Light Sage Green Benjamin Moore

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Get inspired to add the most beautiful shades of green to your home! Sage greens can help bring the outdoors in, serving as a focal point or a neutral background.

Light Sage Green Benjamin Moore

Light Sage Green Benjamin Moore

Take a look at these beautiful sage greens, from the softest light green to deeper, stronger hues.

Sage Green Paint Colors You’ll Love

Green is a fresh, relaxing color that reminds us of many things found in nature. It’s also a surprisingly versatile color that can even work as a neutral in many situations.

Choosing the perfect paint color can be harder than it seems. If you know, you know! Painting can be difficult, right?

That’s why I’ve created a paint guide to help you narrow down your preferred shades and find the perfect color that’s right for you and your home. Check out the best beach blues, my favorite warm white paint colors, and our guide to the best living room colors.

Today we are sharing the best sage green paint colors. I’ve been obsessed with various shades of green lately and I’m so ready to wear them everywhere!

The Best Benjamin Moore Cool Colours

When we painted the potting bench the most beautiful sage green, I couldn’t resist! I put this color everywhere.

I can’t wait to share more, but for now, here are some of my best tips and answers to your frequently asked questions. Find 12 of the best sage green paint colors below!

It’s got warm sage green! Choose sage shades that are more olive green with yellow or muddy brown undertones.

Light Sage Green Benjamin Moore

Technically, mint green is softer and has more blue undertones. Sage greens tend to be darker with more yellow or gray undertones.

The Best Benjamin Moore Coastal Color Palette For Your Home Updated!

Wherever! The best part about sage green is that it can act as a pop of color in a neutral room or be a neutral background on its own.

Use it on your home’s exterior, accent walls, furniture, cabinets and more!

We brought together the most beautiful shades of green; You’ll definitely find a tone you’ll like!

This is a great shade of green! This is the perfect mid-toned sage with great undertones – not too yellow, not too blue. It is slightly darker than the others and has an LRV of 43.98.

My Top 5 Green Exterior Paint Colors By Benjamin Moore… And What I Chose.

SW 6178 is a very popular color described as plant green. It has a great herbal taste! Sherwin Williams SW6178 Clary Sage has an LRV of 40.96 with a slight yellow undertone.

The bluest sage green on this list! I like that it has a bit of blue with a gray background. This color has a medium LRV of 57.85 and pairs perfectly with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace.

With an LRV of 63.26, this is a soft, lighter sage green. In some lights this color looks more like a true grey, but in other lights you’ll see a softer olive hue.

Light Sage Green Benjamin Moore

It is a fresh, soft sage green with a peaceful undertone. Although this designer doesn’t share the LRV of her paint colors, I love how she paired them and complemented major millennial style!

The 10 Best Light & Calming Paint Colors For Stress & Anxiety

Rainstreak is probably the grayest of the colors in this guide, even though it has a green background. It has a slightly warm undertone and a soft, light finish, and its LRV is 64; the lightest!

Add color to your outdoor space with this soft, earthy green. It combines sophistication, convenience and spaciousness. It has warm undertones and LRV value is 50.

This is the sage that Benjamin Moore loved so much, and it’s easy to see why. When its LRV is 45.46 it appears a nice gray in the background, but it is still true green.

This color has a cooler undertone than the darker LRV 46, making it rich and soothing. I think it would look especially good on a kitchen island or accent furniture!

Sage Green Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

We wrote a lot about this color because it is our house favorite! Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog has been selected as the 2022 Color of the Year. Evergreen Fog has an LRV of 30, making it a deep, dark and striking sage green with lots of gray in the background.

However, I don’t think it’s too dark when you have plenty of natural light (shown below) and we love it when used in small doses!

Benjamin Moore’s HC-141 is a soft, light sage green with lots of gray in the background. The LRV is 63.25 and is very similar to Benjamin Moore Silver Sage, which is also on this list. Be sure to get paint samples of both to compare!

Light Sage Green Benjamin Moore

With an LRV of 39, this is another deep sage shade popular with designers! It’s a soft, calm green with blue and gray undertones but still feels fresh and calm. Sage green is my favorite wall color right now! It’s warm and inviting, calming and comforting, and it looks so beautiful! Here are my favorite green colors from all the major popular paint brands like Behr, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Farrow & Ball.

Favorite Sage Green Paint Colors Making Joy And Pretty Things

We continue our One Room Challenge office renovation works until the end. Scroll to the bottom of this article for an update on the progress of the third week of renovations.

Since I don’t have any fun photos to show off my office renovation this week, I thought I’d reveal my favorite sage green paint color now! This ties into the One Room Challenge because we’re going to paint the walk-in closets sage green!

We used turquoise to decorate a vintage dresser in our old house and turned it into a dresser. The color is Etna by Sherwin Williams. You can find more information about Etna paint colors here!

Our dining room was newly painted a beautiful dark green. Check out our modern dining room design options here and see more information about dark green paint colors here. The color is Behr’s North Woods.

The Best Green Paint Colors For Your Home

Lately I’ve been trying to choose a sage green paint color for a built-in paint in our office.

I would argue that these green paint colors are all by Benjamin Moore (the wall color would be Benjamin Moore’s Misty Sky):

Let’s take a look at some of our other favorite dark and sage green paint colors: Benjamin Moore

Light Sage Green Benjamin Moore

This week I’m choosing a sage green paint color in hopes of convincing my BIL to spray paint it all.

Sage Green Paint Colors

Welcome back to week three of the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda from Calling it Home. I can’t believe we’re halfway through the six-week challenge. And our job is definitely not half done.

We really had to work out all the details last week. I made a huge plan and took exact measurements, we took another trip to IKEA and we had almost everything done.

I don’t have many photos to show the progress. We’re still working on getting the walls wallpapered (I ordered this!! Yay!! – thanks for all your help and understanding in choosing the wallpaper!) and now we’re getting ready to paint everything.

We bring together all the IKEA products we use. That’s too much! The hard part is making all these unique pieces look like custom pieces. We’re working on it as we write this 🙂 The best green colors designers recommend for creating earthy, calming spaces in kitchens, laundry rooms, and bedrooms.

The 12 Best Interior Paint Colors, According To Designers

This week we’re going crazy with sage green paint for our sweet neighbors down the street’s shared girl’s room!

This is one of their main demands. Remember the Carney family renovation we completed last winter? Yes, this team. We are about to enter another transformational invasion.

I walked in and measured their room, wearing a green shirt, and the girls said, “We want that color!” they said.

Light Sage Green Benjamin Moore

So I went down the sage green rabbit hole while searching for the perfect paint color that felt like the perfect addition to my collection of favorite paint colors.

How To Decorate With Sage Green

Not only is it great for creating an organic, calming space, but it’s also definitely on trend, with both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams recently naming Sage Green as their paint color of the year.

Sage is particularly suitable for creating bathrooms and bedrooms as it is a light, soft green-grey blend that can lean towards an earthy color with yellow undertones or a light aqua color with blue undertones. It gives a feeling of tranquility.

Because of its strong connection with nature and vegetation, using this color can help any room, such as a living room or study, feel grounded.

For a whispering color, sage green is a popular choice in the kitchen

Why Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak Paint Is So Popular With Designers

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