House Plans With Attached Garage On Side

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House Plans With Attached Garage On Side – The garage has moved far from its original purpose as a service department for “storing” cars and expanded to include stables on farms or country estates. It evolved from temporary structures, sheds and rooms in machine shops. Available as a standalone or attached structure. which is now fully integrated into the home design.

Today, more than 82 million homes in America have parking spaces. And more than 79 percent of households have parking space for at least one car. Statistics from the United States Census Bureau data show that of the 434,000 new single-family homes sold in 2018, 617,000 had two-car garages.

House Plans With Attached Garage On Side

House Plans With Attached Garage On Side

In 2022, these garages are not just a home for a variety of cars. Yes, they still “store” and protect cars. But they have become an essential part of any new home, becoming practically essential rather than just functional. But that also includes beauty. An attached garage can be expanded or extended to make a small one-story home appear longer. Or it can provide balance and symmetry.

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There are several garage options available to potential homeowners. But let’s focus on garages, which are becoming increasingly popular. Benefits and challenges of parking garages And why it could be a good fit for your next home.

The attached two-space front parking adds 1,300 square feet to the beautiful but smaller space. The farmhouse offers a more attractive appearance from the street. The residence has a landscaped front garden. Cozy balcony, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and backyard (Plan No. 142-1008).

As attached garages have become popular in the United States, most house plans therefore include a front entry option. Although this type can help add balance and symmetry to the front of the house. It also offers clever design options to make the exterior of your home look inviting. But they look too out of place for some large garage doors in front of the house. Even worse, when the garage door is wide open, anyone on the street can see the clutter and items in the garage.

Above: Definitely no eyes! This two-story, 2,776 square foot, 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath cottage features a front parking space and is constructed of the same brick material used for the rest of the exterior. The dark brown and beige tones of the garage door enhance its visual appeal. (Plan #104-1010) Below: A classic side entry garage sits on the right side of a Colo style home. Niall after It makes the garage seem like an important part of the house and makes the house seem larger. without having to make any noticeable additions (Plan No. 198-1154).

Two Story Exclusive Traditional Style House Plan 4217

A side entry garage is an attractive option for today’s buyers looking for a new home. Because the parking garage is on the side. away from the front of the building and out of sight. Buyers’ attention then shifts to the home’s overall appeal.

Survey conducted by BuilderOnline on several years ago found that potential homebuyers prefer garages with side entrances to garages with front entrances. The main reason? Improve curb appeal!

When it comes to zoning Even in subdivisions or planned communities with homeowners associations, there are guidelines regarding garages and how they should complement the primary residence, such as in the Briar Church project in Chatham County, North Carolina Architectural details of the home, such as glass, corbels, or Roof overhangs are recommended to highlight the garage.

House Plans With Attached Garage On Side

Focus on the main entrance to the house – the balcony or porch – to attract as many eyes as possible from the garage.

Colonial Home Plans

Over the years, many architects and designers think about integrating the garage into the overall look of the house. Therefore, a garage on the side has other advantages. Among them there are

1. Improved curb appeal – as there is no garage door blocking the front of the home. This gives a complete overview of the design and features. This can be further enhanced by landscapes that beautifully combine softscape and hardscape elements.

Side Parking The breathtaking beauty of this 2,422 square foot ranch style home is on full display. Instead, there was a large garage door in front of it. Instead there was a manicured lawn with trees, bushes, flowers and large windows. and clear view of the house (plan no. 161-1097)

3. Without the view of the street through the large doors of the front garage. The house will have a cleaner facade. And if there are other cars parked in the driveway on the edge, it won’t obstruct the front of the house.

Modern Farmhouse Plan: 2,102 Square Feet, 3 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms

4. A side entry garage is convenient for building a corner lot or a space large enough to accommodate. Because the door faces the side of the house. Parking therefore does not affect the beauty of the house.

