House Plans With Loft Upstairs

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House Plans With Loft Upstairs

House Plans With Loft Upstairs

This beautiful Tudor cottage has a unique and elegant exterior reminiscent of the English countryside with brick accents, arched doorways and porches. It’s best suited for tight spaces at 35 inches wide, but it offers a great view of nearly 2,000 square feet of living space. The large covered front porch features beautiful brickwork and is a great place to welcome family and guests. 9′ ceilings have side stairs to the second floor and lead to an impressive family room with fireplace. The family room is open to the kitchen and dining room, maximizing the open floor plan. The gourmet kitchen has a large center island, separate pantry and leads to a breezy rear patio. The main floor master suite features a spacious bedroom, vaulted ceilings and a master bath with double vanity, separate shower, garden tub and private toilet. There is a large walk-in master suite at the rear of the space for convenience. A guest toilet, laundry room and two-car attached rear garage complete the main living space. Upstairs features a bridge entry that overlooks the family room and three additional bedrooms. Two of the bedrooms are en-suite and the third and fourth bedrooms have walk-in closets. There is a hall bath with double vanities and a linen closet shared with the bedrooms. This beautiful home offers a fun and bold exterior and a functional floor plan perfect for your family’s needs.

San Souci House Plan

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Cool A Frame Tiny House Plans (plus Tiny Cabins And Sheds)

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House Plans With Loft Upstairs

Log homes and A-frame homes are popular among lofts due to their high ceilings. Whether small or large, they create extra rooms (usually bedrooms) while leaving the rest of the house open.

House Plans With Upstairs Laundry Rooms

However, as you’ll see in the floor plan below, many home styles include lofts, lofts, mezzanines, and interior balconies because they look great and provide extra space.

Common attic uses include bedrooms, offices, libraries, and reading/TV rooms. In other words, the attic is used as an “annex” or dedicated area, apart from the main rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms (although sometimes, especially with rooms, the attic is the only room in the house).

The problem with loft design is accessibility. Some buildings use ladders that are not easy to use. Some buildings use spiral staircases to reduce the space they take up, but they are easier to climb than ladders. Then some homes use stairs that are easy to walk but take up a lot of space. Our museum has all kinds of accessible attics.

There is something exciting and exciting about a loft… the loft does just that.

Mediterranean House Plan: 2 Story Coastal Mediterranean Floor Plan

It doesn’t get more open concept than this home. Very high ceilings make it easy to create high ceilings that don’t seem to fit in with the rest of the room. Below is a photo of the back stairs from the kitchen to the loft.

A combination of living room and library, with the library on the main and upper floors. A spiral staircase leads to an attic library that overlooks the living room. Source: Zillow Digs TM.

The 2 photos above show a house with an attic. The elevated space is enclosed by a glass panel that provides an unobstructed view of the vast underground space.

House Plans With Loft Upstairs

There is a great room with an entertainment area. It’s big enough to work well as an office, but not so big that it takes up a living room. In fact, the high quality design makes it look better. A spiral staircase reduces the square footage required to reach a high position. Source: Zillow Digs TM.

Floorplan Rules: Where To Put All Your

The 2 photos above show a house with an attic that creates two rooms. It makes good use of space in small houses/rooms. Fortunately, the ceilings are raised so that each room is a respectable height.

A huge open space with an open passage helps to divide the space between the living room and the dining room. Source: Zillow Digs TM.

This home uses the attic to create two bedrooms. This is possible because of the ceiling of the temple. Simple steps lead the way.

The home’s pitched roof creates a great upstairs room with a balcony that overlooks the ground floor. These are designed for houses with pitched roofs and work well because the living area is at the top, but with the upper part, the utility side of the house increases as well. Source: Zillow Digs TM.

Beautiful Cottage Style House Plan 7055: 2018 Idea House

Here is an interesting suspended attic. Mirrors on the floor help keep the space open. Although not a high-rise, it does have a home office.

Bookshelves are an interesting way to decorate your home. In this house, the bookshelves are raised to the next level of the living room, creating a library in the living room. Source: Zillow Digs TM.

Upstairs plan with what looks like a pallet above with two cabins on the main floor. Source: Zillow Digs TM.

House Plans With Loft Upstairs

A good roof design that is curved to match the exterior wall of the house. Source: Zillow Digs TM.

Bed Contemporary A Frame House Plan With Loft

View of the attic space from the main floor. The loft overlooks the courtyard and pool. Loft/walkway access provides a spacious open design floor plan.

Impressive loft. The living room is like a living room with a spiral staircase on one side leading to two floors, each upper floor being a loft overlooking the living room. Source: Zillow Digs TM. Be sure to check out our special features section for larger furniture.

The loft used as a home office is accessed by a wooden staircase from the living room. Source: Zillow Digs TM.

Here is the first picture of the house in our gallery. Wooden houses are known for their high ceilings. The big wooden house above has a big room, but it doesn’t look good. Source: Zillow Digs TM.

Floor Plan Mistakes To Avoid In Your New Home Design

This house uses a large staircase for a small upper floor. This is an example where a spiral staircase or a wall staircase can make good use of space. Source: Zillow Digs TM.

The upper entertainment room is above the house mini bar. The living room has an impressive stone fireplace. I think the design of the bar is more unusual than the loft itself. Source: Zillow Digs TM.

This office looks like it was filmed at home. It is private but has an open design. Source: Zillow Digs TM.

House Plans With Loft Upstairs

The home features high ceilings and a loft that wraps around the great room. Source: Zillow Digs TM.

Small Homes That Use Lofts To Gain More Floor Space

Bedroom and bathroom upstairs. The bedroom can also be used as a master bedroom or bathroom.

The loft in the bedroom was used as a great room accessed by a spiral staircase. Source:

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