Kitchen Floor Colors With White Cabinets

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Kitchen Floor Colors With White Cabinets – Wondering which flooring color goes best with white kitchen cabinets? I’m going to show you some of my favorite kitchen flooring and why they’re so great!

Nothing is more timeless than white kitchen cabinets. It’s definitely my favorite. You can enlarge a small kitchen and add color with accessories. White cabinets are easy to clean, as all dust and fingerprints are visible. I used white kitchen cabinets in my Tiny Lake House and Little Lake House renovations to make this tiny house feel bigger. I also used white upper cabinets in our kitchen and in my sister’s kitchen renovation. If you don’t like the look of an all-white kitchen, combining white upper cabinets with dark lower cabinets can create the perfect look.

Kitchen Floor Colors With White Cabinets

Kitchen Floor Colors With White Cabinets

Many homeowners struggle to choose the best flooring color for their white kitchen cabinets. There are so many possibilities! However, we think there are five flooring options that will always go well with white cabinets. Here’s what I picked, why I love it, what style of decor it goes best with, and how easy it is to clean. (Want to know what your home decorating style is? Click here to take our 2-minute quiz!)

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Classic marble tile floors are light and tonal and work well with white kitchen cabinets. If you have a small space, this is a great option to reflect the light and make the space look bigger. And you don’t have to choose the right marble. You can have beautiful porcelain tiles that look like the real thing, or you can buy durable laminate tiles that look like marble. If you choose tiles with a glossy finish, be careful as they can be slippery. They are generally more difficult to clean and keep stain-free. Add warmth and depth to your kitchen by pairing marble or marble floors with butcher’s counters.

My personal favorite combination is white kitchen cabinets and natural colored wood or wooden floors. We’ve used this combination on two lake house renovations for rentals and the results have been great! I love how the light hardwood adds a little warmth to the white cabinets. Plus, if you stick to simple, natural wood tones, it’s easy to clean and timeless. You can choose real wood flooring in these shades or choose luxury vinyl planks like we did. The latter is extremely durable, making it an excellent choice for households with children and pets. My favorite naturally colored wood is white oak. This is because it is somewhat warm but very neutral in tone. When looking for wood floors in neutral colors, make sure they are not a pure tone. Choose neutral beige tones rather than yellow, red or pink tones.

For a charming, vintage feel, black and white mosaic tiles are a fun choice to pair with white kitchen cabinets. More detailed floors like these add fun patterns to a room and, if they’re in black and white, can be paired with other colors (like the beautiful island blue). The finished texture of each grout line gives the tiles some grip and makes walking on them safer. Mosaic tiles can look very complicated, so keep all other elements of your kitchen simple and streamlined when using mosaic tiles. Cleaning grout pipes can be time-consuming, but this type of floor is a great option. Combine a mosaic tile floor with a simple white porcelain tile to keep the two surfaces from competing. You can also use other black accents in your kitchen to tie in the black floor tiles, such as fixtures and/or hardware.

If you’re looking for a floor that contrasts beautifully with white cabinets and adds warmth, dark wood floors are a great choice. Dark walnut or dark cherry stained hardwood floors add a basic look to your kitchen and create a beautiful, traditional look. The dark floors contrast beautifully with the white cabinets and combine with the marble and chrome accents along with the stainless steel appliances to create a timeless design. Hardwood flooring is the most traditional choice, but you can also find vinyl plank and laminate flooring in dark, warm wood colors. Dirt and streaks show easily on dark floors, so keep that in mind when choosing how dark you want it.

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If you have a small, dark kitchen and you want to really brighten it up, a white floor will help make the space bigger and brighter. You can choose whitewashed real wood flooring or similar vinyl or laminate flooring. While the wood grain adds some dimension, bright white floors like this one keep the entire kitchen bright and fresh. I’ve also seen homeowners use white paint to salvage original wood floors that were too damaged to be re-stained. However, if you are concerned about scratches or stains on white floors, choose vinyl flooring. White can show a lot of dust and hair, so be prepared for frequent cleaning if you have pets or children. But because it’s light in color, you’ll be able to see all the dust and get it sparkling clean with every wipe.

Well, here it is. This is my favorite flooring color and goes best with white kitchen cabinets! If you are planning a kitchen renovation, we hope this will help you choose your flooring. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with any of these. Happy editing!

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Kitchen Floor Colors With White Cabinets

Not only are white cabinets a timeless and versatile option, but they also have the amazing ability to make your kitchen space look bigger, brighter and more spacious.

Stylish White Kitchen Appliance Ideas For Any Kitchen

When it comes to white kitchen cabinets, the choice of flooring plays an important role. The color of your flooring can make your white cabinets stand out or make them drab and unattractive.

Based on our extensive journey in the world of interior design, we can confidently say that cream marble, gray and black tiles are the best floor colors for white cabinets. The choice of floor covering further enhances the cleanliness and aesthetics of the elegant cabinets and allows them to shine and stand out as the main foundation of the entire kitchen space.

Light wood floors are complemented by white kitchen cabinets. It adds a bit of visual warmth while maintaining the light and airy aesthetic of this clean kitchen design.

Cream-colored marble tile floors provide a luxurious look that completely transforms plain white cabinets. A touch of cream warms up the kitchen decor palette, while marble veins add subtle charm.

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The downside of polished marble is less friction and the risk of slipping. In kitchens where water splashes or food spills are likely, matte marble tiles are a safer option.

The gray floor goes well with the fresh white kitchen cabinets. It maintains the neutral appeal of the timeless white design. Floor tiles are also the perfect partner for underfloor heating.

Excellent thermal conductivity means that the stove heats up quickly and efficiently. Gray concrete floors retain and distribute heat well, but must be heated and cooled slowly to prevent cracking.

Kitchen Floor Colors With White Cabinets

The brown floor gives the white kitchen an earthy base. This classic flooring option hides everyday dust and dirt so you can spend more time mopping.

Most Elegant Combination Of White Kitchen And Dark Floors To Create A Bold Contrast

Who doesn’t want that? This is a smart choice for homes with messy children. It is also a good choice for homeowners with pets that often run around in the yard.

The dark wooden floors match the style of the fresh white kitchen cabinets. This rich flooring option serves as a bold visual benchmark for bright decorations, while being versatile enough to match kitchen accessories of any color.

Dark wooden floors can perfectly hide everyday dust. They tend to hide blemishes much better than lighter products.

Black floors visually create the feeling of a white kitchen. This high-contrast color is perfect for a modern minimalist scheme or a sophisticated black and white home interior.

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Choose glossy black floor tiles that reflect the light of your kitchen’s mood lighting, or matte tiles for a fashionable finish. This elegant combination looks great in combination with black hardware and the popular black kitchen faucet.

Red wooden floors add visual warmth to a cold white kitchen. To keep the rest of the kitchen decor simple, the bright red floor is the focal point of the room.

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Kitchen Floor Colors With White Cabinets

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