Front Porch Additions To Ranch Homes

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Front Porch Additions To Ranch Homes – A veranda not only serves as an entrance reinforcement, but can also be a perfect place to relax outdoors. There are many different approaches to these spaces, whether you want a large open space to relax or a covered porch is more your speed. Check out some of our favorite porch ideas below.

If you want to add to your existing porch or create a brand new porch, but don’t know where to start, our expert designers are ready to help. All we need is a photo (or sketch) of your home and your answers to a short survey that will help us understand your design style and goals. Read more about our process.

Front Porch Additions To Ranch Homes

Front Porch Additions To Ranch Homes

At first glance from the back picture above, it’s almost hard to tell there’s a porch. The lower retaining wall uses the same bricks as the exterior of the house, so everything blends together. Not much contrast to highlight the porch. Additionally, there is no porch roof to protect the homeowner or guests from rain or sun. Our designers opened up the space, removing a brick wall and adding a porch overhang supported by wooden columns. A combination of different building materials and more detailed landscaping draws attention to the verandah.

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Just because there isn’t a lot of room to work indoors doesn’t mean a small porch can’t make a statement. In this before and after, our designers replaced the entrance with a wavy porch. It may not be huge, but it works perfectly when adding another layer to outdoor living.

This home offers plenty of space to work. Our designers brought the outdoor space to life by adding a porch. We added a new outdoor living area with a raised deck, steps to a raised stone floor, balustrades and columns to create more dimension. The seating, lighting and plants all create a cozy atmosphere that makes this porch the perfect place to relax.

Porches must be both functional and aesthetic. Our designers used the porch to recreate the face of this house. Not only does this provide additional space to open the house to the outdoors, but wood accents in the form of columns and exposed truss supports over the porch overhang draw attention to the front door.

Ranch style homes are usually laid out in long straight lines. Our designers used a gable with this porch to create a more interesting geometry. The white trim on the gable of the porch makes it stand out even more, so it serves as a design element and a great vantage point from which to watch the world go by.

Timeless Front Porch Addition

The front door is right in the middle of the house. In the last picture it was hidden behind a tree and the exterior design was completely symmetrical. Our designers kept some symmetry, but used a modern asymmetrical overhang to give visual appeal to the facade and covered seating area.

Before and after, the front door opened with a small portico. A porch creates more space for outdoor living and draws more attention to the front door as a focal point. This cozy new porch has a welcoming atmosphere that is enhanced by the flowing layout of the sidewalk and surrounding landscape.

A unique design element is the balcony on the top floor of this home. Our designers added more purpose to the design by including a porch below the balcony. The wooden columns used in the porch match the columns of the balcony, creating a cohesive structure.

Front Porch Additions To Ranch Homes

A plain exterior doesn’t have to be plain. In this before and after, our designers keep a simple design for the house while adding some interesting design elements and a porch. A metal roof with exposed decorative beams and thick rustic columns with stone foundations add dimension to the exterior of the house and create a striking aesthetic.

Features Of Our Home That I Love

This porch has a more open layout and plenty of space for comfortable outdoor seating. Our designers created a front porch that lives up to the farmhouse style of the rest of the exterior and maximizes livable outdoor space and creates an inviting space to recharge.

The long and wide layout of this porch gave our designers room to add a porch swing for a unique and interesting seating option. Here at Brick & Concrete, we’re all about porch swings.

This barn style home has an impressive look. Our designers improved the textures by bringing in different building materials. Converting the porch instead of extending the length of the house creates an interesting design that makes this house very special. We also extended the porch beyond the left overhang, allowing easy access to the side entrance.

A robust exterior design consists of a variety of small and large components. From shutters and doors to paint and porches, at Brick & Cone we understand the importance of every detail. Our designers are experts in selecting designs that maximize the functional and aesthetic aspects of your exterior. If your home doesn’t have outdoor space, it might be worth considering adding a porch. Or, if you have a porch that isn’t big enough and want to make things better, we’d love to work with you!

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Mackenzie has been writing for Brick & Wood for three years, and most of her exterior design knowledge comes from her own home renovations. He bought a log house that was stuck in the 90s and the previous owners couldn’t afford to fix the exterior. Mackenzie and her family took a DIY approach to the entire project, from landscaping and hardscaping to restoring the front porch and woodwork. In her free time, Mackenzie enjoys cooking and spending time with her family of six on their farm, which includes cows, chickens, rabbits, dogs and cats. She has been writing for 12 years and has explored a variety of content from food writing to lifestyle items and of course virtual exterior design. This post may contain affiliate links and/or sponsorship for your shopping convenience. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brand that supports House Full of Summer!

After 5 months of total interior renovations, we started tackling the exterior, including the backyard. With so many overlapping projects, the past year has really been on my mind for months! After building the new pier, we started the pool and porch, along with the outdoor bathroom, at the same time. Why this was necessary will be seen in a moment.

Front Porch Additions To Ranch Homes

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Possible Front Porch Design Plans

We replaced the standard size sliding glass door in our living room with an 8 inch hurricane rated glass door. We now had a better view of the backyard, but our little farmhouse had no protection from the sun or rain, so we opted to add a covered porch. We also wanted an outdoor bathroom called a pool bath so we didn’t have wet bathrobes dripping all over the house so we could use the guest toilet in the hallway. I have to say it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

The porch is 21×10 with a two-foot overhang around the columns to match the original 1970s roof line. I wanted an A-frame style with as much space as possible to let in as much light as possible. Since we had already tinted our doors and windows, I was worried that the living room would be too dark.

Here are some pictures of Evan’s progress. It was not a pretty sight, especially since the bridge was being built at the same time.

I’m really into symmetry. If you notice, the two pillars on the right side of the porch are very close to each other. The engineer mentioned that we needed a third column for this gap, so I asked them to put it near the pool so that the pool bathroom door could be placed between the two columns.

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The color scheme I wanted outside was obviously light and neutral. So the white columns and framing made sense since I decided to paint the whole house white. The ceiling is a natural wood stain that is slatted and reached against a white veneer. I specifically requested that the ceiling slope continue instead of installing a drop/flat ceiling in the pool bathroom, which means the pool bathroom ceiling is also tongue and groove pre-painted.

I didn’t spend much time choosing a stain color because I gave our contractor the leftover board from our LVP floor and he brought a pre-stained sample of the tongue.

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