Vastu For Home South Facing

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Vastu For Home South Facing – Residence Vastu South facing House Vastu Everything you need to know June 30, 2018. By Sanjay Cuddy. 119568 views

South facing house has always been a controversial issue in Vastu. Generally, the South route is not considered as a good choice while buying a house.

Vastu For Home South Facing

Vastu For Home South Facing

However, it is one of the biggest myths in Vastu that a house facing south is bad because it brings good luck. Actually, there are no such bad or bad ways in Vastu.

East Facing Vastu House Plan (30×40) (40×60) (60×80)

If you follow the principles of Vastu in the right way, a house facing south can bring great prosperity and success like any other direction.

This article is for you if you are thinking of buying a south facing plot to build your house because it explains and clears all your doubts about this matter.

Due to lack of understanding or misinterpretation of ancient texts of Vastu Shastra, many doubts and myths are spread in the field of Vastu. Here are some common myths about a south-facing home:

All these are just myths. South facing house does not mean disappointment and bad luck. In fact, many construction case studies have shown that most successful businesses have occupied southern buildings.

Vaastu For Home

If your house is south facing and built according to Vastu guidelines, it is sure to be beneficial and efficient.

Your career and your birth horoscope are among other factors that play an important role in this.

A house facing south will be suitable for people who have some occupation. [We will discuss this issue later in this article]

Vastu For Home South Facing

There is no doubt that the south facing area needs hard work and attention to follow all the important rules of Vastu. But with the right advice anyone can do it. So let’s look at the construction of a house facing south-

South Facing House Vastu| Everything You Need To Know|

According to Vastu Shastra, the ‘face of the house’ refers to the direction in which the main door of the house is facing.

In other words, the front of the house is the way you exit the front door of your house.

Therefore, if you turn south while exiting the main door, it will be seen as a house facing south.

When it comes to a south-facing property, one of the most important things you should keep in mind is the size of the house’s entrance.

X40 South Facing Vastu House Design

It is the main gate through which the cosmic energy enters the house which plays a very important role in the lives of the people living in that house. Therefore, identifying the appearance of the house is the first step to make it suitable for construction. [Read More- Vastu Main Entry]

Finding the face of your house is very important because a difference of 3-4 degrees will make all the calculations of 16 vastu places wrong and then it will be difficult for you to find the cause of the problem.

Doing facials at home is not rocket science. All you have to do is follow these steps:

Vastu For Home South Facing

First, stand outside your front door and backyard with a compass in hand. Stand with your back parallel to the house.

Wonderful 2bhk South Facing House Plans As Per Vastu Shastra

Now let the compass needle (usually a red or green arrow) float freely until it is aligned with the zero degree mark on the compass and the north end of the needle. This will determine magnetic north.

After confirming the magnetic north, write down where you looked. Now you will have a perfect face.

4-To determine the correct direction, take at least 3-4 readings inside and outside the area and confirm that you get the maximum amount of time.

The main door of the house occupies an important place in Vastu. It connects the house with cosmic consciousness. Since it is the main idea of ​​the entry of cosmic energy into any building, it plays a very important role in the lives of the occupants of that building.

Vastu Shastra: Design Principles & Tips To Invite Positivity In Home

According to Vastu Shastra, there are 32 doors out of which 9 doors are considered the most auspicious and out of the 9 doors 2 are in the southern direction.

As you can see in the picture, we highlighted the most useful gate in pink for the south facing house. [Read More- Find Out How To Move Your Home Easily]

Living in a house facing south can be good for some people if four things are followed:

Vastu For Home South Facing

Business owners can achieve great success with such tools. In particular, it gives them the reputation and quality of their business. Those who live in these large and friendly houses achieve success and fame.

Best 3 Bhk House Plans Based On Vastu Shastra 2024

Nothing of this kind is perfect and houses facing south are no exception. Some disadvantages of a south facing house are:

1- It is a bit difficult to build a large friendly house in the south facing area and to balance the five elements.

3- In small buildings, it will be difficult to get underground water tanks and septic tanks in the right direction.

What makes or breaks a house is the location of the main entrance. The main entrance of the house should be done in S3 (Vitatha) or S4 (Grihakshit) pada. It will help you achieve great success and success.

Gates Of Vastu| Finding The Best Route| Entrance Effects| Vastu Tips|entrance Location |16 Direction Of Vastu| Vastu Zones| Principle Direction|auxiliary Direction|direction Degree| Compass|significant Information On Direction

Make sure that the shape of the main building faces south and west. The south and west side of the house should be heavier than the north and east side. The South and East directions should be left open as much as possible.

Make the lower and western walls higher and thicker than the upper and eastern ones. It will have a positive effect on the people living in the house.

Fields with north, northeast (NE), and eastern slopes are said to be beneficial and good for people living in the house. It ensures the flow of positive energy. [Read More- How to attract Vaastu Money]

Vastu For Home South Facing

According to the rules of Vastu Shastra, the best place for a bedroom is South-West (SW). You can also make your house in the south and west areas.

Rk Home Plan: 32 X 52 South Face 3 Bed Room House Plan As Per Standard Vastu

The best location for the kitchen is South-East (SE). If this field is missing; Then the next most suitable place is North-West (NW).

For the development of children, the study room or rooms can be placed in the West, East or West-South-West (WSW) direction.

Build a pooja kotha (prayer house) in east-north-east (ENE). In traditional Vastu, NE [North East] is also considered as the best place for pooja room.

Not observing the principles of Vastu is a great and very serious loss. Keeping this in mind, the staircase can be made towards south and west (inside the house). You can also plan to build the stairs in North-North-West (NNW).

South Facing House Vastu Plan Imagination Shaper

Under no circumstances should you find your main entry in the S5, S6, S7 or S8. Entering these padas is considered dangerous. These houses do not allow their residents to be successful in any way.

A project cut or extended in the south-west corner is considered difficult and should be chosen to avoid its serious consequences.

Blue or black colors are not recommended in the South-West (SW) region as per Vastu guidelines. This creates an imbalance in this Vastu sector, which affects your relationships and creativity.

Vastu For Home South Facing

However, it is quite difficult to create an ideal floor plan for a house facing south. But with some safety measures you can create a friendly design for your southern design.

Rk Home Plan: 27 X 55 South Face 4 Bhk House Plan As Per Vastu

We drew a picture of a house facing south. While creating this design, we kept in mind-

First, we will look at the floor plan without a grid of 16 building sites in it.

You can see in the grid of 16 major areas of the house that all the rooms and activities are according to the principles mentioned in vastu shastra. You can keep this downward facing house design and create the same design for a big or small house.

Generally, Vastu according to the south facing house gives good results to the occupants of the house. Before starting the selection process you should keep some important rules in mind.

X60 House Plan South Facing As Per Vastu

Each guide is very helpful for some people. It all depends on a person’s work and his behavior in a certain way.

A south-facing house can be very productive, if it matches the occupation of the person living there.

A person’s zodiac sign and birth astrological chart also play an important role in choosing a place to live.

Vastu For Home South Facing

For example, South direction is ruled by Mars. However, it is good for all businesses and industries related to Mars.

South Facing House

People who work in construction or are involved in any industry related to fire will get many benefits from a south facing location.

Answer: Yes, a house facing south can be very good if all the basic rules are followed.

Answer: Yes.

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