Popular Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

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Popular Paint Colors Benjamin Moore – Wondering how to combine paint colors to create a complete home palette that flows beautifully from room to room? Today I’m sharing our whole house, Benjamin Moore paint from our renovated Forest House.

In the wake of my last post, Our Complete Home Revealing Our Forest House , many of my readers have emailed, texted, or posted comments asking me about the colors we used for the house. Although we used white throughout the house, we used some gray and blue accents in most of the room.

Popular Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

Popular Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

White colors can be calming and relaxing, but painting your entire home white is a powerful and effective choice. I personally think that white is a good background for using other tones and shades in my interior design. I love decorating with color, and a white shell allows me to add a variety of colors that I can change seasonally. White walls keep things cool and sophisticated without being boring. Splashes of color sprinkled throughout the home add interest and dimension.

Grey Paint Colours By Benjamin Moore

Before we moved in and started painting, I put together most of the color charts for the whole house and taped my paint chips to pieces of paper and kept them safely in my office cabinet for when I needed to refer to them. As we work through the house. Choosing my colors in advance allows me to create a cohesive feel and good flow from room to room. I used several brands of paint in this house, but Benjamin Moore paint matches all my colors (including the gray kitchen cabinets) because most people have access to Benjamin Moore paint or a store that matches Benjamin Moore.

As I mentioned, most of the walls and all the details in our house were painted a soft white, which I match best with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. A beautiful and very popular white from Benjamin Moore is fresh and crisp, it’s not blue so it’s still warm and welcoming. I love the fresh, crisp white look of paneling and woodwork, do you? It creates such a strong effect and adds great dimension without overpowering the trim. We will use this color throughout our new building.

We added a splash of charcoal gray to the fireplace in the living room, as well as an accent wall next to the TV area. The color really accentuates the fireplace and adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to what could otherwise be an outdated focal point in our room. The Benjamin Moore gray closest to the charcoal color I chose is called “grey”.

A question I often get is, what is the color of our master bedroom? The walls were white with accent colors added to the vertical shiplap we installed behind the vanity and toilet. I chose a calm, misty tone to match Benjamin Moore’s Woodlawn Blue. I love how this color works with our warm white vanity, gold hardware and mirror.

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We painted a very light, airy, fresh but slightly warm gray tone to match the Benjamin Moore Horizon in the upstairs hallway and basement. It looks mostly white in photographs because it’s so fresh and bright, but you can see the contrast between the walls and the Chantilly lace border. This light, warm gray keeps things nice and calm, while adding some dimension to these spaces, which would have felt a little cold if painted white.

I have also received several reader emails with questions about the colors of our kitchen cabinets. It’s actually called “Grimslove Grey” and is from Ikea (in some areas it may be the color of the now closed door). It matches my local Benjamin Moore with their color “Fusion”. It’s a warm mid gray tone that I think created a calm and sophisticated feel in our kitchen. As much as I love white kitchens, I love the amount of use of this gray.

Another favorite question from readers is what color we used for the accent wall in our little boy’s room. This is Benjamin Moore Hale Navy – a color I also used in our previous lake house bathroom. Hell Navy is one of my favorite Benjamin Moore colors of all time. It is strong and dominant, but not boring. Pairing it with white walls, as we’ve done here, makes it feel cool and fresh. I think it adds sophistication and elegance to a space if used in a room or on cabinets.

Popular Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

In our second son’s bedroom and in the basement bedroom, we used Benjamin Moore Whitestone, a matching gray color. A nice clean gray with blue undertones in many lights.

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It’s a major renovation that we’ve undertaken over 18 months – I’ve shared the full before and after in this post…

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So, what is the best white color for your home? There are warm whites, neutral whites and cool whites. We’ll put them down for you.

L.R.V. LRV (Light Reflectance Value) is a scale used by design professionals. Basically, 0 = pitch black and 100 is true white

Best Benjamin Moore Beige Paint Colors In 2023

Simply White Benjamin Moore OC-117 This is a crisp white with a touch of ombre that prevents it from being white or too chalky blue. It is warm white without being linen, creamy or too yellow. Benjamin Moore Simply White has a high LRV of 91.7.

White Dove Benjamin Moore OC-17 Gray is a beautiful soft white color that is a popular choice for trim, cabinets, walls and more. White Dove has a light reflectance value (LRV) of 85, which means it is a very strong bright white.

Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee (OC-45) is an off-white shade with a rich creamy undertone. Whether you want to cast a shadow next to a dark background or add some depth to a neutral space, this shade is surprisingly versatile. The Swiss coffee color has an LRV of 83.93, which is considered high.

Popular Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

Super white Benjamin Moore OC-152. A bright, almost sparkling white, this clean shade suggests clarity and simplicity. Very close to true white with a slight touch of softness. Super White has an LRV of 87. This means it is very high on the LRV scale.

Benjamin Moore’s Best Selling Grays

Chantilly Lace Benjamin Moore White Paint OC-65 As delicate and refined as the lace of the same name, this pure and clean white evokes pure silk, soft linen and simpler times. Chantilly lace has an LRV of 92.2, placing it in the white range.

Decorator’s White is an off-white undertone with purple and gray undertones. . It contains some gray, creating an off-white alternative. It is an excellent choice for trim, doors and mouldings. Decorator’s White has an LRV of 84.61, so it’s actually a softer white than some white options.

Paper White Benjamin Moore Paint OC-55 is a standard off-white neutral color. Inherently complex and infinitely versatile, the Off-White collection offers subtle shades of white that create calm and peaceful environments and color-enhancing accents for dynamic spaces. LRV is 75.89

Remember to keep your lighting in mind when choosing color. Natural light is a factor in how your color will look in your room.

Calm Coastal Lakes Color Scheme From Benjamin Moore Includes Popular Paints Morning Dew & Color Of The Year October Mist.

Previous 3 Keys to Creating Great Designs If you’re trying to find colors for your home, it’s not a bad idea to start with what everyone likes. A Benjamin Moore has thousands of paint colors, so narrowing them down can be daunting. Plus, even if you don’t choose one of the best-selling colors, they can be a great starting point for finding the right colors for your space.

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Benjamin Moore has a running list of them

Popular Paint Colors Benjamin Moore

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