Siding Colors For Red Brick

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Siding Colors For Red Brick – We’re big fans of brick painting, and we’re here to help you figure out what color palette might work if your brick needs a refresh. BUT we also completely understand customers who want to leave their natural brick! A red brick house can be beautiful; however, it is a strong image and can be one of the most difficult to work with, especially with the color palette. We get clients writing more and more asking us what trim colors we recommend for their red brick homes, what wall colors work best to complement their red brick facade and more. We thought this review might help some of you update your red brick homes.

Still having trouble watching the news for your red brick home? That’s why we created our technical design services. We’ll help you see what your exterior design will look like before you commit by giving you a preview of the new look.

Siding Colors For Red Brick

Siding Colors For Red Brick

This two story traditional red brick home has beautiful architectural lines – it needed a taste of updating to modernize and dress it up. Benjamin Moore paint colors gave it a new color palette: Revere Pewter on the trim, Dragon’s Breath to stain the wood walls, and black on the windows. Black roof paint, a new wood-look garage door and ivory trim are the finishing touches.

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This red brick house style is common in American neighborhoods built after World War II. Modernizing the front porch with new materials made the biggest impact bringing it into the 21st century. Our designers also suggested removing the shutters (because they weren’t the right size) and updating the windows and front door. Wood variants and brass accents along with the Sherwin Williams Urban Bronze color palette, making the curb appeal more led.

This traditional two-story house with a Tudor-influenced facade had a second-floor landing that felt a little dated and unfinished. We recommend the new Hardie® vertical siding in Benjamin Moore Graphite for a color-blocked look. Revere Pewter trim highlights the ceiling. A new porch over the front door and a raised arch lead the eye to the front door.

A few simple updates gave new life to this beautiful traditional double. The walls are painted and trimmed in Kendall charcoal by Benjamin Moore and the windows, gutters, new double door and iron screen are in Onyx to contrast with the natural red bricks. The ceiling is a few shades darker than the original one.

Another beautiful traditional house with a simple modernized look. Modern windows with black mesh and some wood provide a modern touch. Additionally, wood accents and a beautiful square front door coordinate with ivory drapes to emphasize the home’s elegance. Finally, a blue stone path and new front steps keep things under control.

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This modern house had a dark red brick that goes well with the wooden walls. We recommend that you use a combination of decorative wood for the front of the room. Black and charcoal gray go into the new roof, modern garage door, outdoor lighting family and skirting, which is featured in Onyx Benjamin Moore. Finally, we recommend James Hardie’s new high-end vertical siding, painted in Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore.

This beautiful historic red brick home has been given a new look with some intentional updates. First, we recommend Marvin’s new windows and double steel door. Other black accents include the X-shaped railing between the existing brick columns and the Bahama pattern above the windows to the left of the entry. Bevolo antique brass lighting pays homage to the past. Finally, Tivertino glass modernizes the front door around the ceiling.

The bright red bricks of this traditional mid-century house felt like a high contrast against a clean white accent. In addition, there was much going on with the dark shingle wall, deep blue front door and dated gray shingle roof. We recommend to lighten the brick by turning off the color palette. The new metal roof is a warm brown color that brings out the brass railings and exterior lighting, as well as the beautiful new wooden door. We put an eyebrow roof over the garage for interest. The trim, doors, deck and new garage door are featured in Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore. And new Hardie® Shingle Siding, painted Rockport Gray, brightens the front porch.

Siding Colors For Red Brick

We always recommend testing paint colors before committing. Factors such as natural light, shade and furniture in your home will have a big impact on how the color will appear on your exterior. Our friends at Samplize offer an additional 9 x 14.75-inch leather-bound case in our favorite outdoor colors. Order your ‘Real Paint, Nothing’ samples here Sample.

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Moving into more modern design territory is the new exterior design of this split home. Red bricks have more flavor in this facade, as the upper walls are the tallest. We recommended Hardie® and paint to replace the old siding – and the fireplace – Benjamin Moore Graphite. The trim and trim is done in Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams, which plays well with the black light family, garage doors, windows and new chimney hood. Wood and brass accents bring natural elements that bring out the warmth of brick.

As you can see, many traditional brick homes were originally paired with bright white trim and trim – a color palette we prefer to turn down a few notches. For this home, we recommended Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal exterior with Pale Oak trim. The entrance has received a major update with beautiful wooden double doors, beautiful curbs and overlays, a plain roof with new stone and a paved path leading up.

We gave this traditional red brick mansion an exterior design that includes modern touches: new garage doors, updated lighting, and a cool front porch. We brought James Hardie’s idea of ​​new walls around the bank of two-story windows to accent them, painting them in Benjamin Moore’s Winterwood. Onyx in clothing provides contrast. There is a hot stone wall around the house, which we also used to surround the fireplace for added interest.

We love the lime wash. It’s a great compromise between painting the brick and leaving it natural. The red brick in the basement of this home is highlighted by a custom Romabio limewash painted in Benjamin Moore Seapearl. Limewash gives you the flexibility to allow some of the natural brick color to show through, as mentioned above. It also works well on brick roads! Here, we combined a lime wash and different colors of Benjamin Moore: Sea Pearl again on the siding, Simply White on the trim, Sea Haze on the doors, and black on the new front door.

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As you can see from these examples, red brick homes don’t have to feel dated. You also don’t have to paint your bricks red if you want but want a more modern appeal. Basically, you can have your cake and eat it too. Our job is to show you how. Let us help you get started with a paint job.

Red bricks can be amazing. It can also be difficult. That’s why it makes sense to work with an expert when planning an exterior renovation for a red brick home. We’d love to partner with you to make your brake dreams come true! Get started today.

Our designers only use and recommend products that we know, love or use in our homes. When you make a purchase through our links, we may earn a commission at no cost to you. UPDATE: Since this is a custom color and the formula on the paint box doesn’t seem to have enough information for the paint shops to create the paint, I am sending large samples of the paint to anyone interested have them there – for a small fee. . If you take my samples to the paint shop, they will fit you easily. Please email me at and I will send you a sample asap (still selling sample 2022 and beyond). OR FOR A FAST REPLY, SEND A $20 FEE TO MY PAYPAL: and include your mailing address.

Siding Colors For Red Brick

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