Home Depot White Interior Paint

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Home Depot White Interior Paint – Kelly Dawson is a writer and editor focusing on architecture, interior design and culture. He wrote for 2017. Her work has also appeared in Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Domino, Bon Appétit, McSweeney’s, Vox, Tastemade, and Thrillist.

If you’re looking to completely change the look of your space without spending too much time or money, we’d like to introduce you to The Home Depot’s extensive paint collection. Whether you’re learning to be moody and dark or happy and bright, you’ll believe in the power of color when you see how quickly (and vividly) it can transform your home. We asked The Home Depot’s Sarah Fishburne to guide us through a color scheme that will give your space the style boost it needs.

Home Depot White Interior Paint

Home Depot White Interior Paint

Sarah Fishburne is the director of trends and design for The Home Depot. He leads the company’s creative team, develops products and identifies marketing trends.

Glidden Premium Paint + Primer Interior Satin

“It’s a really clean white that’s perfect for indoor and outdoor ceilings and trim,” says Fishburne. “There’s no blue, pink or yellow, so it’s clear and cool.”

“I also like the white color that can be used as a decoration or on the whole wall. You can also pair them well with Ultra Pure White,” he pointed out. “I love white with a hint of gray that feels modern and updated like White Moderne.”

“This is a great home neutral that’s warm enough to complement many wood colors, and will be a fresh and modern neutral for homes that need clean fabrics. It also works well with a shade of white,” says Fishburne.

“We’re seeing the return of warm neutrals and yellows, and Castle Rock is a new take on a classic,” he said. “It goes well with some of the grays we’ve introduced recently, giving it a cool cool look.”

Copper Force 1 Gal. White Eggshell Virucidal And Antibacterial Interior Paint & Primer 219001

“Greys aren’t going away. I think we’ll see them go more with warmer neutrals and browns for a new take on neutrals,” Fishburne said. “This is a soft, approachable gray. I like it because there are no other colors in it.”

“This is another gray that’s darker than Loft Space, but still easy to live with,” notes Fishburne. “It can be used throughout the home and is a great exterior color.”

“I like to weave unexpected dark colors into a muted palette so they don’t look so cute and childish,” notes Fishburne. “The best way to describe this color is as a soft black. Dark colors can also show nice work.”

Home Depot White Interior Paint

Fishburne agrees: “To me, blues is a ‘whole house’ color. I think it has a distinct tone and weaves it throughout the house like an anchor. It’s a soft gray blue, so when combined with a rich blue it to look more. blue. , and when the eye is gray it will look purple.”

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“This is very blue,” he said. “NYPD has an inky background because of its gray tone, and depending on where you use it, it can be confusing or unusual.”

“Moon Gloss is fresh without being overpowering. It works well with any neutral tone, from cool to warm, and because it has a bit of blue in it, it complements other blouses,” says Fishburne. “I love using aqua colors like this everywhere, from walls and ceilings to decor and doors. You can even use it on cabinets. A timeless aqua that never goes out of style.” .

“This is PPG’s Color of the Year for 2019, and it’s easy to see why,” said Fishburne. “This color is classic, but still feels modern and fresh. When paired with soft, airy colors, it becomes an anchor, and when layered with deep, rich colors, it fades into the background.”

“I want this for homeowners who love the idea of ​​dark colors but shy away from black,” she explains. “It’s a bit softer, but it will give the same emotional feeling as a strong black and can complement many colors like white. But with black, these colors have a completely different effect.”

Behr Premium Interior/exterior Gloss Enamel Porch & Patio Floor Paint

“I love soft pink everywhere in the house,” says Fishburne. “There’s something soothing about a pink room. But people can be shy because they’re afraid it might be too young. A very pale shade like this only gives a hint of color, so it can be difficult.” – more understandable than a child.”

“There are two colors that you will always see in my home: aqua and coral. Dash of Curry is the perfect coral in my eyes,” she says. “There’s an orange tone to it that doesn’t read too pink like some corals do. I think it’s a steal anywhere.”

“I like to use green to complement blue and gray. “I lean toward a yellow or acid green that’s fresher and more modern than green that’s a little gray,” Fishburne said. “Yellow-based green can be a good bridge between classic and modern .”

Home Depot White Interior Paint

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