Trim Colors For Red Brick House

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Trim Colors For Red Brick House – Brick Red is far from one note. They differ in shade, tone and consistency. Paint colors that complement red brick also cover a wide spectrum. Choosing off-white and neutral colors along with red brick can add warmth to the exterior. On the other hand, dark colors create a stronger feeling.

“[I] often look for gray in the brick and use a paint color that makes it stand out. For example, Sherwin-Williams iron ore would look great paired with red brick with dark gray accents. [It] also has enough warmth to match well with most bricks.” Brick & batten co-founder Allison Vaccaro explained in an interview with Hunker. From soft and inviting to saturated and striking, here are some of our favorite paint colors that go well with red brick.

Trim Colors For Red Brick House

Trim Colors For Red Brick House

Looking for a color to match your red brick home? Or do you have something completely different in mind? Either way, our designers will help you visualize all the details before your renovation begins. Learn more about our virtual exterior design services.

How We Improved The Curb Appeal Of Our Home

The red brick, white trim, and white entry columns of this traditional home give it a classic aesthetic. Our designers used Benjamin Moore’s Westcott Navy to paint the siding and add even more curb appeal. One of our favorite blue exterior paint colors, navy blue is a beautiful, saturated color that contrasts well with the bricks.

For colors that complement red brick, black and near-black shades are the favorites, especially if bold contrast is the goal. On this home, our designers painted the siding with Sherwin Williams Iron Ore, a charcoal with a slight brown tint. The saturated colors bring out the gray and black tones of the brick, creating a dynamic look.

While other homes in this round feature red brick siding, this rendering adds stucco to the mix. The facade is mostly covered in brick with black and iron accents. To brighten things up, our designers chose Benjamin Moore Silver Satin over stucco to create a concrete-like exterior that accentuates the home’s industrial vibe.

There is no doubt that the combination of red bricks, columns, and white entry trim creates a classic and timeless aesthetic. But red brick can be part of a bolder exterior. For this offering, our designers painted the trim in Benjamin Moore’s Raccoon Fur (black). This red brick exterior combined with subtle wood accents and black siding and accents are simple yet stunning.

Top Shutter Colors For Brick Houses

Change the look of your home. Explore the possibilities of virtual exterior design in this amazing masterpiece. BRICK&BATTEN offers unique services that transform your vision. In fact, we provide photorealistic renderings and customizable shopping lists to help you improve the course of your home with ease.

There are many warm paint colors that complement red brick, and Benjamin Moore’s Sage Mountain is a great neutral color to go with this challenging building material. Above, our designers recommend Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Olive for the shutters, bringing out Sage Mountain green, and Sherwin Williams for the corners, skylights, hallway ceiling, and the columns. This home’s light, bright brick combines with turquoise siding and off-white front porch columns to create a warm and welcoming aesthetic.

It’s always a good idea to sample paint colors and try them before you commit. Factors such as natural light, color tone and fixtures in your building have a big impact on how color appears on your exterior. Our friends at Sammplize provide us with additional 9 x 14.75 inch paint swatches in colors we love on the outside. Order a sample of ‘Real Paint, No Mess’ at Sammplize here.

Trim Colors For Red Brick House

When looking for a paint color to complement red brick, earth tones are a reliable solution. Intricate white trim highlights the unique architecture and stunning natural red brick of this historic home. Our designers kept the palette warm with a very beautiful gray-green paint color, choosing the Color of the Year 2023: Mountain Road by Sherwin Williams.

What Color Roof Goes With Red Brick

Bear Creek by Benjamin Moore is a very neutral with strong brown hues that pair well with red brick. Above, our designers brought out the brown tones of the Bear Creek siding using wood shutters and other subtle wood accents.

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze is a gray-brown that matches well with red brick. Dark yet warm, Urban Bronze is a saturated earthy color with subtle green undertones. To this mostly brick exterior, Urbane Bronze siding and trim provide a subtle contrast that refreshes the overall curb appeal.

Whether you want to update your red brick home while preserving the natural brick, or you want to paint or wash the bricks, our designers offer many suggestions custom design based on your style and preferences.

Do you want to organize your home? We want to help you realize the look of your dreams! Our designers are ready and waiting to work with you to achieve your design goals. It starts today.

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Red Brick Homes And How To Use Them

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Mackenzie has been writing for brick & batten for three years, and much of her exterior design experience comes from renovating her own home. She bought the log cabin in disrepair in the 90s and the previous owners couldn’t keep up with exterior maintenance. Mackenzie and her family tackled the entire project DIY-style, from reimagining the landscaping and hardscaping to renovating the porch and loggias. In her spare time, Mackenzie enjoys cooking and spending time with her family of six on their farm, which includes cows, chickens, rabbits, dogs and cats. She has been writing for 12 years and has explored a variety of mediums, from food writing to lifestyle pieces and virtual outdoor design. If your home has a brick exterior, Benjamin Moore Cloud White is not the right color. However, here are some trim colors that go well with a brick exterior:

For the record, this isn’t the first post I’ve written about the best exterior trim colors that aren’t Cloud White.

Trim Colors For Red Brick House

BM Cloud White may not be the ideal white for any home exterior, and it certainly isn’t suitable for brick homes. Like all nice houses in Toronto

Brick And Roof Color Combinations For Your Home

Gray and white go well together in this gray painted brick home (above), so white trim like Cloud White would be perfect. But in general, if the bricks are rusty, heavily soiled or unpainted, white will look too harsh.

I love the black trim with the orange brick, but not without a healthy dose of another bright color trim. Otherwise it looks too harsh and starts to look very Halloween-y.

If anything, the BM Kendall HC-166 charcoal trim case above is much softer than the black case and case below.

If the grout on the brick house above is contrasting and clear, all black trim will look much better.

Best House Paint Colors With Red Brick

And here is another house with white trim that is too good for the house (see below). The home is beautiful, but it would look even better with cream-colored trim, such as Benjamin Moore Lancaster Whiteish HC-174 or Ashwood OC-47, instead of plain white.

Brick exterior with eggplant trim (BM Super Nova CC-990). I took this photo on the plane without a fan deck, so this color is my best guess.

If you look closely, this window decoration has a pink color. I’m showing this because it refers to pink bricks, and it actually works. A taupe color, such as BM Kingsport Gray HC-86 or BM Fairview Taupe HC-85, would also look great as a finish color on this brick home.

Trim Colors For Red Brick House

I usually prefer green to blue with orange bricks. In general green looks better and more organic. Here is a good comparison between two different greens. The one on the right (BM Cushing Green HC-125) is much bluer than the one on the left.

How To Choose The Best Entry Door Color For Your Brick Home

This sage green color (BM High Park CC-620) sounds like an 80s color, but would work well in a city full of brick houses. When an office or apartment building, like the Rogers Building in downtown Toronto, is the same color, it screams “I was built in 1985.”

Unless the bricks on the exterior of your home are rusty or red, like this house (above), you should consider the tone of the bricks when choosing a trim color.

Of course, this house is not made of bricks, but the gray-white exterior and black windows are very cute and trendy these days, so I took a picture. Is this new trend affecting your neighborhood?

If your home is mostly brick, what color is the trim? I would also like to know how you choose decorative colors!

Front Door Colors For Brick Houses

Tips For Homeowners Everyone Should Read How To Choose A Color How To Choose A Color System WhiteKillamNew

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