How To Make Transparent Background In Gimp

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How To Make Transparent Background In Gimp – Sometimes you want to take an unobtrusive picture of something to use in a document or presentation, or create an image file of your hand to sign and add to a document without clicking the file. rechecking the document (losing the ability to index or find the book in the future).

Now you need to adjust some views to make the background white and not white. The better your image is against a well-lit white background, the less adjustments you will need. In my example, white looks more like light gray:

How To Make Transparent Background In Gimp

How To Make Transparent Background In Gimp

…raise the threshold until the background is pure white and highlight important features by clicking in the center of the text, such as:

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Now you can go ahead and choose a color for transparency. You don’t need to add an alpha channel

By default, this works fine on a white background, as shown above. If you want, there are several options to choose from. Continue and click OK.

This also adds transparency to other parts of the image, in this case the text itself. For signing purposes, yes. If you don’t like it, you can choose by color or by another method (lasso, magic wand…). See the links on Stackexchange.

Now save the image as an image type that supports transparency (JPG does not). I recommend PNG files. go away

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Then choose a save path, choose a file name ending in .png, and check “Choose file type by extension”. This will bring up an export popup window:

Open the document you want to sign and make it normal…

… scale and position according to size. You can bring images on top of text and position them to look natural: When it comes to image editing, Photoshop is the first thing that comes to mind. However, even though Photoshop is a powerful and popular image editor, it can be complicated and difficult to use for the average user. GIMP offers an excellent free alternative to Photoshop. In fact, GIMP is still more complex than traditional image editors, but not much more complex than Photoshop.

How To Make Transparent Background In Gimp

How to make the background of an image transparent? This can be done by removing the background of the image and keeping only the important elements at the top. Removing the background of a photo is one of the things you will often do when editing a photo.

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When the background is visible, you get the colors and details of the new image. For example, placing a transparent image over a yellow image will result in a yellow background.

For this demo I created the following image. The picture is very simple. It has two spheres, one inside the other, on a solid colored base.

Next, add an alpha channel. To add this channel, go to Layer >> Define >> Add Alpha Channel.

Now it’s time to choose the background. GIMP provides two tools for selecting backgrounds: the Color Tool and the Blur Selection Tool. So we select the color bar from the left. Alternatively, you can use Shift + O to open this tool.

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Now click on background. GIMP will highlight all backgrounds that match the color you selected. The option will be displayed.

Once the background is set, it’s time to remove it. Go to Edit >> Clear to delete the selected area. Alternatively, use the keyboard to delete.

And, voila! Background removed successfully! Complete the process by unchecking the selected region. Go to Select >> No. Alternatively, press Ctrl + Shift + A.

How To Make Transparent Background In Gimp

In the previous step, the target image was a simple geometric shape with a single color background. What if the background is more complicated? For example, when taking a selfie, the background is not monochromatic. Background removal in such images does not work with the previous methods.

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Basically, the task of background removal is the same. You define the areas of the image to be saved, select areas to remove, and remove the background by subtracting. However, the selection tool in this section is different.

Load the target image into GIMP. As with the previous example, I’ll use the flexibility I created for the demo.

Use the path tool to select the area to be hidden. With this tool, you can outline parts of the image that will remain intact. When using this tool, you click on an image and drag the cursor to outline the image you want to save. The entered point is marked with a symbol and all resulting symbols are combined to mark the region. So the marks may or may not be as smooth as expected. The more vertices used, the smoother the markers will be.

When you’re done tagging an image, press Enter to complete the tagging process and everything will be selected.

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We have selected the part we want to keep, now we need to change the selection. This way, GIMP will select all the fragments to delete. In this case, the deleted part becomes the background. To change a selection, go to Selection >> Modify. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + I.

Now we just close the options. Go to Edit >> No. Alternatively, use the keyboard disable button.

Once the background image is removed, it’s time to save the transparent image. To export this image as a separate image, go to File >> Export As. Alternatively, use Shift + Ctrl + E.

How To Make Transparent Background In Gimp

Change the filename extension for the file type (GIMP automatically converts and saves to the format).

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Removing the background from an image can be a simple task using GIMP. It doesn’t take long to learn the tools involved in the process. The only problem is having enough time to process your options. After any high-quality, especially complex foundations, removal takes a long time.

GIMP not your jam? don’t worry yourself. There are many other great Photoshop alternatives that work on Linux. Check out the best Photoshop alternatives for Linux here.

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