Exterior Paint Colors For Terracotta Tile Roof

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Exterior Paint Colors For Terracotta Tile Roof – When you think of terracotta on roofs, most people think of the round, red tiles that have been a staple of traditional Spanish-style home design for centuries. What if we told you that terracotta or red tiles can be really modern and versatile? Let’s see how you can give terracotta tiles a more updated look.

Consider choosing a terracotta concrete slab with a more contemporary profile. Eagle Roofing Products’ Bel Air Concrete Shingle Profile would be an excellent choice with its simple design and flat, smooth surface that offers clean lines. Try a concrete tile color like Eagle’s Caliente or Kona Red Range to complement the arches, stone and stucco of your Spanish-influenced exterior, similar to the one pictured.

Exterior Paint Colors For Terracotta Tile Roof

Exterior Paint Colors For Terracotta Tile Roof

Another way to add a modern touch to red tile is with the architectural style of your home. Just because design trends are changing to a more contemporary look doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate classic Spanish elements into your home’s exterior elevation. Get the best of both worlds and choose a tall S-barrel profile that is more like Eagle Roofing Products’ Capistrano profile, adding these subtle elements to your home’s design. The house on the left fulfills this aspect very well. The modern feel of strong, clean lines within the house form and windows is softened by the barrel-shaped tiled roof, cream paint color and stone.

Elite Terracotta Primer

If you currently have a red roof installed and are not yet ready to rebuild it or do any major architectural renovations, changing your exterior paint color can be an ideal alternative. Choose something other than “typical white” and go with a modern tone. Warm beige, subtle yellow, soft blue or neutral gray are just a few paints you can choose that will refresh your home.

So if you’re thinking of a more modern look for your home, don’t dismiss terracotta-colored tile. Whether to change the profile, match it with a different architectural style or paint color, terracotta concrete tiles may be an option for you.

If you need help creating your modern Spanish exterior, or need inspiration, don’t hesitate to contact one of our Eagle Design Center Coordinators. They will be happy to help you with your exterior package and provide additional photos of our concrete slab installation.

Posted on 10/19/22 Modernize the look of your home with a flat concrete roof. Combine the best by publishing the view of the architectural style of your home

How To Choose The Right Exterior Paint Colors

Do you need a new roof? Consider re-roofing your home with concrete tiles over other traditional roofing materials such as shingles. single asphalt With ever-evolving design trends, it is necessary for homeowners, architects, designers and colorists to stay abreast of changes and adapt to what is currently thriving in the market. Sherwin Williams, a global leader in the paint and coatings industry, has just released its ColorMix 2021 Forecast, which predicts what will be trending next year and highlights the ideas of color rhythm and balance. Formed in 40 different pigments in four versatile palettes, the colors chosen were a natural fit to match Eagle Roofing’s diverse selection of product ranges and blends. For this blog, we have selected four colors of Eagle concrete slabs to complement each respective theme to help you reimagine your next commercial or residential project.

Sherwin Williams’ first palette, Sanctuary, promotes the idea that less is more. This relaxed theme embodies warm minimalism and the 4687 Brown Gray range in Eagle’s Bel Air profile delivers the same. A subtle palette of browns and greys, the product complements muted tones that speak volumes, such as SW 0037 Morris Room Grey. In addition, SW 7048 Urban Bronze, Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2021, incorporates a comfortable and elegant aesthetic that captures the essence of tile. Both paints perfectly match our material and stay in line with the back to nature concept.

Similar to the previous one, Encounter personifies a more modern and bohemian atmosphere. Featured here in our Capistrano profile, 3688 Buena Vista Blend suits this canvas, as the combination of light gray, terracotta and slate brown provides a colorful balance to earth tones like SW 6187 RomanĂ­. Moreover, rich shades like SW 6053 Reddened Earth give character to enhance the pastel.

Exterior Paint Colors For Terracotta Tile Roof

Changing, Continuum offers a hybrid of synthetic and natural elements that play an important role in sculptural modernism. The dark gray range of 4591 is the perfect choice to complement these bright and edgy colors, as grays are gaining popularity when it comes to contemporary architecture and style. This skin has patterns like SW 6813 Wishful Blue that blend in perfectly with the whites, charcoals and glows of our surroundings. Inky colors like SW 7076 Cyberspace blend perfectly with the darker tones of the concrete roof, while providing a strong contrast to the ethereal spectrum of the pigment.

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The group’s latest palette, Tapestry, focuses on the theme of “classics revisited” and gives us permission to play. Shown here in Malibu profile, 2516 Royal Palm amplifies sensory exploration as its soft gray hue offsets maximalism with a more modern and curated approach. Luxurious jewel tones, such as SW 0060 Alexandrite and SW 9065 Perfect Periwinkle, intensify creative expression and contrast with the personality of the tile, thus allowing symmetry in the overall appearance of each structure.

Regardless of the design, the Eagle concrete roof is versatile and suitable for all outdoor trends. Contact your local design center for more style tips or visit our website to explore all of our color offerings.

Posted on 10/19/22 Modernize the look of your home with a flat concrete roof. Combine the best by publishing the view of the architectural style of your home

Do you need a new roof? Consider re-roofing your home with a concrete slab over other traditional roofing materials such as shingles. A single asphalt terracotta roof is a common architectural feature in Europe and the Mediterranean. These tiles are beautiful, durable and functional. However, despite the obvious advantages, terracotta tiles are not a common roofing material in the United States.

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There are circumstances and areas where these shingles work well and some where they don’t. We will explore a brief history of terracotta to help better understand this amazing material.

We’ll also review some homes with terracotta roofs to see if you like the look and if it might be an option you want to consider.

Terracotta, which means “baked earth,” comes from the earth’s coarse, porous clay. Ancient craftsmen used it to build vessels such as vases and sculptures because it was a cheap and malleable material. It was used to create roof tiles long ago in the coastal regions of Europe in ancient Greece and in Asia in ancient China.

Exterior Paint Colors For Terracotta Tile Roof

The use of terracotta clay tiles throughout Europe and Asia continued until the Renaissance when explorers brought these tiles to the New World. Architects have found evidence of clay tiles in ancient English settlements such as Jamestown and Roanoke. Spanish settlements in Florida also used clay tiles.

Roof Tiles House Top Terracotta Building Reddish Stock Photo

In the current era, many people use terracotta tiles throughout Europe and around the world. In the United States, architects used clay tiles in Mission-style architecture, as well as some Craftsman-style homes. You can see these roofs all over California and the Midwest.

Terracotta tile has amazing benefits that will work well for many homeowners. However, it has drawbacks that make it a less than ideal choice for some situations.

There are many companies that produce clay tiles of different varieties. Each has a different style and design that suits different types of homes.

Spanish clay tiles are “S” shaped. The right side of the “S” curve goes up and the left side connects to the plate next to it.

What Colors Coordinate With Terra Cotta Tile?

Mission style tiles are similar to Spanish tiles. However, the shape of the mission cannon plate is not an “S” shaped plate, but rather a semi-circular shape.

French-style clay tiles are one of the most durable and moisture-resistant clay tiles. These plates are interconnected on all sides and have slots that allow drainage.

These types of tiles are flat and connect to each other from all sides. They are known as terracotta tiles because these flat tiles look more like asphalt shingles.

Exterior Paint Colors For Terracotta Tile Roof

There are as many ways to use terracotta tiles as there are house designs. We have collected some amazing pictures for you to see the unique styles that result from using a terracotta roof.

Monier Terracotta Roof Tiles

This is a wonderful example of mission style clay tiles. Notice how the rafters lined the barrel

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