Paint Colors For Family Room

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Paint Colors For Family Room – Choosing the right paint color for your living room will set the tone and vibe of this much-used space. While choosing the right color can be overwhelming, these living room paint color ideas and tips will have you headed in the right direction in no time!

Choosing the perfect living room color can seem like a daunting task, and one you don’t want to get wrong. After all, apart from the kitchen, most of us spend a lot of time in this one room!

Paint Colors For Family Room

Paint Colors For Family Room

If you’re just starting to decorate your living room, it’s easy to pick a color and work your accessories around it.

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But if you’re repainting a room that’s already decorated and decorated, it’s important to remember the elements you need to work with your new paint color.

For any room, it’s important to first understand how exposure can affect paint colors. If you have a room that faces north, the light may be gray and blue, which may create unwanted tones from the color you choose.

Southern-facing rooms are flooded with bright sunlight, so warm colors can be too warm. East-facing rooms have better morning light but less evening light, and vice versa for west-facing rooms.

Once you know how to face your windows, consider your furniture, flooring and other elements that will be in the room.

Living Room Paint Colors

If you have a navy blue sofa, for example, you don’t want bright yellow walls. If your sofa is a beautiful gray, you want a similar color to coordinate well.

One of my favorite ways to find some inspiration is to do some research on Pinterest and save ideas that I like.

I often note the color of the paint and whether it is a warm or cool color. I then narrow down my choices and get a few samples from the sample to see how they will look in my space.

Paint Colors For Family Room

Remember that paint colors will look different in a space, depending on the surrounding light and the color of the furniture.

Living Room Color Ideas & Inspiration

With that being said, here are my favorite and most popular living room paint colors for 2022.

Let’s face it – not all white colors are created equal and finding the perfect white for your home can be challenging to say the least.

Shoji white is probably one of my favorite whites – it’s a warm, creamy white with a beautiful background of grey, beige and sometimes green.

Lightly it is a good choice for a living room if you want to add some light and brightness without losing the warmth of the room.

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Not white, not creamy yet, Sherwin William’s alabaster is a beautiful choice for a living room, a bright, bright color that is sophisticated and modern.

It’s an excellent color choice for a living room that needs an injection of light – especially consider rooms that face north.

However, be careful if you already have a well-lit room – too much light can wash out this beauty a bit too much.

Paint Colors For Family Room

If you are looking for a soft warm brown dream then Collingwood may be right for you.

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It is a very versatile paint color and under its light purple color it never looks blue or green. It is a good choice to keep the environment light, airy and neutral.

Collingwood is slightly warmer than Sherwin-Williams Repose Grey, which is a paint color I highly recommend to my e-design clients.

Repose Gray is a very versatile warm toned gray. It’s a wonderful color that works well in any lighting situation, but gray in cool light and warm in cool rooms.

This is definitely one of my favorite shades of gray and it creates a wonderful modern aesthetic in any living room.

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Agreeable Gray does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s one of Sherwin Williams’ most popular colors for a reason – it’s so versatile and looks great everywhere!

It’s a beautiful warm stone color between beige and true gray and really gives the living room a contemporary and timeless feel. This is one of the main gray colors used in American homes.

One of the most popular neutral colors for living rooms over the past decade, River Peter is a timeless classic gray with slightly warm undertones.

Paint Colors For Family Room

Revere Pewter will keep your living room fresh, modern and pleasing to the eye. You can’t go wrong with such a perfect selection.

How To Choose The Best Family Room Colors

If you are looking for a green that is a little lighter than River Peter then Edgecombe Green might be the one for you!

It is perfectly balanced between beige and gray and has a warm tone that will add some comfort to your living room.

Expect it to feel a little warmer in a south-facing room, while in a north-facing room it will look a little grayer.

Can we talk about how gorgeous and comfortable this teal shade is? What a wonderful color for a living room if you want to create a warm, quiet but neutral and warm space.

Living Room Paint Color Ideas To Refresh Your Space

It’s a great shade if you want to dip your toe in a little color without it

Green is set to be all the rage for 2022, so what better way to freshen up your space than to create an accent wall with a rich and intense color like jasper?

This is the best choice if you want to bring nature into your living room and create an earthy, environmentally inspired space.

Paint Colors For Family Room

It looks great with crisp white trim, or a slightly warmer base like Benjamin Moore White Dove.

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Sharon Williams Navy is another great choice if you’re looking for a stunning color for an accent wall.

This navy gives me all kinds of nautical vibes and works well with the white trim. It can be a great accent piece as part of your living room and is a timeless color choice.

Remember – no matter what you read or the pictures you see online, it’s important to sample the paint colors on your home before you start!

The sampler offers realistic color samples that are easy to carry around your home, and cheaper than buying gallons of paint! It’s the only way I can buy colorful samples.

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Gina is a self-taught decorator and interior design lover who has helped thousands of people create homes they love. When decorating one of the most popular rooms in the house, you may be wondering what colors are best for your family room. There are three basic categories that most paint colors fall into: neutral, warm, and cool tones. Decide what is right for your family room.

Light, neutral wall colors are safe; They match any furniture or decor and make a small room look great. They help improve the resale value of your home, as not everyone appreciates a dark plum family room. Be careful to choose a neutral color; There are as many variations of white, tan and gray as you can imagine. According to, top family room colors by Benjamin Moore include Lynx Tan, Burley Beige and Stone House.

To choose the right neutral for your room, start by looking at your woodwork and accessories. While neutrals work with anything, some neutrals pair well with warm and cool colors. Look for neutrals with pops of color in the rest of the room. Some neutrals that work well on family room walls include:

Paint Colors For Family Room

The family room is often the center of electronic activities, such as watching TV, playing video games or using the computer, as well as pure entertainment. Family rooms also double as home offices, workspaces, and guest rooms. With all these different uses, there are often many family members at the same time. If you want a warm, inviting atmosphere that embraces the active energy of the space, consider choosing a warm color scheme.

These Are The Most Popular Living Room Paint Colors For 2019

Warm colors are exactly what they sound like: yellow, red, orange and gray give you that warm and fuzzy feeling. However, these colors are dynamic, so the rest of your decorating plan can be a suit (or avoid going too neutral). Also remember that dark, warm colors can make small spaces feel cramped. A slightly warmer shade like light yellow can make a room feel stylish and open. A warm, rich red is always a classic choice.

Sometimes warm colors can dominate; To make sure your color matches the design of your family room, find an accent color in your furniture and paint it on the wall. Warm colors also work well if your furniture is neutral or dark in color, as they brighten up the room, such as a burnt sienna wall behind a chocolate brown sofa.

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