Garage With 2 Bedroom Apartment Above

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Garage With 2 Bedroom Apartment Above – What is in the plan set? You may need other things for your planning permission to make changes before changing your plans Planning support for our plans

Doing double duty nicely, this three-car garage offers space for a two-bedroom apartment upstairs. The exterior is reminiscent of Arts and Crafts Movement architecture and features solid columns on stone foundations, stacked siding, and cedar shingles. Stairs from the garage lead to a carefully appointed guest suite with two bedrooms and a large living/dining room. Both bedrooms have large closets along one wall and large windows. Double doors in the living area open to a charming deck with railings. It offers an L-shaped kitchen fully equipped with appliances. The full bathroom has access at both ends and is adjacent to a large linen closet.

Garage With 2 Bedroom Apartment Above

Garage With 2 Bedroom Apartment Above

Every prosperous 19th-century farm had a “training house” or landing for horses and buggies. These attractive carriage buildings include features found in a basic farmhouse. Cupolas and dormers were common parts of carriage house design, along with foxing trim and shutters. Alan Mascord Design Associates, Inc. Bring back the nostalgia of these carriage buildings with this range of carriage garage designs.

Commercial Building 4 Car Garage 3offices 3 Bedroom Apartment Above

The floor plan of each carriage house follows a traditional plan for architectural authenticity. Wings formerly devoted to carriages and horse stables are now reserved for automobiles. Rather than storing hay and grain, the upper floors provide living space, often consisting of small apartments that can be used as private residences. Windows replace louvered openings for ventilation, and wooden garage doors mimic typical tongue-and-groove sliding wooden barn doors.

Our carriage homes typically have a garage on the main floor with living quarters above. Exterior styles vary depending on the main house, but are generally attractive and decorative. If you need to add both living space and garage space, check out these carriage house plans. A variety of architectural styles will help you find the perfect match for your home.

Mescord’s collection of Craftsman house plans highlights the features first introduced by the Arts and Crafts movement, which flourished from 1876 to 1915 and is still celebrated today. These homes have great charm, lots of detail and the comforts you need for modern living. Check out the collection for more beautiful home designs.

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Two Car Garage Plans

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Garage With 2 Bedroom Apartment Above

If you have questions about any element of the project or your contractor has a question during construction, we can answer those questions quickly and accurately without going to a third party.

Sheds & Garages With Apartments

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The underlying code requires that the design of your object meet certain requirements. The Code allows several ways of meeting these requirements. The first method is known as “prescriptive” wall bracing, and is included in the code as designated building elements that must be included in certain areas of the building. Prescriptive methods are acceptable as long as the design of the facility has specific heights (height of walls, size/location of windows, etc.). Another method is through engineering analysis to determine the forces applied to the structure and the design of the structural elements to resist these forces. Although the prescriptive method imposes some limitations on the design of the structure, the engineering analysis of the building allows more flexibility in the design while ensuring that it can withstand the actual natural forces to which the structure will be subjected.

In almost all cases, Mescord projects will require a site-specific engineering analysis. This analysis should be done by a professional, such as a licensed structural engineer in the state where the structure will be built. Analysis is site-specific, so we don’t have “pre-made” plans that can be created anywhere. The engineer must review the plans and submit an engineering analysis report and additional drawings and specifications to go with the permit submission plans. You should consider the additional time and cost involved in completing this process.

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Some regions have additional engineering requirements, such as the earthquake-prone areas of California and the Pacific Northwest, or the hurricane-prone Gulf, Florida, and Carolina coasts. In most areas, obtaining a building permit requires additional wind and seismic engineering drawings along with your home plans. These additional drawings must be provided and stamped by a licensed professional in your state. In most cases, we have established working relationships with engineers who can help you obtain the drawings you need cost effectively, or you can contact your local engineer.

When the project includes retaining walls, these will also require engineering interventions. Although the code provides some prescriptive design for concrete/masonry foundations and walls, this only works in limited circumstances. The use of field-engineered retaining walls allows greater design flexibility and ensures that the walls are designed for the design loads, unique soil, fluid pressure and drainage characteristics of the work site. It makes no sense to place the most expensive investment a family makes on a foundation that is not typically designed for the unique characteristics of the land it sits on.

All Mascord home plans are designed and detailed to comply with the International Residential Code (for out-of-state orders) or local Oregon and Washington State codes (for orders within those states).

Garage With 2 Bedroom Apartment Above

Your area may also have specific energy codes that must be followed. Compliance may include filling out forms that prove that the construction drawings meet the requirements. In many cases, the forms are simple and can be completed by yourself or with the help of your general contractor.

Two Car Garage Living Plan With One Bedroom

To find out what drawing details you should expect from your Mescord home plan, see “What’s Included in the Plan Kit?” see

If you are not sure what may be required, contact your building department and ask for a list of all the items they must provide and obtain a building permit.

We typically calculate and supply beam sizes for a snow load of 25 psf. You may need rafters sized to accommodate larger roof loads relative to your area. We can help with this; Speak with our sales staff to discuss your options.

Construction jurisdictions in many states, including California, New York, New Jersey, Nevada and Illinois, require that your home design be reviewed and all construction drawings stamped by a local professional. If you are building in such an area, you will need to hire a state-licensed structural engineer.

Adding A Second Story Above The Garage To Increase Living Space

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