Finishing Bonus Room Above Garage

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Finishing Bonus Room Above Garage – We all know that garages are not only useful for keeping your car safe, but also provide additional storage. In your garage, you can store your valuable or seasonal products.

The fact is, most of the time, what we store in our garages is too much. While converting a garage into a fully functional room can cost more than maintaining your vehicle, it’s a great idea to create a bonus room above the garage.

Finishing Bonus Room Above Garage

Finishing Bonus Room Above Garage

When you have a bonus room in your garage, you not only have all the space to store valuables, but you can use the space according to your needs. Yes, the ideas are endless. However, extra rooms above garages are usually used for:

Room Above Garage

Whatever room you choose, it’s important to get some inspiration. Here are the most adorable bonus room over garage photos to inspire you:

This two car garage looks nice with painted green garage doors. The dark green looks amazing with the cream side.

In the garage, from the outside, we can clearly see that there is a bonus room. There are high windows to ensure that the rooms above the garage have enough natural light.

Bonus room converts to recreation room. It is made of polished wood, walls and ceilings. In the center of the room are drawers, with three pendants hanging above.

Bonus Room Above Garage

The vaulted ceiling makes it look like that bonus room is in the attic, which is not entirely true. It seems that the stairs leading to this room are inside; We can see the security deposit here.

This farmhouse garage also has a trailer door. It also supports two cars at the same time, just like the previous car.

Surprisingly, if you look at its side, there is an additional parking space for one car. This additional parking space is separate from the larger lot. In general, this garage can hold three cars at the same time.

Finishing Bonus Room Above Garage

With its gabled roof, we can see that there is an apartment above it, a bonus room. A bonus room above this large garage is the laundry room. Unlike other laundry rooms we usually see in the basement, this room is built over the garage. The floating ceiling adds to the comfort of this room.

Bonus Room Ideas: 17 Ways To Maximize An Extra Room

This laundry room is also special. It seems that this place is not only for doing laundry but also for spending quality time. . This is because we can see the sofa and the bookcase here. This room is still too large to be used solely as a laundry room.

The unique thing about this garage and the room above is that they have two different styles. From the outside, the garage looks eclectic. There are fun combinations that are similar to integrated design. It’s a two-car garage with a white garage door and gray-green exterior. It ends with a bevel cover.

Inside, the room above the garage has a unique rustic design. It has wooden walls and an answer and beam structure, which creates a sloping ceiling. This bonus room appears to be used as a recreation room. Tennis, exercise balls and other equipment are available.

This detached garage has a traditional look. It is quite large as it can accommodate two cars at the same time.

Game Room Above Garage Conversion

The bonus room over the garage is also spacious. This bonus room doubles as a family room. The room looks big because the owner of the house decided to reduce the furniture. There are two chairs under the window and a TV on the wall.

Large classic garage used as a workshop with bonus room above. Photo © david tyson & associates inc.

The bonus room can be accessed via an interior staircase. The room appears to be used as a workshop.

Finishing Bonus Room Above Garage

In this photo, the meeting room still looks empty, with only a white cabinet under the window. The low ceiling, together with the recessed light that emits a warm yellow light, gives this room a cozy and homely atmosphere.

Adding A Bonus Room Over The Garage

This traditional garage has a beautiful mix of white and dark, with natural stone as an accent.

We can see that this large garage can accommodate three cars. There is a two-car garage on one side and another on the other. The two garages are separated by a wall. However, the two-car garage just has a bonus room upstairs.

The bonus room above the garage has a unique sloped ceiling. We can see that the bonus room is being used as a special family room. The room looks spacious. With a modern home theater, sofa, coffee table and side table. There is another area that appears to be complete with chairs and side tables.

As an additional family room, this room looks complete and perfect. You can also use this room to organize small and intimate parties.

Comfort And The Bonus Room

This is also a detached garage with a modern look. This two car garage has a cream finish that complements the white double doors. The combination of colors creates a soft and warm exterior. The dark ceiling serves as an accent.

We can see that there are stairs on the side of this parking lot. This exterior staircase is intended to access the bonus room above the garage.

One of the advantages of using an outdoor staircase for an extra room above the garage is that it provides more privacy. If you have guests, the guests can sleep in the bonus room. He can enter the room without contacting you in the parking lot, because you both have different entrances.

Finishing Bonus Room Above Garage

The bonus room above the garage is a guest bedroom. As a guest bedroom, this looks great. It has a pleasant mix of beige walls and neutral wooden floors. Single bed windows are placed on both sides, giving this room light.

Bonus Room Build

There is a large parking lot that can accommodate three cars. This garage is finished with a carriage door style which creates a beautiful classic style. In addition, the car door is also combined with the white stone surface.

Green doors, along with green trim, give the exterior of this home a traditional, natural look.

There are apartments in this parking lot. We can see that the bonus apartment is also complete with a small balcony. The apartment is used as a guest bedroom.

As a special room, this is perfect. It is complete with bookcases, armchairs and footstools and dining tables. The floating roof has a fan for ventilation.

Tween Hangout (bonus Room)

This garage is quite unique. Unlike other parking lots that usually have garage doors, this place has no doors. It only has a large opening, but the car is sufficiently protected from the inside, even though it has no doors.

To the side of this garage is an exterior staircase made of composite decking (trex) with white vinyl posts and railings and a 4×4 surface. This staircase leads to the upper room. This way, the bonus room looks bigger because there is no space to use for an interior staircase.

The bonus room is a man cave. Full bath, perfect for escaping the crowded main house.

Finishing Bonus Room Above Garage

This man cave can also be used as a home office because it has a desk with a wheelchair. There is also a sofa and a side table to promote more comfort.

Attic Remodels That Will Inspire You

This large garage has a classic style with a white design. The sides are painted white, and the garage door is a similar color. It can accommodate two cars at the same time, divided by the walls.

We can see that there is only one door on the left side. It appears that the door was used as an entrance to the bonus room above the garage. So the bonus room has separate access to the garage.

Bonus room used as a family room. A medium-sized room has a perfect contemporary look with sliding walls in the corners.

The room itself has clean white walls, along with soft wooden floors. To add color, the homeowner added a bright red couch along with a patterned rug.

Achieving Comfort Above The Garage

This family room also doubles as a music room. The musical instruments here also use decorative elements. A bright red guitar case complements the couch beautifully.

This is a modern garage with multiple doors. The combination of cream and white doors is basically not a new idea, but somehow it can create a beautiful and homey look.

In addition to the double garage door, we can see that there are two single doors. One is on the right

Finishing Bonus Room Above Garage

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