Do you want to appeal to the attractiveness and convenience of workshop support? This two-story, 3-bedroom modern Craftsman home was built on a corner lot. There are several attractive amenities in the 1,946 m² area. Area: stone and stone facade. White column on a stone base and details of the facade decoration of the building (plan No. 104-1064)

5. An accessory garage can increase the property value of a home by making it longer and larger.

House Plans With Attached Garage On Side

A two-car garage off the side entrance gives this charming 3-bedroom, single-story farmhouse-style home an even larger feel than its 1,729-square-foot footprint. The garage also offers additional space upstairs. Other interesting features of the house include the combination of heavy wooden columns on stone bases. Decorative details of the front facade The facade is made of stone. and well-designed front yard landscaping (Plan No. 198-1008)

One Story Ranch Style House Plan 4309: Southern Trace

6. Because the garage faces the side of the house. This is well away from the front of the house. The side garage provides more privacy.

1. Real Estate and Cost Considerations – Side-mounted garages often require larger real estate and require homeowners to invest more in installing an adjustable driveway with enough room for vehicles to drive in and out of the garage. You can get a car. (Experts recommend a minimum distance of 30 feet from the garage door to the sidewalk curb – and ideal distance is 35 feet or more)

Installing a ramp costs money. This is because the side entry garage requires a longer driveway and more sidewalks. Therefore, they are more expensive than front loaders.

With Wide Entry and Exit Getting in and out of the side garage of this beautiful single story Craftsman style home is no problem. A luxurious home with a beautiful garden and a landscaped front entrance. There is 3,999 square feet of heated and cooled living space, including an inviting lanai, three bedrooms, three full bathrooms, two half bathrooms, and a sundeck and rear balcony. and a 3-car garage with optional repair shop (Plan #198-1011).

Award Winning Home Plans! 3284 Sq. Ft. 1.5 Story Craftsman Traditional / First Floor Master Suite 4 Bedroom 3.5 Bath, 3 Car Attached Side Entry Garage

3. If your property is on a hill and you want privacy through a garage with a side entrance. The alternative is to drive under the garage. In beach houses and oceanfront homes or areas requiring elevated living space. Parking below the main level is the solution.

The covered parking space has been expertly integrated into the overall exterior design of this beautiful two-story hillside country home. Parking for 2 cars is in the basement of the 2,340 square foot home. Square Feet 4 Bedrooms (Plan #126-1888)

Take a look inside the large one-story coastal-style home shown above. and marvel at the architectural details of the front entrance, such as the covered balcony. Decorative partition on the eaves The symmetry of the windows and the three-car garage at the side entrance fit seamlessly into the exterior facade without creating an eye-catcher. The 4,828 square foot home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

House Plans With Attached Garage On Side

This is another beautiful home with a spectacular front entrance. In this striking modern home, parking space for three cars, side entrance complements the L-shaped structure and blends seamlessly with the exterior design. The one-story home is 3,869 square feet and has four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Bedroom House Plans

The beautiful two-story Craftsman home shown here offers beautiful lake views in a quiet, peaceful setting. The 3,314-square-foot, 3-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom home features a courtyard, balcony and open space. open attic The main floor master suite, laundry room and three-car garage have side entrances connecting to a utility room.

Stunning 4,376 square foot, two-story European-style home (above) with a beautiful courtyard and Tudor-style details. This beautiful residence features 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 2 front doors leading to a two-story curved foyer, and a first floor master suite with sitting area. Main level laundry room, library, gourmet kitchen and more. There is a very well organized three car garage with side drawers. (See plan below.) The floor plan (above) shows a three-car garage at the side entrance. There is a bonus room above the garage that can be converted into plenty of utility space.

The simple two-story country house pictured above impresses with its architectural and landscape details and features. This includes a winding driveway that leads to a four-car side garage, partially obscured by bushes. The garage is L-shaped, with a two-car area at the front and another two-car area at the side. The 4,531-square-foot home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two full bathrooms, a ground floor and a ground floor room, and a gym. Walk-in pantry and other luxury features

Since the early 20th century, when wealthy Americans imported cars from Europe and later, when the Ford Motor Company began to develop affordable car models for middle-income working people. The car owner has to find that

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