Farrow & Ball Wallpaper Samples

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Farrow & Ball Wallpaper Samples – Summer is a reminder of how amazing change can be. With the warm season upon us, we can’t think of a better way to update a space than with wallpaper! Custom wallpaper is never out of style and Farrow & Ball has the best! Whether it is a beautiful botanical like the wonder of the world “Lotus”, or a clean and simple design like “Five Over Stripe” or “Fur”, there is something for every room!

“The process of creating handmade wallpaper begins with a roll of high-quality vinyl obtained from sustainably managed forests, continues through small-scale production, and ends with beautiful sustainable products printed with our colors .” – Farrow and Bull

Farrow & Ball Wallpaper Samples

Farrow & Ball Wallpaper Samples

Leave a comment below about your favorite! Ask or let us know if you want a free wallpaper sample!

Helleborus Wallpaper Farrow & Ball

“Lotus Art Nouveau designs bring 19th century elegance to traditional and modern homes.

Lotus comes in 71 colors including luxury metallics, but for the new season, we love the blue and white palette.

This wallpaper is available in large and small prints. Repeat on the main pattern and measure 51.8 cm. Repeat with a smaller pattern of 25.8 cm.

“Brocade takes its design from the wonderful fabrics found in the Renaissance paintings in the National Gallery.

Farrow Ball Amime Bp4404

For a real burst of spring cheer, it’s hard to beat bright wallpaper. Get the best shade of the season


Full width is 53cm/21″, roll length 10m, 24.1cm/9 1/2″ length, 24.1cm/9 1/2″ length, 10 colors available.

Farrow & Ball Wallpaper Samples

A beautiful floral print, Peony is equally at home in traditional or modern designs. His designs combine modern glamor and casual romance to bring a new color to any room.”

Amime Bp 4405

You won’t get more “spring” with bright colors like yellow. Believe it or not, these yellows are a big shade coming back in 2022! Especially with floral designs.

Full width is 53cm/21″, roll length 10m, 62.8cm/24 3/4″ make length, 62.8cm/24 3/4″. Available in 22 colors.

“The gentle vines and blooming flowers of our wisteria sheet capture the beauty of late English summer, bringing joy year-round. Crafted from the 19th century, the design is romantic and detailed.”

Full roll width is 53cm/21″, roll length 10m, 54cm/21 1/4″, repeat pattern available in 23 colours.

Wisteria F&b Wallpaper

“Our five-piece wallpaper is a classic piece that balances sharp lines with an inviting texture for a comfortable lifestyle. Our Dorset-based company’s skilled craftsmen use traditional painting techniques to apply color in water. , they give the difference of each paper. . . .

This text has clean, deep lines with a soft texture (thank you, print!) that can be hung vertically and horizontally to create a variety of patterns.

Full roll width is 53cm/21″, roll length 10m, line width 5.6cm/2 1/4″. Available in 13 colours.

Farrow & Ball Wallpaper Samples

“Created with a single color of water-based paint, the following paper is easy to match your existing design, while the traditional application method leaves beautiful brush marks on the paper. Football, paper is used using traditional printing techniques to create the most. elegant jewelry.”

Farrow Ball Wisteria Bp2212

Drag DR 621 looks like a light pink shade, a dark pink with a rich yellow tone that feels light, fresh and warm all around – perfect for summer. If you’re not hot for pink, there are pale mauve yellows and sweet denim blues that are perfect for the season.

The colors below and printed are intended as a guide only, not as exact matches to the colors in the Farrow & Ball palette.

“Traditional methods of creating wallpaper can cause variations in the same design. To get consistent results, it’s best to order all the rolls you need for your project at once.” – Farrow and bull

(804) 716-1742 | 5813 Grove Ave. Richmond, VA 23226 —   Open Mon-Fri 9:30 – 5:30 and Sat 11:00 – 4:00 Creative mood board for F&B around the new wallpaper, Helleborus, located on page 13 of the Book Inspiration AW17, you wouldn’t know…

The New Farrow & Ball Floral Wallpaper Collection (+ I’m In The New F&b Catalogue!!!!!!!!) — Melanie Lissack Interiors

OK, so this post is about Farrow & Ball’s new wallpaper collection – BUT!!! – I must tell you before talking about the new beautiful flowers that there is a natural weather board around one of the new magazines, Helleborus, found in the F&B catalog for the collection. At the beginning of the year, F&B contacted me and asked me if I wanted to work with them to develop their new collection. I sent them a sample of one of the new letters (which was all silent) and they asked me if I would create a scene around the letter I chose. It will then appear in the new F&B Inspiration Autumn/Winter catalog, sent to customers.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of F&B. I love the color, the quality of the paint, the design, the branding…everything, really. They have always been my go-to paint brand and have been recommending them to everyone for years; So, to be asked to help sell new magazines makes me feel humbled and, in fact, honored. This is my blogger face ‘big hit’. When I get a new catalog in my mailbox and see my name plate and name on it, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so accomplished!

When I received this beautiful blue letter from F&B a few months ago, I spotted it on my wall. If I put it on the wall, what fabric and color should I combine it with? That’s how I set up my home office. I know that with a letter like this I will choose luxury jewelry and the deep sea. Keep accessories in a balanced palette of bronze and gray, and let the text do the talking. I ordered some fabric samples to display on the board, and I’ve been going around my house looking for something in scrap metal!

Farrow & Ball Wallpaper Samples

BP 5705, Wallpaper: Hegemone BP 5705, Ceiling: Strong White® No.2001 Estate® Emulsion, Woodwork: Strong White® No.2001 Estate® Eggshell

The Best Paint Colours For Your Wallpaper

There are three new paper designs with different colors – Hegemone, Atacama and Halberus. Each of the three types is based on flowers, and draws inspiration from the current trend in text, maximalism and return to nature.

Hegemone has a consistent, fast print, with a flower pattern that falls in different places, so that the flowers seem to invade the wall like climbers in your face. I love F&B blues, since I paint most of my house Dix Blue, Hag Blue, Railings and Oval Room Blue, so I think combining them in a hemlock sheet, like the one above, is really amazing.

Atacama, which was inspired by the bright color swatches found in old fabrics, is called the flower desert of South America. Take a closer look at the plant arrangement and you will see cacti embedded in the design. I think my favorite color in the Atacama press photos is pink on green, as in the photo below:

BP 5802, Wallpaper: Atacama BP 5802, Ceiling: Wimborne White® No.239 Estate® Emulsion, Wood: Wimborne White® No.239 Estate® Eggshell

The Vibrant Paints + Statement Wallpapers We’re Swooning Over

, but you know what I mean.) Here’s the Helleborus sheet I put my mood board on the wall for the magazine photo:

Isn’t that amazing???? This is the main reason for the F&B collection, and it is very effective. I’m also glad the stylist paired this look with blue, as I did with the screen, because F&B magazine photos are always amazing.

Farrow and Ball’s wallpaper is handmade using F&B inks and traditional printing methods, which you can see if you look closely…

Farrow & Ball Wallpaper Samples

I want to thank Farrow & Ball for allowing me to be a part of this F&B story! I’m happy!!!

Farrow & Ball And Its New Wallpaper Collection

What do you think about new magazines? What is your favorite look? Tell me in the comment section below! I am a huge fan of Farrow & Ball and have enjoyed working with them over the years. As most of you know, I often refuse to work because I just don’t cooperate

A face sign unless I really like and support what they are doing. Farrow & Ball is a great company and they make beautiful wallpaper and paint. It was very good. Half of the rooms in my house are colored F&B. I love the chalky, matte finish and beautiful shades with this

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