Ikea Malm Dressing Table Organiser

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Ikea Malm Dressing Table Organiser – Hey ladies how are you all and we are looking forward to Easter this week. Today is the last day of work for six days and I am very happy to have free time. I feel like I haven’t had time for myself in a long time, so I’m really looking forward to being a laid back, relaxed woman. My mom and sister are also visiting on Friday, so I’m looking forward to some quality time with them.

Anyway, before I finish (I don’t know when I will stop), I will return to the subject of this article. As a cosmetic collector, makeup storage is a must and you don’t need to cut out ordinary makeup bags, you need “makeup storage” – unless you are a cosmetic addict. beauty like me, yes. I realize this is going to sound good. It’s been a long time since I was happy with my makeup and reserve, which I talked about in an old blog post. It’s cluttered and cluttered, cluttered with a small Argos black desk and Muji acrylic drawers. I loved Muji drawers when I first got them, but as my makeup collection grew it all filled up and before I knew it I was surrounded by makeup knives. make-up and various other beauty products.

Ikea Malm Dressing Table Organiser

Ikea Malm Dressing Table Organiser

That being said, I know I need to find a new form of storage. I tried wicker baskets and boxes, but wasn’t happy with the look. I’ve always dreamed (yes, sorry) of having a big white vanity after seeing similar ones on other blogs and Youtube channels. For me, white tablecloths are very calming, clean and elegant, so if I had to buy a new one, I knew I would replace the small black one with a nice white one. After doing a lot of research online to find my perfect dressing table, I settled on a tall, sleek white one with three large drawers on each side. I thought it was amazing, but the price tag of over £300 was completely out of line. However, I ordered it anyway and waited patiently for it to arrive. While I was waiting for the postman to deliver this vanity to me, I fell in love with the Youtube video of Estee (if you don’t know Essie Button) (you can find the video here) Her standard was spot on and exactly what I was looking for. In the video it said it was an IKEA Malm desk so I quickly went to the IKEA website to find it. To my surprise it only cost £95 and I knew it was exactly what I wanted. Within minutes, I disassembled the 300+ pound chest of drawers and headed to IKEA to track down MALM.

Malm Dressing Table, White, 120×41 Cm

If you haven’t guessed from the images above, I couldn’t be happier to find out. It has a fairly large dressing table (almost double the size of the previous one) and it has a large drawer and a glass top. very beautiful tidy I can’t wait to put my makeup on and make it look pretty when it looks so neat. I wanted to keep the vanity screen relatively simple and clean, so I tried to keep things on the screen to a minimum. left I have a few Muji drawers for palettes that don’t fit in the large drawer, and all my current skincare (and some blushes) sit on top of them. I tend to change my skincare products all the time, so this is a great place to store things that I use regularly. Next to the Muji drawers, I have all my makeup brushes separated into “face” and “eye” jars. The face tub is a glass vase from Ikea and the eye tub is a cheap French monkey tub from Muji. Then I put a mirror in the middle (it wouldn’t be complete without a mirror) and another Muji tub on the right. This time my cotton balls, Acrylic desktop pot and perfume to keep small flowers and keepsakes. Daily essentials such as cleansing water and Caudalie hairspray. I also put my favorite ‘Miss Dior’ perfume in it because the bottle is beautiful and the pretty little tealights to decorate it. Finally, I have a big silver lamp next to my dressing table which is too bright, and I use it when I do my makeup at night.

I went to the big drawer and decided that was the best place to put all my makeup. I picked up the IKEA Malm drawer (£75) when I hit the lottery around Ikea to store all my jewelery and beauty products (haircare, skincare, nail polish and other adorable beauty products). I saved my first pic for another post or I’ll be here all day. When it comes to organizing my makeup in my drawers, I want to buy pieces that I can slide in to keep my makeup organized. hell I’m like a makeup freak. Ikea pushed for this again and bought 3 of their Antonius baskets which are basically plastic boxes with 5 compartments in 5 different sizes. They only cost £1.70 each and are a very economical way to store your makeup. Unfortunately I couldn’t fit all 3 inserts in the drawer so my boyfriend and I had to cut a piece off to fit them all. That means I technically have 2 and 3/4 inserts in the drawer; If you are wondering why a part is missing from the “eye” product manual.

What’s in Each Antonius Basket; I thought I’d take a closer look at how my makeup is organized in them and a quick look at what’s in each. Let’s start with (my favorite lip products).

Lip products are my ultimate makeup weakness, so this chapter is probably the most exciting for me. If you can’t say the crazy ones above, I love them and can’t stop spending all my money on them. Because MAC lipsticks are my favorite. We decided to make this section private, and as you can see, They were all perfect (except for a random Illamasqua, ugh!) I turned them over and saw the name of the person who was really good at them. TO DO. My YSL, Topshop and Revlon lip butters are combined (my favorite) and various other lipsticks are in a separate section with the lip balm. Two-part lipstick; I have Rimmel Apocalips and some lip liners. It’s my favorite chapter and it’s so fun to watch. do not judge me

Neutral Baby Nursery Tour: Ikea Organising And Storage Tips

The next section of my drawer has all the “face” stuff; So, that’s it, from foundation to blush. powder concealer primer Bronzers and highlighters are also stored in this drawer. I’m not a makeup artist and tend to stick to the same face products all the time, so I was surprised at how comprehensive this section was. I think that’s what it takes to be a beauty blogger. I also didn’t realize I had so many MAC face products until I started clearing products from my Muji drawers. They are still very cute and perfect for each other. Still, it makes me feel oddly satisfied (and even excited!).

If you haven’t already guessed, this part is about the eyes. To be honest, I tend to stick to my eyeshadow palettes so I don’t have a crazy collection of eyeshadows. I have a few eyeshadow duos from NARS; Some Maybelline color tattoos; Barry M. MAC and NYX pigments; A few cheap pallets; I have various other eye shadow kits including my MAC quad and my beloved Benefit Brow Zings. There is a dedicated section for eyeliner and mascara, which is a bit ridiculous to be honest. Who needs so many things? I think this chapter will soon clear up. Finally, all my “beauty tools” are eyelash curlers, eyelash glue

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