Paint Colors For Whole House

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Paint Colors For Whole House – Wondering how to combine colors to create an entire home palette that transitions beautifully from room to room? Today I’m sharing our whole house Benjamin Moore color scheme from our renovated log home.

At the end of my last post, our complete house renovation revealing our wood house, several readers emailed or texted me or commented on the colors we used in this house. While we used mostly white throughout the house, we also used some gray and blue accents in most of the rooms.

Paint Colors For Whole House

Paint Colors For Whole House

White colors can be calming and soothing, but painting your entire home yourself is a very powerful and effective choice. Personally, I think that white is the perfect background to use other colors and colors in the choice of decor. I like to decorate with color and find that the white shell allows me to combine different colors that I can change the season. White walls keep things calm and sophisticated without being overwhelming. Pops of color add interest and dimension throughout the home.

Create A Whole House Color Palette (with Real World Examples)

Before we moved in and started painting, I stocked up on most of the paint for this entire house, and I taped the paint chips and stashed them safely in my office closet so I could always access them. went to them. need to make a will. when we were passing through the house. Choosing colors ahead of time allowed me to create a cohesive feel and a good sense of flow from room to room. I used different brands of paint in this house, but I matched all of my colors (including the kitchen cabinets, which were gray) to Benjamin Moore colors because most people have access to Benjamin Moore colors or a store that carries colors with Benjamin. is relevant. Moore.

As I mentioned, we painted most of the walls and all the trim in our house soft white, the color I liked best was Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. This is a lovely, much-loved, fresh and clear white from Benjamin Moore that doesn’t have much of a blue tone to it, so it’s still warm and welcoming. I especially love the stark white look on the dresser, how about you? It creates a strong effect and the cut work adds great dimension without being too strong. We will use the same color in our new house.

We added charcoal gray paint to the living room fireplace and to the accent wall next to the TV. I think the color really brought out the fireplace and added a touch of elegance and sophistication to what could have been a vintage focal point in our room. The Benjamin Moore gray closest to the charcoal color I chose is simply called “gray.”

One of the most frequently asked questions is what is the paint color in our master bedroom? The walls were all white except for a color we added to the vertical vessel wall installed behind the sink and toilet. I chose a calm and cloudy tone, which I combined with Benjamin Moore’s Woodlawn Blue. I love how this color worked with our warm white vanity and the gold hardware and mirror.

Whole House Palette

We painted the upstairs hallway and downstairs family room a very light, airy, cool but slightly warm gray tone to match the Benjamin Moore Horizon. It looks almost white in the picture because it’s so fresh and bright, but you can see the contrast between the walls and the Chantilly Lace design. This warm light gray kept things classy and calm while also giving some detail to these areas that could be a little cool if they were painted all pure white.

I also get a few emails from readers asking about the color of the kitchen cabinets. It’s actually called “Grimslov Grey” and it’s from Ikea (although it might be a permanent door color in some places). I had that color matched to their “Fusion” color at my local Benjamin Moore. It’s a warm mid-grey tone that I think created a calm and sophisticated feel in our kitchen. As much as I love white kitchens, I also loved the dimension it added using this gray color.

Another popular question from readers is the color we used on the accent wall in our youngest son’s room. It’s Benjamin Moore Hale Navy – a color I also used in my bathroom at our previous lake house. Hale Navy is one of my favorite Benjamin Moore colors. It is powerful and effective, but not strange. Paired with white walls, as we’ve done here, it feels crisp and fresh. Used throughout the room or in closets, I think it would add sophistication and elegance to the space.

Paint Colors For Whole House

In our second son’s bedroom and also in the basement bedroom, we used a gray that I matched with Benjamin Moore Whitestone. It’s a nice clean gray with a blue undertone in many lights.

How To Choose One Paint Color For The Whole House (plus 21 Great Color Suggestions)

It was a huge renovation that we did in less than 18 months – I shared the full before and after in this post…

The Happy Housie participates in the Amazon Services LLC Partner Program, an affiliate advertising program. If you click on a link that goes to Amazon, I may earn a commission on qualifying purchases – free to you. Thank you for your support! Go to Top Whether you’re repainting your entire home or choosing colors for new construction, choosing a paint scheme for your entire home can be a daunting task. How do you know they will all go together? How many colors are too many? Should I use only one color throughout the house? Since we started renovating our house seven years ago, I’ve had trial and error with wall paint. You know what I mean – when that subtle gray blue pattern magically turns sky blue on the walls? Yuck. We’ve learned from our mistakes over the years and below I’ve compiled my tried and true colors that transition seamlessly from room to room. We love these wall colors and the home buyers seem to love them too.

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, I’m sure this color has come up a time or ten. πŸ˜‰ It was definitely my favorite and we’ve used it in a few homes now (Brooklyn Street, Myrtle, Avenue and Denmead). It’s a light silvery blue green that will add an instant vibe to any space. Silver Strand is a great color for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms; it is perfectly calm and comfortable. I think this color goes well with white, grey, black, espresso and cream.

Just a shade darker than Silver Strand, I like to use Magnetic Gray as a color for bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and cozy living rooms. It’s a bit deeper and looks great with lots of white (especially subway tiles). This color can be dark so I would make sure you use it in large rooms or rooms with lots of natural light. Depending on exposure and lighting, magnetic gray can appear more blue-silver or have green undertones. It’s a very interesting neutral that I keep coming back to and is a personal favorite for bedrooms.

Interior Paint Colors: How To Pick The Best Whole House Color Scheme

If you are looking for a good color for the whole house, this would be my choice. Graeable Gray is a gray paint with the perfect balance of gray and beige – not too cool and not too warm. Everyone seems to love this wall color. Both my sister and my parents are using it in their house now. It’s also a great color to use when selling your home because it draws people’s attention. The nice gray is neither too dark nor too light – it won’t darken a small room, but still has enough color to contrast nicely with the white decor. Have I convinced you yet? πŸ˜‰ You won’t regret choosing this polish. We used it in our office, bedroom and guest bathroom.

Repose Gray is my favorite pure gray color. As you can see in the Avenue House below, this is a great color to combine with wood paneling. Because Repose Gray is a true gray, I would be careful about placing it next to beige and cream tones, such as cabinets and carpet. They can compete rather than complement. This gray adds a nice contrast to a white outfit without being too heavy or dark. I like to use it in bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Repose Gray can be a great color for an entire home, especially for