Farrow And Ball Mizzle Kitchen

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Farrow And Ball Mizzle Kitchen – Hello Everyone! As the year draws to a close, the We Spray uPVC team is here to showcase our favorite kitchen spray jobs of 2021! We are proud of our work, believing that every kitchen deserves a beautiful, professional result.

Combining over 25 years of industry experience with the latest kitchen spraying techniques and market leading equipment, we have been able to supply thousands of long lasting range hoods and kitchen units throughout Manchester and across Cheshire.

Farrow And Ball Mizzle Kitchen

Farrow And Ball Mizzle Kitchen

No wonder we’re the best family kitchen sprayer in the Northwest! Let’s take a look at some of our favorite kitchen remodeling projects of 2021.

Farrow & Ball Modern Matt Emulsion Paint Mizzle

Finished in Halle by Brad and Emma, ​​the grey-green color looks very attractive against the wooden floorboards and black panels, adding a soft and natural feel. – Attractive. We sprayed the kitchen, pantry and TV unit in 2 options (front and back of cupboards and drawers) using real satin gloss 30%.

“We want to say a big thank you to Emma and Brad for all their hard work!! We have a new kitchen and we love it. The customer journey has been remarkable. Thank you very much and keep up the good work. ” –

The next kitchen extension project was done in Urmston by Connor and Nathan. Black and blue colors work well in this beautiful modern kitchen to create a stunning interior. We sprayed the kitchen in option 2 with standard satin gloss 30%.

“We were very pleased with the kitchen renovation! The guys did a great job and worked hard here and we’re happy with the paint (thanks Laura for supporting Railings!)” –

The Best Green Paint Colors

One of our favorite kitchen extension projects in 2021 was completed by Brad and Emma in Knutsford. This spacious open plan kitchen is covered in a neutral shade of white to highlight the marble walls and worktop design. We spray kitchens with 2 options in a standard 30% satin finish, as well as the customer’s TV furniture outside their property.

Emma and Jim head to Droylsden for this kitchen renovation project. Her navy blue kitchen cabinets and drawers complimented all the shades of blue tile beautifully and we couldn’t be happier with the results. In option 2, the kitchen is sprayed with standard satin gloss 30%.

“We sprayed the kitchen on Friday and the results were amazing! We knew it would be great because we saw the before and after photos on their website, but the ‘reveal’ blew us away.”

Farrow And Ball Mizzle Kitchen

“We spent most of the weekend standing in the kitchen enjoying ourselves! We’ve been assured by various customers recently that Ve Spray is professional – think quotes when they say they’ll send samples when they say they will, we made sure we had all the information we needed in advance and we showed up on time. that day and continued with it. I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Real Homes Archives

Daniel and Emma have been cooking again in our kitchen in Lower Withington. The bright white color illuminates every part of the room to enhance the decorative marble. We sprayed the kitchen with option 2 standard satin gloss 30% and we hope this customer will return in January 2022 for additional lighting.

A luxurious color that will enhance any home, new or old, Brad and Emma painted this kitchen in Chorley in a warm gray finish in option 3 (continued and backs of cupboards and drawers, plus body inside) in a standard 30% satin gloss. We had previously repainted this client’s kitchen and wanted to update their space for a softer finish.

A color combination of the popular anthracite gray and neutral Conforth white, the next kitchen extension project was completed by Connor and Nathan in Chipping. As you can see, the backlight creates a bright effect on the dark cabinets and drawers, and placing the white kitchen island in the middle creates a three-dimensional effect. cute, present. In option 2, the kitchen is sprayed with standard satin gloss 30%.

Check out this incredible kitchen extension project in Bury, completed by Brad, Conor and Emma. This shade is offered in 2 options with a standard 30% satin gloss and a seat part in RAL Classic. It works great with silverware and hardware, creating the illusion of space as a result. We also sprayed the exterior of their property to complete the perfect look.

Kitchen Design Inspiration Archives

Dave and Jim completed this project in Prescott. A solid, pure black finish is sprayed in option 2 with a standard 10% quick-change matt gloss in this small kitchen, adding depth and an aspect of sophistication, while the smooth walls reflect the beautiful color of the drawer cabinets. Connor had already returned to blow the customer’s front and garage doors.

Dave and Jim from Chorley completed our favorite latest kitchen extension in 2021. The light grey, which the company sprayed in option 2 with a standard 30% satin gloss, created the most striking effect against the white tiles and worktops. Add floor-effect wood to match and you’ll have a bold, stylish kitchen unlike any other.

“I cannot recommend this company enough. From the first inquiry to the finished product, they were brilliant. I researched many companies before I found WeSpray and the results of their work really surprised me.”

Farrow And Ball Mizzle Kitchen

“Laura and Jenny talked me through the process and matched the color scheme we wanted. Dave and Jim work hard with their unique work ethic. If you’re thinking about buying a replacement kitchen, many others are looking to remodel. A big thank you to everyone at WeSpray.” –

A Green Kitchen Design Using Farrow & Ball Paints

If you’re looking to renovate or renovate your kitchen in 2022, give us a call on 0800 970 8825 and we’ll help you bring your vision to life! We finally did it, folks. After 6 months of dust, vendors and chaos, I am finally sharing the results of something that has been brewing in my brain for almost 2 years. I don’t really know where to start, but I thought and we have to go back to the beginning. That seems reasonable. When we looked at this home in December 2017, I came back from the viewing and came up with my plans for this space. Before we knew our offer was accepted, I knew exactly where the new kitchen was going to go and with the help of great people along the way, we’re finally here, the potential of this house has been realized in a kitchen that I dream of even more than I can. Don’t wait.

Of course, I have to tell you what this space is like before I get my hands on it. This part of the house was originally a great room and what I lovingly called the ‘killer bathroom’. Yes, it’s so sweet.

It’s hard to imagine that there was such a space before, but well, we removed it all, made a small extension and decided to make it the new place for the kitchen. I’m grateful throughout the process, we still have our ‘old’ kitchen – which is across the street from this one. So we were never without a kitchen which made the process easier.

I think the picture was taken on the first day. It gets worse before it gets better, but it does get better.

My Savannah Home Kitchen Tour Part I

That was a few months ago. A few new extensions have been installed, the plasterboard is up and moving. I’ve shared the renovation process on the following blogs if you’d like to find more details: Kitchen Renovation 1 / Kitchen Renovation 2 / Restaurant Design Mi John Lewis Hungerford / Kitchen 3

I won’t bore you anymore… I wanted to make a video to introduce my book, so here’s the new kitchen (thanks to Nick Boy for making it for me):

Can’t see the video above? Turn off ad blockers to watch or click here to watch on my YouTube channel.

Farrow And Ball Mizzle Kitchen

Of course, for those who prefer to see pictures and read the stories behind the new kitchen, this is how it looks today.

Living Room Makeover

Now, like any big project (in fact, this might be the biggest we’ve ever done and probably the biggest we’ll ever do), we have a lot of help along the way. I would be remiss if I didn’t start by saying that I got an excellent architect from the start, Karen Harper of Added Value Architecture, and managed to find an excellent builder, Hatton Developments. Of course, there is always tension in any house, but I noticed both Karen and John

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