Light Blue Paint Colors Bedroom

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Light Blue Paint Colors Bedroom – Last time we talked about the bedroom, I revealed the newly wallpapered ceiling. Wallpaper is really the starting point for the rest of the room. With the paper there, I can then think of other places. For me, the wallpaper looks bold with creams, golds and blues, but it’s on the ceiling, surrounded by a sea of ​​white ceiling paint, it sort of disappears. I know the new blue gray color on the walls is the way to make the wallpaper shine!

First, I had to choose a new blue-gray color for the walls and ceiling. We’ve had a lot of snow here in Chicago (it’s been a crazy winter!) and, on the day I wanted to do some paint swatches, of course we had a huge snow storm. However, I didn’t let that stop me! I put on my snow gear and trekked to the local Benjamin Moore store. Fortunately, it’s only a few blocks away!

Light Blue Paint Colors Bedroom

Light Blue Paint Colors Bedroom

I brought wallpaper samples with me to find a blue-gray color that would complement it. Usually, when I’m trying to find a color that matches a specific cabinet color, swatch, or other design element, I can let the paint store match the color to the swatch. They just pop it in the scanner, and boom… you have a color match! But since the blue color in this wallpaper is very small, they won’t be able to scan it to find it right. (Note: I later talked to the wallpaper designer, Erin, and she told me that the blue is actually Benjamin Moore’s, “Blue Springs.” Well, I painted the room. But if you want to match the future, now you know! )

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So my game plan was to look at the swatches and find a light blue with warm undertones. I don’t want to read too purple and I don’t want to read cold. A light blue gray with a little warmth is the end goal! I looked at the samples and took home four color samples to try on the walls.

I always like to paint samples directly on the wall and place them in various places around the room. I know some paint boards or sample sheets are moved around the room, but I like to see the color on the wall. I’ve never had a problem with swatches and seeing the original colors below, so that’s perfect for me. It’s the same at work. I did not sand or prime the slats with this project. I just drew through them.

After seeing the example on the wall, I decided that Benjamin Moore “Boothbay Grey” was right for me. Not too pink, not too gray and a bit warm. Yes yes!

Remember this last blog post about common painting mistakes? I talked about how people neglect to think about brightness when choosing a color. Knowing that I would be painting the ceiling and walls, I decided to use two colors of the same color.

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For the ceiling, I chose matte because our ceiling has some imperfections and I knew bright flashing would highlight it more. For the walls I used eggshells because I like walls and they are durable enough. (Note: I also went with the best color that BM carries, which is the Aura line. I think the brand matters less than the actual color. Go with the best you can afford. I went over a gallon for the walls and a gallon for the ceiling).

I chatted with someone at the paint shop and asked how to work with two different sheens in the same color. He said he would paint the ceiling first (two coats) and overlap the carpet on the walls and it would be fine. Then he told me to cut eggshells on the ceiling and paint the walls normally. So that’s what I did.

Before I start painting, I prepare the room. Finn and I removed the old mattress and springs; I took both the headboard and the bed frame; And I cleaned all the dust bunnies hiding behind the furniture.

Light Blue Paint Colors Bedroom

My Dyson vacuum cleaner, with its small attachment, is the perfect companion for removing all the dust on wooden floors behind furniture. Nice to have a clean place! After all the dust was lifted I removed the vents and vents and used masking tape on the windows and doors.

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Then it’s finally time to paint. I followed the directions of the paint shop employee…paint the ceiling first and then the bottom. I was very nervous about taping around the wallpaper, fearing I would tear or screw it up, so I went slowly with the wallpaper. It takes time, but it’s worth it.

I found that using a roll extender really helped me. I just have to climb up to cut around the wallpaper. The rest of the ceiling and the high part of the wall are finished with rolls. This saves some time, but this project takes me all day alone. My mom took Rory to her uncle’s house that day and he left at 8am. I was cleaning when I came back at 5pm. You took too long! I watched the whole season

This is the view behind me as I lay in bed looking up at the ceiling. Pretty cool huh?! I’m so glad I got that color right next to the wallpaper because now it really is the showpiece of this room. It stands out and adds such a unique element to the design.

Before, I felt like a very strong fan of black against all white and cream. Now I think it works really well with the new blue-grey color. It is a nice contrast to the warm tones of the paint and wallpaper.

Light Blue Paint Colors

I took these photos in the morning after sunrise and I think they reflect the true colors you see with this paint. It doesn’t read gray to me, instead it’s very blue and can sometimes read a little green. I’m so glad I don’t see purple in this shade!

Like most things, the color changes slightly during the day, and I like that it doesn’t depend on the light or the time. It’s just a beautiful color.

Again, I’m sitting in this bedroom and I’m not mad! This look never gets old and soon I will be laying here on my new king size bed to see the new look. I love it!

Light Blue Paint Colors Bedroom

Now is the time to start providing space. The rug was from Loloi (check it out above) and it’s beautiful. It has a lot of green undertones and I think it complements the blue gray color very well. Next, I’ll share the scoop on the new king size bed we chose and share the new furniture in the space. Slowly but surely we are getting closer!

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