Log Home Floor Plans With Loft

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Log Home Floor Plans With Loft – At Bears Den Log Homes, we offer many services and offer a variety of home styles and floor plans to fit any lifestyle. As you explore our home designs, you’ll find that many of the original materials and techniques of the past are used in today’s wood, log, hybrid and Craftsman homes. But with the continued improvement of new construction methods and replaceable materials, today’s log house is a type of durability and beauty. Bears Den Log Homes, along with our team of designers and builders, is dedicated to the art of planning and designing a home you can dream of today, live in. tomorrow and be thankful for life.

Our collection of floor tiles is just a sample of what we offer. Remember, the floor plan is only a starting point and can be adapted to your own design specifications, taking into account each customer’s experience, lifestyle and budget. Check out each link below to learn more about the different styles, materials and floor plans. You may want to take a photo tour of the floor plans on our website. Contact us for more information about our homes.

Log Home Floor Plans With Loft

Log Home Floor Plans With Loft

“Linda and I built a house in Florida in 2002 and sold our home in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Out. When we started looking at the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina (like the Catskills) we found a beautiful mountain community in western North Carolina. Not knowing much about log homes, I asked the Log Home Council for information. We started to We got information about log cabin companies in our mailbox. Then we were excited and serious about building a vacation home in the mountains. We found home builder Steve Wallin. of Custom Homes of Asheville. We contacted Honest Abe Reviewed several log home companies, including Log Homes. on Steve’s recommendation and a package we received from a loyal eBay buyer, Darlene Dawson of Bears Den Log Homes, we contacted Darlene. From the beginning we were comfortable with Darlene and Steve Felt on the phone. When we visited a mountain community called Grandview Peaks, we met with Steve and Darlene and with a builder to decide and sell again. After meeting everyone and seeing what they did, my wife Linda and I were very comfortable with Darlene and Steve and signed the contract the next day.

Log Home Floor Plans

Darlene and Steve made a great team and built our beautiful log cabin. From the first day of planning to the last step, the two are connected and work on every detail to create our home. We have received many compliments from other homeowners, builders and friends about our beautiful log cabins.

Linda and I are very pleased with the work done and have already recommended this company to anyone building a home. There are hardwood floors for you to look at. Like many of our customers at Kintner Modular Homes, we have a deep connection to the outdoors. If you are a road tripper or live in the countryside, a modular log cabin home may be the right choice for you. Our modular log homes come with a complete set of engineering drawings and log floor plans approved by your state and local building inspectors.

In many places, modular log cabins have undergone some modifications and construction to meet building and energy codes, using 2×6 stud walls as opposed to 2× 4 and increasing the insulation in the floor, walls, and ceiling. enter. ,

Custom home builders like Kintner’s Modular Homes offer a variety of quality log home floor plans such as ranches, duplexes, cabins/chalets and log cabins available for your property. Our floor plans are customized to meet your specific needs. Kintner modular homes are the perfect choice whether you are looking to buy your first home, downsizer or retirement home. Kintner also offers custom modular homes if you want to design your dream home in Eastern Pennsylvania and New York. Check out our available floor plans and contact us for more information. Remember, all log cabin floor plans can be customized to fit your specific needs.

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Can’t find the right wood floor plan for you, give us a call? We have a wide variety of decks to choose from. Come to our Model Home Center on Route 6 West in Tunkhannock PA and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales professionals about log cabin modular home options. It’s worth the trip! Over the past century, new technologies have been incorporated into wooden houses, allowing the industry to create an ever-growing variety of wooden house designs. One of the biggest innovations is laminated veneer lumber or LVL. Laminated wood allows us to design houses with wide open spaces that were not possible decades ago. Log Cabin Homes works with some of the leading LVL suppliers and designers to utilize this unique and beautiful wood technology.

LVL joists have many advantages, but one of the most important is the high deflection rate that allows our wood frame designers to support loads that traditional wood cannot handle properly. When using two or three LVL in practice; In industrial tests it has been shown to be competitive with steel construction methods. LVL tires are manufactured in a strict manufacturing process and are constantly checked and re-checked to ensure quality and that each product meets its stated minimum power. LVL beams are made using a chemical process that allows multiple layers of high-quality veneer to be joined together. Like most high-rise buildings, LVL beam is a composite structure that uses different materials to give us greater strength. Consider how your windshield works; Because your windshield is laminated and there are adhesives between those layers, it can withstand strong impacts. In addition to our connecting beams, LVL provides strength for the wood for the same working load and increases significantly when you increase the number of LVLs.

The I-beam is another great way to add space to your log home, but unlike LVL beams, I-beams serve to support the entire space, not the main beams. I-Joists are known as a “silent” floor system by reducing the amount of physical weight on the floor system. In cases that are far beyond the usual treatment that can be safely taken; You can use the I-beam system. I-beam is more expensive than LVL; when they can be replaced; When developing log home plans, you have a frugal budget to work with. I-beam ceiling systems are great when they are used over distances that traditional wood can’t reach.

Log Home Floor Plans With Loft

The I-beam floor system is an excellent choice for wooden house design, just ask your dealer for more information.

Log Homes Of America, Inc.

If there’s one thing that turns a house into a loft, it’s the truss system you’ll want to use when deciding on your final log cabin design. There are many types of truss designs to meet the design challenges you will encounter when servicing Log Cabin Homes. You can achieve the vaulted ceiling effect that is often desired by today’s log home enthusiasts. If you do not like vaulted ceilings, we can change the size of the boxes to your needs. Boxes can be named in many ways, from traditional to Gothic; We can help you in Victoria.

Laminated lumber is not only intended to increase the durability of our wooden structures; In fact, laminated wood is often praised by the industry and our customers for their durability and resistance to wear and tear. Because laminated wood is made using kiln-dried materials, shrinkage is less likely. Low humidity helps reduce stress; This can cause unwanted screams and cries in your home. With the durability of laminated wood, you can be sure that your log home will last for years to come. When you use laminated timber, you have the security and comfort of knowing that your timber is fitted to your specifications according to your home design.

There are two things that define summer; Its breaks in your medicine cabinet and takes care of your schedule. For years, people have had to put up with maintenance when it comes to keeping their boards looking fresh and new. Now you can enjoy the beauty of your deck without major maintenance problems. t-rex

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