Heartland Travel Trailers Floor Plans

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Heartland Travel Trailers Floor Plans – Some RV manufacturers always strive to give potential customers an experience that will actually make them happy customers. One way to do this is to offer large, capable RVs at affordable prices.

One of the teams that recently announced new travel trailer floor plans is Heartland RV. Yes, the same Heartland has been around since 2003, but its founders are a group of RV enthusiasts and have accumulated over 50 years of combined experience.

Heartland Travel Trailers Floor Plans

Heartland Travel Trailers Floor Plans

All that experience will be showcased in the new Prowler 335BH floorplan, a travel trailer that aims to give the company an edge over other manufacturers when it comes to customer conversion. why? First of all, the starting price before build is $54,434 (€46,808 at current exchange rates).

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Sure, I’ve seen cheaper trailers, but it’s hard to find one that’s 11.5 meters (37.6 feet) long and has a surface area of ​​33 square meters (355 square feet). Overall, the materials used in construction and the features included create a vehicle with a GVWR of 11,370 lbs (5,157 kg) and a dry weight of 9,070 lbs (4,114 kg). This means it can carry up to 1,028 kg (2,268 pounds) of cargo. Oh, did I mention that this can sleep up to 8 people? I think you are beginning to understand why this creature can be such a big problem for you and your lifestyle.

For basic structures, exterior aluminum siding, water system winterization, wall studs, and other aluminum front walls are just some of the things included in the floor plan. Two 5,100-pound (2,267 kg) E-Z lubricated axles and radial tires mounted on steel rims work together to get the thing moving.

The 335BH now has three slideouts, all of which mount to the construction port wall. This includes all bed and seating options except bunk bed sets installed at the rear and right side of the structure. Guests can relax in the aforementioned bunk beds, a bunk bed set, a modular dining table, a sofa bed and finally a queen-sized bed. One thing to note is that since this trailer is geared towards families, bunk beds are best suited for children.

Keeping you cozy and comfortable is all a staple of this package: a 30,000 BTU furnace, 13,500 BTU AC unit, LED lighting, in-floor heat ducts, and an electrical system that ensures full functionality without power. A variety of entertainment setups are also available, featuring internal and external speakers, TV antenna, Bluetooth AM/FM/HDMI and cable connectivity.

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One of the most important spaces in any RV is the kitchen, and honestly, the 335BH doesn’t miss out on everything you need. It has everything you need, including a residential refrigerator, sink and faucet, oven, three-burner stove, and even a microwave. There is also an outside kitchen if you feel you need more. payload? Of course, drawers and pantries will meet your grocery and kitchenware needs.

Speaking of exteriors, judging by Heartland’s fondness for things, you can decorate the exterior of your Prowler however you like – as long as you have the money. This also applies to the interior. Want additional benefits? Give Heartland a shout and see what it can do.

It may not be the most luxurious RV you’ve ever seen, but the fact that it can accommodate up to eight guests for at least a few days and all for less than $55,000 makes it worth adding to your ‘Things to Consider’ list. list.list.

Heartland Travel Trailers Floor Plans

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Heartland’s North Trail travel trailers allow you to enjoy open living spaces and convenient home features. Inside, flexible kitchen doors, radius countertops, upgraded and luxurious residential furniture, and residential interior doors make you feel at home. Each unit is constructed with a 4-inch crown laminate roof, vacuum sealed, and 2-inch thick sidewalls with Azdel fiberglass backing to provide a strong, long-lasting trailer. The exterior features four stabilizer jacks for easy installation, an EZ grease hub, a slam-up tailgate, and an exterior shower for washing sand off the lake. This travel trailer includes many practical features, including a 30,000 BTU furnace, DSI gas/electric water heater, dual duct AC system, and a variety of options to choose from to maximize your camping experience.

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Heartland’s North Trail travel trailers allow you to enjoy open living spaces and convenient home features. Inside, you’ll find high-rise kitchen doors, sleek kitchen countertops, upgraded and luxurious residential furniture, as well as residential interior doors that will make you feel at home.

Fresh new interiors with brighter floors and cabinets, designer accent walls, upgraded furniture and additional lighting features. The kitchen features a stainless steel sink and ceiling appliances. All bedrooms feature a standard residential headboard, under-bed storage and power outlets on either side of the bedside table. Azdel and aluminum components of the laminated sidewalls weigh less than wood. This process adds strength and durability that others sacrifice by using heavier, less durable materials. Storage is expensive when it comes to RVing. King Kong-sized drive-thru storage offers up to 67.5 cubic feet of storage.

Browse our video and photo gallery for a closer look at the 2021 Heartland RV North Trail.

Heartland Travel Trailers Floor Plans

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