Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray Interior

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Learn more about Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray, including its strong undertones, how it compares to other popular grays, Repose Gray and Agreeable Gray, and the color palettes it works best with.

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray Interior

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray Interior

You already know that most of my house is painted in Sherwin Williams Repose Gray and Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray. But one color I’m often asked about is dining room paint color.

Mindful Gray Sw 7016 By Sherwin Williams

For those of you who have noticed that it is darker than Repose Gray in the living room next door, you are indeed correct. Our dining room was actually painted Sherwin Williams Mindful Grey, which is the next darkest shade on the same color chart as Repose Grey.

Mindful Gray is a warm gray with green and sometimes austere undertones. The top is more pronounced in Repose Grey, while the green is more pronounced in Mindful Grey.

In a dark room without much light or in a room with dark furniture, the green color will be more obvious.

If you use this paint color in a bright room, it will definitely look like a warm gray color.

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The image above indicates this. This is one room painted in Mindful Grey. On the left, all the furniture is brown and clearly highlights the green tones in the background. On the right side of the picture, the seats have been changed to light ones, and a light map has been added to remove the green from the paint color.

Also, these pictures were taken at different times of the day from an east-facing room: so it gets light in the morning, but it’s dark all day. The darkest photo was taken during the day, while the lightest one was taken in the morning. In addition, when choosing a color scheme, emphasize the importance of light.

Look carefully at this picture. The left side of the image is clearly darker and the green is obvious. On the right, it gets a nice natural glow and looks close to a neutral gray.

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray Interior

When choosing a paint color, it’s important not only to understand the small tones, but also how they can be accentuated or minimized by your equipment (or even what’s outside the window). I’ve had many people tell me that Mindful Gray is off base, that it’s the perfect gray, but that doesn’t apply to every situation.

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If you are considering these two colors for your home, please also consider your furniture and other colors nearby.

As I mentioned before, most wood tones will sound strong in Mindful Grey, but less so in Repose Grey.

I would consider Mindful Gray to be a medium gray, while Repose Gray is a medium to light gray with a cool undertone.

Repose Gray is actually my favorite gray ever because it doesn’t feel cold even in a very cold room with cold light. While we only used Mindful Gray in the dining room, our kitchen, entry and landing were painted gray.

Comparison Of Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray & Martha Stewa…

If you’re looking for a gray that has the depth and depth of Mindful Gray but without the green undertone, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray may be your best bet.

It is slightly warmer than fine gray and can change between “warm gray” or “greige” depending on the light. There’s nothing to worry about either, so it’s a great choice for the whole house.

In fact, Agreeable Gray is often praised as one of the best warm grays or paint colors.

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray Interior

I personally don’t like Mindful Gray in the darker areas. If your room faces east, you will find that the color of the paint is as beautiful in the morning as it is dark and muddy in the afternoon. Conversely, it will be used in a west-facing room, and a north-facing room may seem too dark during the day.

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If you have a lot of light or warm light in your room, you really see how beautiful this paint color can be.

Finally, we painted our Eastside dining room a bright color, Benjamin Moore Paper White, which completely brightens and brightens the room no matter the time of day.

We hope you find this post helpful if you’re trying to figure out if Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray is for you! Don’t forget to consider the green indicator option if you are painting dark with dark wood. By keeping the finish bright white and most of the surrounding material light, you should be able to reduce the amount of green.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with a room that is full of light, you should have no problem and Mindful Gray will appear as a beautiful gray color.

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray: Color Spotlight

Don’t forget, no matter what you read or look at pictures online, it’s very important to test the paint colors in your home before you start!

Paint that can be easily moved around your house and is cheaper than buying a huge pot of paint! That’s the only way I buy paint products.

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Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray Interior

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Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray Sw 7017

In your search for the PERFECT gray color for your walls, cabinets or exterior, you may have come across Mindful Grey. And it is not surprising, it is a popular color. However, that doesn’t mean it has to work in your home – let’s find out!

Mindful Gray is a warm gray color. Is it too hot to look BEIGE in the southwest or west? Not so much. Sure, it could be MUCH warmer, but if you compare it to the beige, you’ll see how gray it really is. Therefore, Mindful Gray can be an interesting shade for rooms with warm air.

If you have light from the north or east and evening or evening morning light, you need a lot, otherwise Mindful Gray can look a little flat.

That depth makes it a hard sell for dark rooms, no matter how they look. However, that extra depth (compared to Sherwin Williams Repose Gray) helps it withstand the harshness of the sun without washing it out too much.

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Don’t know what LRV is? It could save the life of your love color – read all about it HERE.

Like Repose Grey, Mindful Gray is a ninja color. EVERY gray color has an undertone and the subtle gray transitions easily between purple and BEAUTIFUL green. It also has a lower, slightly muddy tone compared to other cooler shades of gray.

This shade of green may not be noticeable on different floors, but since the wood floor is gray-purple, the light green shade of Mindful Gray is easy to spot.

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray Interior

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While I wouldn’t say Mindful Gray is hugely popular, it’s still a great choice for most outdoorsmen. However, if you think the glasses are gray and want to match the glasses to a color like the exterior, Mindful Gray tends to feel WARMER than expected.

Again, just because it’s not FREE doesn’t mean it’s not a good option. Many people rely on the bright colors of Sherwin Williams Repose Gray and Agreeable Gray. However, the depth of Mindful Gray can leave you with a wide range of suitable background colors.

Each paint color has its own character and nuances – there will be no perfect combination. You can expect changes in tone, temperature and depth, but you can watch…

And if you’re thinking about color matching between brands (like Benjamin Moore painting Sherwin Williams), you can read HERE first.

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Not sure if Mindful Gray is right for you? Do you want something warm or cold? I have more!

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