Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick

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Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick – UPDATE: Since this is a custom paint and the paint formula may not be enough information for the paint shops to make the paint, I am now sending large hand painted samples to anyone interested – small fee. If you take your sample to your paint store, they will easily fit you. Please email and I’ll get you samples ASAP (samples will be sold in 2022 and beyond). Or for a faster response, send a $20 payment to PAYPAL: and include your email address.

It only took me 20 minutes to come up with the perfect title for this post 🤔 – it captures the amazing difference our bold new paint color has made to the outside of our house. I’m not too sure about the title.”

Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick

Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick

“Fair enough. What I do know is that after all the research and seeing colors with red tones, after all the little experiments around our house, this is definitely the dark blue that my husband and I have come up with. If your house has the same red brick exterior and you want to update your house if you have, this could be the color(s) that will take your home to the next level.

Brick Red And Dusty Blue Bedroom Color Scheme

When we moved into the house, it was painted sage with cream ivory trim, which completely washed out the Cape Cod style of our new home. I think it was pretty and matched the brick perfectly, but it didn’t stand out and made the house look old. It almost made me feel dirty 🤧. Frankly, it was boring and predictable.

There was a dark green door, but when I looked at the front door, I felt old again. As you can see below, our dog, my friend, wanted it too 😆.

By the way, one of the first things I did when we moved in was remove the mitten grills on the side windows, as you can see below. They were so dusty and off color that I caught them and they are still in the basement. You can see our low cost replacement wooden shutters here: Wooden shutters. Shutters provide privacy!

A year or so later, we hired a house painting crew to make it even happier (check out multiple references and get multiple estimates). Did I get the right color? no We are growing up, and this type of blue was definitely an improvement on dad. After replacing the regular blinds with these DIY wall-dyed blinds, I began to appreciate the blue better. It was like that for about 10 years. You can feel that the updated garage door shutters match and everything is going well.

Interior And Exterior Paint Colors Look Best With Red Brick

Unfortunately, the front door still wouldn’t go in 🤔. Even after replacing the old brick stairs with these beautiful DIY wooden stairs, I still don’t feel like this door has reached its full potential. We thought about replacing it completely, but the old door is so strong that it didn’t seem like the right choice. Above all, consider how expensive high-quality doors are. Maybe one day, but wait until you see how the latest colors make our old door POP…

Pooh! Welcome to our home. See how this bold navy blue brightens up our front door. So bright to catch a rainbow 🌈…

Here are more photos from last fall, after the painters were done, where the dark blue brings out the cool tones of the bricks and the bright white shows the shape of our house against the forest/lake backdrop. The difference is truly amazing, especially in humans.

Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick

I especially love the cedar shake with this dark blue color. Using a semi-gloss on the cedar shakes may open them up rather than take away the unique texture. The pictures above and below show me why I feel we have a unique color combination.

Great House And Roof Color Combinations

Well, tell me. Do you see the blue in the bricks? That was the reason I wanted this color. I knew it would work because the bricks are almost the same blue color.

After the artists finished all the patches and all the days and days of prep work, they asked me to come out and make sure the color was right. I almost had a panic attack in the middle of the lobby in my pajamas, but I said, “Oh, sure! I’m leaving! 😳” After I slowly walked out and turned around, I almost passed out. It was a real risk, but I guess you could call it a well thought out risk.

I told the young couple what a great job they were doing. I also made cookies 😂.

My husband (note: Rick was in law school while running his own paint company) and I spent several months researching paint colors, talking to paint companies, and waited all winter before hiring one. Because the prices were very high (they were some calculations). 10k up, so beware).

Jrl Interiors — Trending: Warm Coral And Brick Colors

Next season we got a husband and wife team, and like I said before, they really did a great job. It was just the two of us, so we didn’t have to “crowd” around our property. I immediately stood up and told them that everything should be cleaned every day (careful of our landscape) and absolutely no smoking. There is nothing worse than smoking in your home. I used to accept it when I was younger, but not anymore. Red is now in charge.

Update: Since this is a custom color and the paint formula may not be enough information for paint shops to paint, I am now sending large hand painted samples to anyone interested for a small fee. If you take your sample to your paint store, they will easily fit you. Please email me at and I will send you the sample today or tomorrow.

Together with our artists and a local paint shop, we were able to create and shape the image that I fell in love with. Isn’t it incredible?

Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick

Talk to your local paint store and ask if these colors match yours. I found my favorite color combination on Pinterest, but this is a custom color formula for our home. If you’re interested in the color, below are the formula details. Take this message to the paint shop and show them: you love your red brick house and its timeless look, but do you want your expensive brick? Always knowing which color makes up the character. The red head is important.

Of The Best Paint Colors To Go With Red Brick

Before you bring home some paint samples or learn how to paint your own walls, check out these inspiring color combination ideas from some of the top paint brands to help give your home the perfect splash of color.

Nothing beats this dynamic duo. Whether it’s a brown accent or a brown roof, this color combined with darker shades brings out the brown tones from your locks, giving this beauty the perfect appeal.

A dark brown color will help define the boundaries of your red brick house, while a light brown or beige will help draw attention to your windows if you trim the window this color.

Gray is a versatile color that has a way of making brick red pop. This neutral color comes in many shades, giving you plenty of options that work with your unique red hair color.

How To Choose A Front Door Color For Your Brick House

There are so many color variations for gray that the possibilities seem endless. To emphasize a natural warm look without emphasizing dark tones, limit the color options to blue-grays, earth tones and warm purples. For a darker aesthetic, consider a dark charcoal gray.

Sage can be your local interior designer’s biggest design secret when it comes to best paint color for gray walls. Whether you choose a dark or light shade of sage, this color contrasts strongly against the dark tones of brick red.

You can take advantage of the sage color by using it to make an unforgettable front door, window trim, cover, etc. Consider pairing a sage wall with white walls to add extra dimension to your home’s exterior.

Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick

Red bricks, black paint, etc. if you are looking for a modern and contemporary look

Fresh Brick And Siding Color Combinations

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