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Martha Stewart Kitchen Cabinets Home Depot – In my house, the kitchen is one of the most important places. In fact, for many people, the kitchen is the main center not only for cooking, but also for work, relaxation and entertainment. To make your kitchen both attractive and functional, Martha Stewart Living™ kitchens feature a wide selection of beautiful cabinets, countertops and appliances available only at Home Depot.

Clean-style cabinets are easy to maintain, and the finish is more durable than paint. They resist heat, moisture, cracking and splitting for long-lasting beauty. We currently have 56 door styles and finish combinations in the Martha Stewart Living™ kitchen line – just imagine the possibilities! We’re excited to introduce two new PureStyle cabinet colors, Rainwater and Brook Trout, that come with storage options: pet food centers, drawers with knife blocks, and drawers with storage space, as well as a dry towel rack. All of these are available now at Home Depot.

Martha Stewart Kitchen Cabinets Home Depot

Martha Stewart Kitchen Cabinets Home Depot

Kitchen remodeling can be a daunting task. To make your life easier, a Home Depot near you is hosting a variety of special Martha Stewart Living™ cabinetry events for Kitchen Week from September 20-22. This allows Home Depot kitchen designers to learn more about PureStyle, storage and organization options, and kitchen design in one visit. For more information, visit Home Depot’s website. Enjoy these photos.

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Introducing Rainwater, one of two new additions to our popular PureStyle finish palette. When you’re looking for a change from wood and dark tones, rainwater is truly a breath of fresh air, making your kitchen a bright and welcoming place for cooking, dining and entertaining.

Combined with shelves or shelf handles, these open, clear shelves allow you to create an eye-catching display of serving stock or collectibles.

Martha Stewart Living™ Quartz Countertops by LG Viatera, available exclusively at Home Depot, feature beautiful grain patterns and rich color depth to pair well with a variety of MSL finishes. Some of the toughest, most waterproof countertops available are heat, scratch, crack, and stain resistant, so they’re super easy to maintain. This kitchen uses the popular Snowcap LG Viera Quartz from the Martha Stewart Living line.

Now you can add a bulletin board without taking up any wall space. Our black and white dry erase inserts support everyday communication and can be installed on any cabinet door.

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This is a new addition to my Home Depot collection. It’s easy to keep a closet full of everything the family pet needs. Pet storage boxes have spacious compartments for dry food and treats, as well as a shelf for organizing products and accessories.

Another great addition is a separate drawer for organizing knives and tools. It helps free up counter space and provides a safe place to store knives and other sharp kitchen items. The blade block has movable flex strips that can be adjusted to accommodate different blade sizes.

Our new individual drawers come with seven OXO Good Grips POP containers that are built inside and can hold everything from cereal to nuts to pasta. The transparent container allows you to easily see the contents.

Martha Stewart Kitchen Cabinets Home Depot

Another part of the pet food center that I love is the toe box – it has litter boxes and controls access to food.

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Infrequently used trays, pans and cutting boards can be stored in separate cabinets and easily retrieved when needed.

One of the most common kitchen design questions is how to best organize a small space. Make the most of every inch of your kitchen and choose cabinets and storage solutions with specific uses. There is a three-level dish drawer to hold and organize all flat dishes.

The beauty of my cabinets at Home Depot is that they can be used in any room of the house. Our new Pure Style dark gray-brown Brook Trout has one big advantage over all neutrals: it helps bring all the color in the room together. This earthy neutral color is a beautiful backdrop that can be seen in home decor, from the dishes displayed in the kitchen to the bedspreads and rugs in other rooms. This is my second Purestyle color addition shot by Brooke Trout in Maidstone Closet Style. I like using Purestyle in the bathroom because it’s heat resistant, moisture resistant, and doesn’t expand or contract in changing conditions.

This is our linen closet with four adjustable shelves, chrome door brackets and drawers underneath. It completely changes the functionality of any bathroom.

Martha Stewart Cabinetry

With stainless steel compartments for toiletries and anti-slip shelves, these pull-out sinks keep the sink tidy and more efficient in the morning.

My design team worked hard to recreate a look inspired by my own kitchen. I love using decorative buttons under my open shelves.

You can use our cabinets to do your work. Here we created this sleek and modern sideboard with three cabinets printed with LaCombe Avenue laminate in glossy shark gray.

Martha Stewart Kitchen Cabinets Home Depot

Our LaCombe dining room is one of our favorites. The table top is made of multi-colored domed quartz from my Martha Stewart Living™ LG Viatera Quartz line.

Martha Stewart Cabinet

Great storage for cleaning supplies, easy to move around and helps organize all your cleaning supplies around the house.

Today, most households have multiple devices. It’s an integrated technology port that can be removed when not in use and hidden inside the desk top.

I love this new high end stock. It’s a great place to store food, utensils or pants to keep countertops clean and clutter-free. It has three adjustable shelves that can be adjusted according to your needs.

Tilt-up trays are a great way to ensure that every inch of your kitchen is used for storage. They allow you to store moisture-resistant, stain-resistant plastic, sponges and other cleaning materials.

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