Ikea Hemnes Brown Chest Of Drawers

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Ikea Hemnes Brown Chest Of Drawers – A classic solid wood chest of drawers with a traditional look and modern functionality. Quiet and smooth drawers make it easy to organize your things. Psst! Hang it on the wall.

Of course, your home should be a safe place for the whole family. Therefore, hardware is included to mount the cabinet to the wall.

Ikea Hemnes Brown Chest Of Drawers

Ikea Hemnes Brown Chest Of Drawers

Nice AdditionKaren P. The dresser/chest is a nice addition to the bed I bought six years ago. It’s nice to have a stocked closet for a baby. 4

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William W. Difficult to assemble William W. Parts not well marked in assembly instructions. You have to guess what parts of the picture are 4

Great DresserJon C. Clear instructions and all necessary instructions arrived on schedule. Assembly was easy and the result is a solid addition to my son’s bedroom. very happy.5

Love your furniture Kimberly T. It would have been quicker to put together if each piece was numbered but it is a beautiful piece of furniture.5

Great LookRobyn C. I love the Hemnes product, it’s a great piece of kit with loads of storage. I have two of them that I collected myself. One drawer has sagged a bit after use but still closes properly. I love the size and variety of drawers. 4

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The section is configured incorrectly. Poor instructions.George M. Good wardrobe for the price. Assembling a wardrobe is stressful. The project could not be completed due to misalignment of pre-drilled holes discovered midway through the installation process. The instructions are bad, very bad. Just a picture, some are not clear. This unit is not recommended.1

Jerry S.Assembly was easier than I thought. The chest is sturdy and the drawers are spacious. I am very satisfied with my purchase.5

Beautiful and scary! Don’t waste your money Adina L. I bought this cabinet in January 2020. The cabinet began to deteriorate and really began to collapse in mid-2021 (after a 1-year return period). The sides of the drawer are made of real wood, but the bottom of the drawer is mostly heavy cardboard. There is no central support for the bottom of the cardboard, so the cabinet collapses a lot. I only use it for clothes, not too heavy or too much and it still wears out. At the end of the 2nd year, the cabinet was completely unusable. The bottom completely fell off. Now that’s a really nice trash can. I learned my lesson. I’d rather buy solid wood than deal with this crap!1

Ikea Hemnes Brown Chest Of Drawers

PERFECT FOR WHAT I NEED ANN-MARIE R This dresser is great – it has three size drawers for my clothes (inner drawer), top, watch and car keys (smallest drawer). Gray is a great neutral – I’m happy with this purchase.5

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Sturdy and roomy REGINA K. Excellent! It is well built and the drawers move smoothly. Many things can be photographed in the closet 5

Straight, clean and beautiful. Andres C. Product at least 4 years old. This chest is nice and clean. The drawer is very smooth and closes easily. I’ve had to move this piece around a few times and it’s a little less than solid or durable, but it always looks great when installed. does the job. I still love it and now I’m going to buy a dresser and use it for the night. Not bad for the money. It works and looks great! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘4

Leisa M is disappointed. Where do I start… the holes were not made at the points that gave me the curved tray. A piece of wood belonging to the cabinet split in half. Afraid to finish installing the cabinet after using a piece of wood. Where is quality control performed? Not satisfied with the final product.2

Great wardrobe! LISA F. It took a while to assemble, but everything fits and all the parts are included. It feels and looks like quality furniture.5

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Hardwood is one of our favorite materials and is part of our Scandinavian heritage. It is also a versatile and timeless material. Regardless of the type of wood, it is durable, beautiful and renewable. We try to use these raw materials as wisely and efficiently as possible to avoid waste and invest in facilities and logistics to increase the use of recycled wood. A classic solid wood cabinet with a traditional look. A modern feature. Quiet and smooth drawers make it easy to organize your things. Psst! Hang it on the wall.

Of course, your home should be a safe place for the whole family. Therefore, hardware is included to mount the cabinet to the wall.

Compact and spacious! Krystal V. This wardrobe is a great investment! Great quality, not too big, not too small! Each drawer offers just the right amount of depth. I downsized my 6 drawer closet to give my room more space and more storage than ever before! I highly recommend it!5

Ikea Hemnes Brown Chest Of Drawers

NiceBeth J. Well made, sturdy. Wide range of wardrobes. It looks very nice and pretty in our room. A glass surface is recommended for finishing it. A bit of work, but worth it. Make sure there are only 3 boxes. We found this out after waiting forever at the checkout!5

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Charming and tough! Brian F. I want gray cabinets in the bedroom, not particle board. I saw it in the store and it was garbage. It is solid wood and easy to install and looks great as it fits perfectly into the bedroom space. A photo of the gathering was shown to a friend who has had the same wardrobe for years without a problem. ideal! 5

The best wardrobe! JAMIE C. I got this closet for my son to store because he likes to get dressed in the morning. I love this piece because it is sturdy and beautiful. It has a large storage space. My husband is easy to get together. ideal! 5

Great but .. Caroline G. During the last sale I had 2 in my cart and ordered but due to computer problems only 1 was sold. After talking on the phone they said they would fix it and I could order within an hour. When I signed up and ordered these two, they disappeared from my local shipper. When I called, they said he was very sick. A week later I left for CT to pay the bureau in full. Big bureau, no customer service.5

Beautiful and high quality product Story A. The quality is very good, this product is made of wood, which is important for our family furniture. The entire Hemnes series is timeless and beautiful in its simplicity. It takes a while for the product to ship, but it’s worth it. We already have a large wardrobe and a TV stand from the Hemnes range. Next, I’m going to make two Hemnes beds for the living room. I highly recommend it.5

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Nice DresserMICHAEL R. Assembly is simple and easy. It’s beautiful and the tray slides out easily. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the cabinet is cracked in a few places. I also bought it for sale

Great wardrobe! JACQUELINE C. The quality is much better than I expected. As always, the instructions could be better. 2 people go for 2 hours. The wardrobe looks amazing!5

Elegant and functional GANA R. This 3-drawer chest is easy to assemble, but requires 2 people for final assembly and transport. The material is good, the device is stylish and functional5

Ikea Hemnes Brown Chest Of Drawers

Great wardrobe Richard W. The wardrobe is amazing – not easy to put together, but it finally came together!5

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Good deal Jenny W. Hemnes wardrobes for sale. They are made of wood and are quite heavy. Easy to follow instructions.5

I liked it so much I bought a second tray! Elizabeth A. I’ve had this dresser in different colors for several years and love it so much I bought it for a second room. I love the simplicity of the design, the smooth and quiet operation of the cabinet, and the durability. Worth it for both!5

Beautiful wardrobe Lisa C. This wardrobe looks great. I weigh my pros and cons: looks great, easy to install, height for my needs. Disadvantages: the finish is easily scratched and chipped, so you need to buy a glass top, the back of the cabinet is low, so it falls back when you change clothes (and it inspires you to buy a box to store everything in the cabinet. 3

Large portion Christopher T. I was worried it wouldn’t fit, but it’s the perfect size for one person. In addition, it appears to be very durable.5

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Bad quality. Romina V. We have been using it for less than a month. There is a crack on top of the cabinet. A few more

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