Paint Over Cabinets Without Sanding

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Paint Over Cabinets Without Sanding – It’s been a few months since I painted my kitchen cabinets and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too optimistic when I started. I’ve only heard bad things about painting cabinets –

So you want to paint your cabinets without sanding or other decorative devices? I am writing to show you how easy it really was, but also because I have received countless comments and messages from my followers who want to paint their cabinets but are afraid.

Paint Over Cabinets Without Sanding

Paint Over Cabinets Without Sanding

Here is the truth. I painted all the kitchen cabinets in 72 hours for $85 (includes paint, primer and all new materials). I had NEVER painted cabinets before and my cabinets weren’t in the best shape – so the odds were stacked against me in my homework. Are you ready to find out the easiest way to replace your kitchen cabinets? Continue reading!

Ultimate Guide To Painting Cabinets

When I redid the cabinets, I didn’t even own a sander or a sanding block – and if you told me I had to sand the cabinets before painting, I’d probably throw it in the wheel. I hate all sand. Instead, I cleaned my cabinets with degreaser – by that I mean I mixed dish soap with hot water, took an old rag and scrubbed all the cabinets. Then I wiped them off with clean water and waited 10 minutes for them to dry. They beat hours of grinding, don’t they?

My cabinet was already painted, but it would work well with wood cabinets that also had a gloss finish. If you have cabinets with peeling paint – you need to use paint remover to remove it, otherwise the end result can be lumpy. It felt like spots were coming off, but I pressed them and primed. (Make yourself a lazy girl)

Label all your cabinets while they are still standing. If you have a small kitchen, it’s not hard to figure out what goes where, but it can still be confusing…especially if you paint the top and bottom different colors (like me!)

I used masking tape and marked it on the inside of each cabinet door. After marking everything, I pulled out all the buttons. I didn’t like mine so I put them away. I left the hardware on the doors like door hinges and drawer rollers (I’m sure there’s a technical term for that). You can remove them, but I found it easier to hold them and tape them to protect the paint.

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Then I laid them all side by side on a large plastic sheet so I could paint. (I filled the actual permanent cabinets first!)

If you’re going to skip sanding—which isn’t necessary—you’ll need to invest in a good primer. I use Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer. Covers masonry, wood, metal, plastic, etc. No need to sand and dries within an hour. I also use it on the wood paneling in the basement. This stuff really covers everything and goes on like liquid gold! Highly recommend – and one coat was enough for me!

What? You don’t have painter’s pants? Okay, so after the primer has dried, it’s time to paint. My cabinets were brown and peach and one coat of primer sealed the color. It claims to dry in an hour, but I like to be extra careful and wait a little longer. After 2 hours I started painting the cabinets.

Paint Over Cabinets Without Sanding

This part is pretty self-explanatory – I paint all my cabinets. I only did one side to save time, but if you want to paint the insides, try – it just adds to the drying time.

Painting Your Cabinets Without Sanding

After applying one layer of paint – not too thick, I waited for it to dry completely. A huge mistake that many people make is not waiting for the paint to harden. Especially if it’s humid, you need to take this step seriously.

Have you ever painted furniture and it’s sticky after “drying”? This is because you didn’t let the layers of paint harden completely and they got tacky, which can take months to dry and even then they aren’t quite perfect.

I waited 24 hours between layers of cabinets. Since my base color is quite deep, I had to apply 2 coats, but the white only needed one coat. After waiting 24 hours between coats with the fan blowing them all the time, they were done!

It literally is! 6 months later I have had no flaking, chipping or scratching – and with a 1 year old dog and a busy kitchen we are not kind to them. I’ve even had to scrub several cups of spilled coffee off the paint and it hasn’t lost its beautiful shine!

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*This post uses affiliate links – these are products I use, love and recommend if you follow this guide* Tired of dull and dated looking kitchen cabinets? Painting your kitchen cabinets is a great way to give your kitchen a new lease of life. However, sanding can be a time-consuming and messy process that many homeowners dread. Here’s the good news, you can still refinish your cabinets without sanding. I’ll show you how!

I have painted many kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and RV cabinets over the years. Painting your cabinets is one of my favorite ways to get a fresh new look on a budget! Preparation is key when doing this DIY job, and making sure the paint adheres properly to your furniture is critical. I have tried sanding and this method without sanding and have had success with both. If you don’t have time, you can paint the kitchen cabinets without sanding (that’s how they last)!

Paint Over Cabinets Without Sanding

Before preparing and painting the cabinets, remove all cabinet doors from the cabinet frames. Remove the boxes. Remove all hardware such as hinges, handles and knobs. It may take time, but your finished cabinets will look a lot better if you take this first step!

How To Paint Unfinished Cabinets

Tip: Use masking tape and a permanent marker to mark each door so you don’t forget where it is!

Cleaning the cabinets is a necessary step before painting. Wipe all surfaces with a mild soap and water solution to remove any dirt or grease. Dry the surfaces with a clean cloth. If your body has a lot of grease or grime, use a degreaser (like Krud Kutter) to make sure the paint adheres properly. TSP or Sodium Phosphate is another great degreaser that can be found at most home hardware stores. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using TSP. Clean cupboards make other activities much better!

Deglosser (or “liquid sandpaper”) is a popular way to bypass the sanding process before painting. This removes the glossy surface of the cabinet, making it easier for the new paint to stick. Apply polishing gloves to cabinets, drawers and drawer fronts with a clean cloth. Follow the recommended drying time on the package before proceeding to the next step. I use the Krud Kutter Gloss-Off and have great success with it! There is also Klean-Strip which has good reviews. After the varnish has dried, you can wipe the cabinets with a cloth to remove any dust or dirt before moving on to the next step.

If your cabinet has deep wood grain and you don’t want it to show through the paint, regular sanding is necessary. Use a rotary sander and 120 grit sandpaper to sand the old surface and reduce the wood grain.

How To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding Diy –

Priming the cabinets after liquid sanding and before painting is necessary for the paint to adhere to the cabinets. This is what I use before painting any cabinet; I love Behr Bonding Primer. Apply the primer with a brush, foam roller or sprayer, making sure to get into all the nooks and crannies. Follow the primer instructions and allow the recommended drying time before painting. Adhesive primer also works great on laminate cabinets and helps paint stick!

When replacing cabinet handles or knobs, it’s easiest to buy the same size as the original hardware, so you don’t have to fill or drill new holes. If you are changing the type or size of cabinet hardware, be sure to use wood filler to fill the holes before priming the cabinets. Allow the wood putty to dry and sand well before applying the primer.

When choosing a color, choose a quality semi-gloss or satin finish and

Paint Over Cabinets Without Sanding

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