Exterior Paint For Stucco Homes

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Exterior Paint For Stucco Homes – Great! Guys, I’ve been waiting to share this reveal with you since I started the exterior redo in June. It was trying to do them all, but I did it! We literally painted every square inch of our house: stucco, all exterior doors, garage door, windows (yes, windows!) and facade. Combine that with Florida rain, heat, kids running around, and balls being thrown left and right. . . We have September with the final reveal. I hope you are as excited about it!

Before we dive into all the things we’ve done, we need a flashback to where we started:

Exterior Paint For Stucco Homes

Exterior Paint For Stucco Homes

Doing this paint saved us thousands of dollars and allowed us to budget for new gutters that we desperately needed for our home. Don’t worry, I’ll share the cost breakdown with the paint I used, exactly what went right, and what I learned.

Exterior Stucco Painting In Columbus, Ohio

As for how to paint a stucco house, paint exterior doors/garage doors, paint exterior windows, etc., I will write separate tutorials for those! If I put them all in one post, we’ll be here for another three months.

This cost breakdown is for our 2,600+ square foot home. Depending on the size of your home, one story vs. two stories, etc. Cost + time spent on house painting can vary.

The first step in their entire transformation was to paint all of our exterior windows. Remember, if your windows have a warranty, you will lose it! We have metal windows that make this possible. Also, our windows are due to be replaced so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it first. I have a question about painting vinyl windows and I can’t tell you yes or no because we have metal. I’ll let the before and after speak for themselves:

We had cream windows before and knew they would blend in with the white exterior and look almost dirty. To get the white exterior we wanted, I knew I had to do something with the windows. I used Sherwin-Williams’ Pro-Industrial paint on the interior windows (you can read the tutorial here) and loved the results. I confirmed with my local paint store that it could be used on the exterior and went for it.

Exterior Color Inspiration

The prep work took the longest with the windows, but I’m here to tell you that every second is worth applying glue, protecting the surrounding areas, and covering the glass panes. The moment you peel it all off and see the black frames of your dreams for a fraction of the price, well, you just have to try it.

What if you have mounts or grids between the glass panels? AKA, there is no way to remove or access them. In other words, you won’t be able to paint them. I have a solution for you! Electrical tape. seriously! Simply place the electrical tape on the grids (on the glass pane of course) and line it up with the grids. We have used it inside and outside of our grills and never had a problem. The trick is finding the right type. I used weatherproof electrical tape that can withstand high heat etc. They haven’t moved since June and we live in Florida.

** Tinting our windows comes down to personal preference first. It doesn’t matter whether you paint your house or your windows first, do whatever works best for you. Either way, that’s a lot of recording!

Exterior Paint For Stucco Homes

We knew when we moved into our house that we would eventually want to paint it. Originally it was beige in color. Which wasn’t bad, but if we were going to paint it, I didn’t want it to look exactly the same. If you had asked us a few years ago, we would have said grey. But fast forward to today and our hearts are set on the creamy white. We placed several samples in different parts of our house so we could see them in different lighting conditions and angles.

We Painted The Exterior Of Our House!

After narrowing it down to a few, we thought we had our hearts set on just White. But I did another test and painted three very large colored swings on one side of my house. We ended up going with Cloud White by Benjamin Moore. It had quite a few shades of cream and was still white.

I would say, now that the house is fully painted, depending on what is reflected on it, it will change color. For example, our patio always looks white because of the earthy browns of the patio tiles that are reflected in the house. The front of our house can look very creamy as the grass and plants add a touch of green to the house depending on the time of day.

Now actually painting the house was one of our biggest and most frustrating moments. We invested in an industrial paint sprayer that would handle painting the exterior of our house and get it done quickly. I ran into problems out of the box. We’re talking about a sprayer that goes off every 15 seconds and sprays paint everywhere. It ruined some of our black windows that I had to go back and paint. After 4 hours of reading the owner’s manual, talking to the company, and watching YouTube videos, I had only painted about 30 feet of the house.

We threw in the towel and agreed that our house would not be painted this weekend. We were able to return the paint sprayer and decided to rent it from a local tool rental company. Excellent decision. We were put on a two week waiting list which delayed the painting of our house.

Remodeling: Update Stucco Exterior Before And After

I rented a Titan 440 paint sprayer for the weekend for $180. Best money we ever spent on our house. I got everything ready on Saturday morning and by eleven o’clock I was painting. By 4pm we had completed not one, but two coats of paint around our entire house, including the soffits. I can’t say this enough: if you’re painting your house, rent a paint sprayer! It’s very unlikely that you’ll ever need an industrial paint sprayer again, and if there’s anything wrong with it, it’s where you rented it from, not in your pocket.

When I saw the striking contrast with the black windows, I knew right away that all exterior doors and garage doors would be black as well. We originally thought about muted black, but after testing it just didn’t seem right. We decided to use black magic on all the exterior doors as well. Our ultimate goal is a wooden front door and garage, but we’ll see. So far black is perfect!

All doors are painted with satin finish. I wanted something that would give a little shine, but not too much. It seemed to be the perfect balance and the outer door still washes easily. All the doors look amazing with a new face, but the front door and the garage door are two of my favorites! It changed the face of our house even more. It took about two weeks to paint all the exterior doors while you were sleeping and if it wasn’t raining.

Exterior Paint For Stucco Homes

Now you might be wondering why I didn’t paint the facade. It would be easy, right? Right. But at the time we were going to paint the fascia black to help decorate our house. We tested the back of the house area and we didn’t like it at all. We decided to go with cloud white on the fascia and leave the gutters with the black accent we wanted.

The Best Exterior Paint Colors In 2022: Choosing The Right Hue For Your Home

So I painted two coats of white paint around my house with a brush. Why the brush? Spray painting the facade to protect the roof, windows, stucco, screens, doors, etc. will be a lot of prep work. Brush makes more sense in this situation.

Finish: Black Smooth Gutter. Our old gutters only covered half the house with insufficient bottoms to be effective. They were worn, scratched and original until 1994. We took them down ourselves so we could paint the facade. After all the painting was done, I got three different quotes and set up the rig.

When we booked our installation, the company we went with had about three weeks to do the installation. Once I got to the installer it took about 6 weeks. Much of this was due to delays caused by COVID. Guys, these smooth black gutters were the icing on the cake for our exterior makeover. They really brought the whole house together and we could finally move back.

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