Red Brick Home Exterior Color Schemes

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Red Brick Home Exterior Color Schemes – Brick adds a unique element to any home. Design brick house exterior color schemes that work from the top down to create a look that enhances the exterior of the property.

The Fresh Method is a five-step approach to choosing an attractive color palette for your home’s exterior. When you use fresh thinking to choose the right color for each element – ​​roof, siding, doors, windows, blinds, trim and accents – you’ll create a stunning look.

Red Brick Home Exterior Color Schemes

Red Brick Home Exterior Color Schemes

There are many things to consider when choosing exterior colors for your home, one of which is permanent features.

How To Choose Your Exterior’s Best Paint Colours: 5 Easy Steps

Take a look at the installed features of any attractive home and you’ll start to see some repetition of the tone. This repetition allows different materials and textures to all work together. This is especially important for a home that is fully or partially winterized outdoors.

When choosing colors for the exterior of your brick home, find colors that blend or complement the dominant color or color of the brick. All the colors should match the brick to create a great look. If you are building a new home, first choose the brick and then create a color scheme that will enhance that feature.

Colored hair is a term used when referring to stone, brick, tile or other materials. Usually, these important elements of the exterior of the house are not a solid color, but a mixture of colors. Describing these materials as one color doesn’t do them justice, because the beauty is in the color variations. The term “color splash” describes the effect of color on different colored materials. Color cast is a term that has its roots in photography and describes the overall color of an image caused by sunlight or heat.

Then let’s look at the other four fresh steps. Find out how in our latest Exterior House Color Schemes for Brick and Stone eBook, available to you courtesy of us. Just click on the link.

Exterior Paint Color Combinations To Try

Choosing an exterior color scheme for a brick or brick home begins with carefully inspecting the brick to determine its true color. Your first thought might be that your winter is just red, but take a closer look. Your brick may be a different color or closer to pink or brown than red. Bricks come in a variety of colors.

Red, tan/buff, white/cream, pink, grey, brown and black colors are often seen in residential exteriors. Within each color group, you will primarily see that color or cast brick. Color, as well as color, must be determined in choosing the best color scheme for a winter or semi-winter house.

There are many colors and types of bricks, but the most popular is red. This classic, all-American look will have timeless appeal. From clean, straight lines to edges, your red brick plays a big role in the color of the paint. Looking for inspiration for your brick home? Check out our top five red brick exterior color schemes

Red Brick Home Exterior Color Schemes

Don’t let the rosy predictions mislead you. These bricks are topped with a neutral pink color that is slightly lighter than red. Add soft colors and an accent or two that match your brick. If your brick is on the lighter side of red, check out five stunning pink brick exterior color schemes.

Siding Colors That Go Beautifully With Red Brick Exteriors

While not typically pure white or cream, the clean look of exposed brick has historically been attractive in modern home styles. One advantage of white and cream bricks is that they match many colors. This will help you find many white and cream brick exterior color schemes that enhance the beauty of your home. See examples of “Five Inspirational White and Cream Brick Exterior Color Schemes”.

Gray cast brick is a nice true gray color or a warm brownish gray. For the best exterior gray brick color schemes, match the temperature of your brick to your base color temperature and neutrals. “Five Great Gray Stone Exterior Color Schemes”

Instead of pure gray or black, these bricks have rich dark neutrals that come alive with contrast and color. When creating black brick exterior color schemes, use light and medium base colors to provide contrast and then add medium and dark accent colors. Here are five beautiful black brick exterior color schemes

Bright bricks often have a warm feel when covered with dark or other colors. Tan brick is a natural companion to a warm color palette. Cool tones can also work, especially when used as an accent color in light brick exterior color schemes. Find inspiration in our ‘Five Tantalizing Tan Brick Exterior Color Schemes’.

Color Schemes For Your Home’s Exterior — Bold Painters

The instructions above will get you started. For all the details on how to create the perfect exterior color schemes for a brick house, download our complete guide – Fresh Exterior House Color Schemes for Brick and Stone.

Find more inspiring color schemes, see the best exterior color schemes for your da Vinci roof.

Kate Smith is an internationally recognized color expert, consultant and designer. He is a master colorist and color consultant. For over a decade, Keith has brought his expertise to DaVinci Roofscapes. Kate will help you choose colors that you will love for years to come.

Red Brick Home Exterior Color Schemes

By filling out the form, we can put you in touch with the appropriate member of our team to help you with your project and answer your questions. A member of our team will contact you when we ship the item to help you choose a product. We’re big fans of brick stains, and if your brick needs a refresh, we’re here to help you find colors that work. But we also completely understand customers who want to keep their winters natural! A red brick house can be beautiful; However, this is a powerful idea and can be very difficult to work with, especially for color palettes. We are regularly asked by customers about the trim colors we recommend for their brick homes, what colors complement their brick facade, and more. We thought this collection would help some of you decide how to update your red brick homes.

Picking Blue Exterior Siding With Red Brick

Can’t imagine an update to your red brick home? That’s why we created our virtual design services. We help you visualize how your exterior design updates will look by giving you a fresh look.

This traditional two-story red brick home has beautiful architectural lines – just needs some fresh accents to modernize it and make it better. Benjamin Moore provided a new color palette of paint colors: river pewter on the trim, dragon’s breath for the wood siding, and black on the windows. Black roof, new wood garage doors and copper gutters are the perfect finishing touch.

This red brick ranch house style is a classic found in post-World War II American neighborhoods. Modernizing the front porch with new materials has had a huge impact on bringing it into the 21st century. Our designers recommended removing the shutters (because they were the wrong size) and updating the windows and front door. Wood accents and copper gutters combine with Sherwin-Williams Urban Bronze to tone down contrast and curb appeal.

This traditional two-story house had a second floor, with a Tudor-influenced facade that looked a little old and shabby. We’ve introduced new Hardee® Panel Vertical Siding in Benjamin Moore Graphite for a color-blocked look. Reversible pewter in the trim highlights the ceiling line. A new portico at the front door and a raised walkway lead the eye to the front door.

New Front Door Color With Red Brick

A few simple updates bring new life to this beautiful traditional two story home. Benjamin Moore paint and trim in Kendall Charcoal and windows, gutters, new bi-fold doors and metal lighting in Onyx provide contrast to the natural red brick. A ceiling a few tones darker than the original ties it all together.

Another beautiful traditional home that has been updated with simple updates. New modern black mesh windows and multiple carpets provide a contemporary look. Then, wooden gable accents and a beautiful double front door coordinate with copper gutters to emphasize the layers of the house. Finally, a bluestone paver and new front steps came out.

This modern house had dark red brick, which was perfect to match the wood paneling. We recommend using a combination of wood grain siding from Woodton. Black and charcoal gray include a new roof, modern garage doors, exterior lighting and trim in Benjamin Moore onyx. Finally, we introduced the new James Hardie Standard Vertical Siding, shown at Benjamin Moore Rockport, above.

Red Brick Home Exterior Color Schemes

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