Tile Colors For Small Bathrooms

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Tile Colors For Small Bathrooms – The best tile color for a small bathroom can make a big difference in how spacious the bathroom feels. And of course you want a tile color that matches your interior style.

When renovating your bathroom you need to choose the right tiles. Both tile design and tile color are an important step in your bathroom renovation.

Tile Colors For Small Bathrooms

Tile Colors For Small Bathrooms

But when designing a small bathroom, this choice of tile color becomes even more important. You want your bathroom to feel as fresh and spacious as possible.

Bathroom Tile Ideas You’ll Want To Steal

The tile color for a small bathroom is of course white. White always makes a room look bigger and also gives it a new look. But this post shows that you can choose a wide variety of tile colors for your small bathroom. And you will see that you don’t have to be afraid to use a dark tile color in your small bathroom.

White tiles are still the most popular tile color choice, especially for small bathrooms. A light tile color makes your small bathroom feel bigger and brighter.

Especially when there is little or no natural light entering your bathroom, white tile is a classic and good choice.

This is what I call a tiny bathroom. But the white subway tiles give the bathroom a new look.

Neutral Bathroom Ideas That Are Far From Boring

If you think that white is a bit boring, you can bring a bit of nature into your bathroom with plants.

Subway tiles are placed vertically to add more length to the small bathroom. The light gray tiles on the floor add some contrast.

If you don’t want to get a completely white look in your small bathroom, you can choose black and white floor tiles for a bit of contrast (you can also use color for the floor tiles, which you will see later in the post this. ).

Tile Colors For Small Bathrooms

In these two bathrooms, the bathrooms are only half-tiled, so you can still add another color to your bathroom. Or go for a monochrome look as you can see in these two examples (photos: Tony Colangelo & houseofbeau13)

Black & White Bathroom Design And Tile Ideas

When you don’t want a bit warmer in your bathroom, but you still want to use a neutral tile color, then you can choose gray tiles. Gray gives the bathroom a luxurious yet light look.

Maybe you think gray is boring. But if you add some interesting design elements, you will get a unique bathroom look. As you can see here with the ribbed glass wall ribbed bathroom sink.

Dark gray tiles work in a small bathroom too. A glossy gray tile is best because it also reflects light. In the bathroom above, the dark gray wall tiles and gray vanity and toilet are combined with black, white and yellow floor tiles to give a brighter touch.

A small bathroom with blue tiles will work beautifully. You might think that you should choose light blue tiles. But dark blue will look nice in a small bathroom too.

Small Bathroom Renovations, Design & Ideas

This bathroom gives the atmosphere of nature. Not only because of the beautiful light blue tiles but also because of that big window in the shower.

Interior stylist and blogger Emily Henderson created this little blue bathroom. She used Ogee Drop tiles in Crater Lake from Fireclay Tile.

And even darker with these blue tiles at Hotel Villa Ivy in Salzburg. If you are looking for a darker tile color in a small bathroom, choosing glossy tiles can help make it darker (as the gloss reflects light)

Tile Colors For Small Bathrooms

Everything looks good in pink and that includes a bathroom. I think a shade of pale pink is almost becoming the new neutral. And pink tiles give the bathroom a cheerful, light and colorful look.

Big Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Vertical pink tiles make this small bathroom look taller than it is. And the floor tiles have a variety of colors from blue to pink which gives a beautiful effect.

When an all-pink bathroom is too much for you, why not add pink tiles? And by adding a beautiful geometric design to the tiles, it gives a pleasant look to the small room.

Green is hot. You may have already noticed, but the color green is totally on trend right now. And it doesn’t end with the color of your walls. Green tiles give your small bathroom a more natural look.

Justina Blakeney from Jungalow added these blue/green tiles to her bathroom for a natural boho look. She used Tidewater tiles from Fireclay Tiles.

Bathroom Porcelain Tiles For Walls And Floors

If you prefer your bathroom a little more moody but still natural, you can choose dark green tiles. As I mentioned above, it is a good idea to choose a shiny tile when it gets dark in a small bathroom

Yes, you can choose black tiles for a small bathroom. A dark color gives the bathroom a rich look. But when you have chosen a dark tile color, it is important to pay close attention to the light.

Like the dark green tiles we saw above, it is best to choose a shiny tile. You can see it in the bathroom below even though the tiles are black. The finish they used on these tiles reflects the natural light that spreads in the bathroom.

Tile Colors For Small Bathrooms

Although they used black tiles in this bathroom, it doesn’t feel dark at all. The light floor helps, of course, but also the fact that they didn’t build this bathroom up to the ceiling. The white border adds a fresh and light touch to this small bathroom in New York.

Best Shower Tile Ideas And Designs For 2022

Another example of black and white in a small bathroom. The white tiles above bring enough light into this small room that you don’t have to fear the black tiles.

When you are afraid of colored wall tiles in the bathroom, you can always choose a color for the floor. With white wall tiles, your bathroom will look fresh, light yet colorful.

White subway tiles combined with pink and white tiles. The floor tiles add a vibrant and colorful touch to this small bathroom.

Another pink floor was added to a small bathroom. The white walls give enough light that you can go a bit bolder for the floor tiles.

Best Small Bathroom Design Ideas To Stylish Your Bathroom

I hope this post has inspired you to add color to your small bathroom renovations. The color of your small bathroom tiles can make a big difference to how your bathroom looks. But whether you want light or dark tiles, if you have a small bathroom, you can choose both! Choosing tiles for your bathroom can often be difficult, but it’s even more difficult if your bathroom is small…

Below we address some common questions about how to make the most of a small bathroom space.

Bathrooms are where you start and end your day, so it’s important to create a special place that’s practical but allows you to relax. Renovating or designing a small bathroom can seem like a challenge, especially when designing for an existing footprint. However, there are options! The space can be made larger if the following are considered before finalizing the plans and layout.

Tile Colors For Small Bathrooms

A small bathroom can really benefit from large tiles. With less plaster lines, the walls and floors are less cluttered and visually expand the room. This concept is effective because as soon as our eyes see large tiles, our mind automatically associates them with a large space, in fact it tricks it into thinking that it is looking at a larger area than it actually is. really. Large format tiles also require less grout, less time to install, and require less maintenance.

Small Bathroom Tile Design

Using smaller tiles, such as mosaics, gives you lots of dashing lines, giving the bathroom walls a grid-like appearance that can promote a boxy feel – making your bathroom feel more even less.

However, this does not mean that you should rule out small tiles. If you have fallen for some beautiful mosaics, you can mix it up a bit by using tiles of different sizes in different areas of your bathroom, with smaller tiles limited to the shower area, larger format tiles are used used in most of the room. . , and mosaic tiles in alcoves or entrances (spaces that you do not expect to feel spacious).

The same tiles can be used on the wall and floor or create a contrast with large square tiles on the floor and 300 x 600 mm rectangular tiles on the walls. Depending on the direction set, the rectangles will appear to lengthen the room or increase the height.

The top The single biggest influence on the appearance of the bathroom is the choice of tiles. This will determine the paint color, vanity color, faucet finish and hardware, so spend more time choosing the right tile, and the rest will follow. .

Small Bathroom Design Ideas: Make The Most Of Your Space

White represents maximum light and gives a feeling of openness. Therefore, white is highly recommended and a popular choice. However, it is also a safe choice, so if you want a bit more originality and maybe a better design, go for light colored tiles like aqua green, sea blue and light grey.

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