Paint Colors For Small Bathrooms Without Windows

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Paint Colors For Small Bathrooms Without Windows – Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may make a commission if you decide to make a purchase through one of my links at no cost to you.

If you have a windowless bathroom, you might be looking for some tricks to keep it clean and fresh. After a few years of staring at my fabulous guest bathroom, new paint created an opportunity to do just that!

Paint Colors For Small Bathrooms Without Windows

Paint Colors For Small Bathrooms Without Windows

Almost every room in my house has at least some natural light. But two rooms—two small, windowless bathrooms—were particularly difficult to redesign. For example, my guest bathroom is fully functional; but because of the way it’s closed, I don’t like being there. And if I ever have another guest, they probably won’t. I suppose it was part of dealing with the quarantine, but I got fed up and wanted to solve this dilemma once and for all.

Bathroom Color Ideas

This post is sponsored by Ace Hardware. All opinions, wonderful words and other words written here – for better or for worse – are 100% my own. 😉

It took some trial and error, but thanks to inspiration from the Clark + Kensington 2020 color trend palette, I think I finally got it! If you’re faced with a similar problem (perhaps a jack-and-jill tub or a basement floor), consider these tips for solving the lack of natural light, as well as shortcuts to a clean, professional paint finish. The post with more details is below, but you can also watch the transformation in the video:

One of the first things you notice in the “before” photos was the yellow bathroom. Soft white bulbs are of course common, but if there are no windows in the room, you rely on the shadows cast by the bulbs. In this room the soft white didn’t work and left a hint of yellow

. I hated how every time I picked something up (like the vanity I was patiently waiting to install), it would find a way to mess up the lights.

Paint Colors For Small Bathrooms, According To Interior Designers

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Why not just switch to daylight or incandescent instead? I would, except I’d make the equally unfortunate choice of choosing a light that doesn’t use standard bulbs. They’re getting too getting harder and harder to find and I decided enough is enough! not only do I need new paint but I’m not going to spend another dime on special bulbs. I like getting new fixtures out so it was hardly an arm turner.

A few years ago I also installed a bluetooth enabled bathroom fan with LED light. It’s a bit bluer than I prefer – it’s not quite daylight – but it’s a step in the right direction and

Soft white light bulb interference. I used this light to make my color choices. Can you see the difference in the light change? I like it better. 😊

Paint Colors For Small Bathrooms Without Windows

The existing walls were partially covered with a grey-purple mauve. It’s a very nice color on its own…in the right room. But over time I realized it was the completely WRONG color for this bathroom. The lighting, counter and tiles didn’t play well with the underlying colors, making everything look ominous and dry. It’s amazing how much color can affect a room. I stopped making any additional creative progress in the design when I added this color scheme!

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I say “partially covered” because I haven’t even finished the first paint job yet. I still had some patching to do after removing all the wallpaper here near the old light fixture and fixing the plaster. I finished painting most of the room and the repairs, but I kept it sitting. A word to the wise: If you’re covering a joint like this, be sure to seal it with a primer

Paint – even if the new paint has a primer, like the Clark + Kensington line. The main reason was mentioned as a result of a phenomenon

. A patched area of ​​such a wall is more porous than a finished or previously painted wall; so it is more likely to absorb the colors and break the uniform glow when the light falls on the wall (it looks darker than a dot. the rest, or just a snack). It may also require more layers to have uniform coverage; So primer is your best bet to avoid this and it’s cheaper than buying more paint to do another coat!

Ace Hardware sent me a care package earlier this year as inspiration, filled with sustainable, natural products (many of which I had never used and wanted to try). They also sent a paint sample and information about the Clark + Kensington 2020 color trends.

The Best Colors For Small Bathrooms

Looking at these nature-inspired shades, I knew it was a great opportunity to reclaim, as K put it, “the bathroom where inspiration dies.” 😂

Tip: I was able to order paint over the phone and went to Ace Hardware the same day to pick up the paint.

Let’s get specific: it’s probably no surprise that as a home improvement blogger, I painted my walls.

Paint Colors For Small Bathrooms Without Windows

I have experimented several times with different brands and lines of paint (sometimes it’s the same brand but a different kind of paint). And although most brands have paint

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Combined with the foundation, I haven’t found that it can do a single coat without smudging or touching up if there is a significant color change (like going from this dark mauve to a much lighter creamy white) . I was expecting two coats, and it really needed two. But not bad after a coat, yes:

After the second coat dried, I took a step back and carefully examined the finish. The main thing I noticed about this particular line: there is a noticeable difference

Clark + Kensington lacquer finish from other brands I used in my bathroom. I can’t quite explain the difference, but… is it butter? Velvet?

It is generally recommended to use satin or higher gloss in the bathroom. But since I worked so hard to restore the old plaster, I didn’t want it to be too bright that I could see every little flaw on the wall (that would be too humbling). Instead, I ended up with an eggshell; it’s flatter than satin, but still washable enough for this room (I explain the trade-off between gloss and other benefits in this post if you want a little more info!). It was the perfect balance. Hopefully you can see the amazing texture left on the walls in the “after” photos in this post!

Best Bathroom Paint Colors

I started by painting the entire room White Opal. I love this color! I bought a gallon with the Ace Hardware gift card they sent me, but I need less than half to do two coats on the room. So I’m pretty sure I have enough of it to paint the master bath as well (after I put the shower in there, I never got back to finish the final paint job… Guess the delay paid off lol! ). I compared the color of the guest bath (windowless) to the one with natural light (in the master), and it looks good in both conditions. Highly recommended, especially since it’s hard to find a nice balance in white wall colors (I don’t like yellow “warm” whites, and this one isn’t too clean white to feel sterile and hospital either). It’s a nice, simple white that’s still warm enough to play off the cooler green on the accent wall and not pick up blues, greens, or purples in the process.

I also used the rest of the Natural Home palette as inspiration to choose a color for a small accent wall. Despite my fear that the space might be too small to work on such a painting, I’m glad I went with my gut and did it anyway. The color trend of greens, blues and grays in the palette led me to Far Away Land, which is a soft, dark green with just the tiniest hint of blue and lots of gray.

After the White Opal paint dried, I measured a section of the back wall and taped it to the newly painted surfaces. I don’t plan on keeping the mirror (dust gets into the little ledges on the frame, duh), but it has a medicine cabinet attached, so I’m still looking for a replacement. Since I

Paint Colors For Small Bathrooms Without Windows

To keep the vanity, I measured 4 inches from the top to create my paint line. There was no particular logic to this; I thought the distance would work.

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Regular painter’s tape can remove the new wall paint from the wall, especially in the first days (there may be a healing period

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