attract positive energy, place the gas stove, ovens or toaster on the southeast side and the refrigerator or storage area should be on the southwest side.

For east facing houses, kitchen and dining room should face south, west or east. The front door and the dining room door should not face each other. When sitting at the dining table, one should face north, west or east, but the head of the family must always sit in the east.

East Facing Vastu House Plans

When the house is facing east, then the pooja room of the house should be in northeast direction. Whether it is a 2 BHK east house plan or a 3 BHK east house plan, the pooja room should be taken from the bathroom.

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If you have a southeast facing door, place three Vastu pyramids, one on each side of the door and the third one above the main door. You can also put swastika, Om and Trishul symbols on both sides.

To improve the relationship between friends and family, you should place a picture of the rising sun towards the east. On the east wall of the bedroom, you can place a picture of seven horses, as it is believed to bring wealth. It is the color associated with the green roof, located around the east side of the house. Therefore, the image that shows plants can be placed in the east to cause growth. To allow happiness to reign in the home, place a statue of a laughing Buddha on the east side.

Indoors, the best place to place a water tank is in the northeast or north. If the water tank is at the top, it should be placed in the west or south-west direction, but according to Vastu, the water tank should never be in the middle of the house.

According to Vastu for east facing houses, open spaces like balconies should be in east direction. This is because the house should have an unlimited source of natural light to attract positive energy. If there are open spaces in the east in an east-facing house, it is lucky and healthy for the residents. If the east corner of your house is blocked, there may be health problems for family members.

How East Facing Vastu Plan Can Do Wonders In Your Life

To paint houses facing east, you should remember that the house receives a lot of light in the morning and may need an artificial light source in the afternoon. Therefore, when you continue with the choice of painting, imagine how it will look in natural light as well as artificial. Generally, people go with green and blue colors to paint their east facing rooms. Rooms painted in blue with hints of gray give it an elegant feel, while green with water colors give the room freshness. If you are a minimalist, then lighter shades of pink and white will be the best option.

According to the Vastu of the house facing east on the level of being in the west, south-west or south-west. There should not be a staircase on the north-east side of the house, because it allows the sun’s rays to enter the house. Stairs should be taken clockwise to give the house a good environment.

The east is a symbol of life, energy and fire. This is because the sun rises in the east. Of course, that is why houses facing east are considered very good and useful for their residents.

East Facing Vastu House Plans

Your home direction or the direction you face is the direction you face when you leave your home. The first direction in, based on the principles of Vastu, is the most important and important part of planning a house. You should make sure that the entry falls somewhere around the northeast or east direction as well as the west direction. Here are three top tips for home doors.

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If you are indoors, facing the front door, that is the direction you will face when you exit the home. If you face east when you exit your house through the main entrance, you have east side property.

It means that the direction of the compass is east when you leave your house ie. front of the house to the east.

The East is a good symbol of fire, life and positive energy. The sun rises from the east and is therefore considered a very favorable direction. A house facing east will be useful for its residents.

Answer: After considering the room has natural light as well as artificial light, the best colors for such rooms are different colors.

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