Vastu For West Facing House

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Vastu For West Facing House – Vastu never claims that North is the best direction to build your house and West is a wrong direction. According to Vastu experts, all your houses are lucky regardless of the direction. Because the Earth’s tilt on its axis is 23.5 degrees, it changes frequently.

Defining the perfect west direction will be difficult, but that is not the most important thing. If your house faces west, it is domestic Vastu facing west. You are in your house facing the main door or entrance to understand completely. If you face west, you live in a house facing west.

Vastu For West Facing House

Vastu For West Facing House

You must ensure that the main entrance is located on the west or north side of your house. It is better to draw a piece of metal on the west side of the door, for example a metal plate, metal bell or some artwork. It is necessary to consider when building or buying a Vastu residence facing west. According to Vastu, there are eight Padas in the west. Among them, the two Padas Sugriva and Pushpdanta are most auspicious for the main entrance door of the house facing west. They will help to get great financial benefits and profits in your business. Village.

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It is better if your master bedroom is in the southwest. This direction improves understanding between partners and reduces conflict between couples. If your house has several floors, you should have the master bedroom on the top floor. It is necessary to ensure that the bedroom is in perfect harmony with the elements of nature in order to get quality and peaceful sleep. The southwest corner is considered the perfect direction to place a master bedroom in a west facing house. 3. Kitchen in the house facing west:

The kitchen is an important area in our house because it is responsible for the health of the family. It also includes the element of fire, which helps maintain the balance in the family; It should be placed in the correct area of ​​the house according to the Vastu of the house facing west. Putting it in the wrong way can cause financial and health problems in the family. It is better to face east while cooking. 4. Puja room in the house facing west:

A temple or puja hall is an important place where you will worship or pray to your god and create all the energy that surrounds you. Usually the statue faces west so pilgrims can look for the statue in the east. Make sure your house has the same look. According to Vastu house facing west, North East area is most powerful and best place for Pooja room. 5. Bathroom in the house facing west:

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The bathroom should face northwest and the bathroom should face southeast or northwest. Toilets should be built a few meters off the ground. The bathroom should not be directly under the stairs. 6. Clean environment for houses facing west:

Avoid collecting garbage in houses facing west. Create space for more sunlight. For this, large windows can be installed. 7. Suitable colors:

Yellow, white, silver, beige and neutral colors are more suitable for west facing houses. These are wonderful colors and are said to increase wealth.

Vastu For West Facing House

1. It should be ensured that your main entrance or door is placed in pada Sugriva and Pushpdanta in your house facing west. 2. If you have a house with several floors, the bedroom should be in the southwest corner, but make sure it is in the highest position.

Why A West Facing Home Is An Excellent Choice According To Vastu Shastra

3. one can also choose northwest direction for kitchen as second option if southeast direction is not available for kitchen according to Vastu house facing west.

4. You need to make sure that you have positioned your kitchen in the southeast corner of your house.

6. According to Vastu houses facing west, south and west should be thick and high than the east and north.

7. There should be more windows facing north and east to help the circulation of energy in a balanced family. number:

Tips For Vastu Planning For West Facing Homes

7. Avoid the southwest corner of the house for the kitchen. Frequently asked questions about west facing Vastu house plans: 1. Why should one buy a west facing house?

The advantage of the house facing west is that you can get the heat and afternoon sunlight. People also believe that houses facing west will be healthier and more prosperous. 2. What should be stored in the west direction?

West, according to Vastu shastra, represents the element of metal or space. This direction is often related to the happiness of family members. Therefore, it is favorable if we put metal objects in the west corner of the house.

Vastu For West Facing House

Confused with redundant information about buying a home!! don’t worry! Times Property is your trusted solution to all your home buying enquiries. Why wait?? Book now Believe it or not, when it comes to building a new home or buying an existing home, we prefer homes that face north or east. We are heading towards buying a house facing west, and there is no other option for us. But what is the reason for this division? Just like the spacious house facing south, is there any legend behind it? Please disclose:

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Fairy tales that we hear from our parents and grandparents since childhood. Sometimes we think that west facing houses are useless. This misconception comes from the belief that, when the sun rises in the east, this area is associated with light / brightness, therefore, and when the sun sets in the west, this area is associated with darkness, therefore favorable. But wait! Don’t believe everything you hear without checking the facts. Do you know? Sometimes the lack of knowledge does the trick, but some Realtors profit intent. Like, ‘Vastu shastra’ never says that North is the best direction to build a house and West is bad. According to Indian vastu experts, all houses regardless of direction are happy and important. . They practice vastu and follow all Vastu rules. So why would you pass up the opportunity if you find a house facing west with a good offer and location? In this blog west vastu house you will know everything about the facts and flaws of vastu and west facing property step by step. See you:

If you are planning to buy a west facing property but you have hesitation in your mind before making any purchase decision. Then this blog is just for you. This article not only gives a general view of the house that faces the west, what is it? This article explains everything you need to design your western house according to vastu, including main door, bedroom, kitchen and puja room position, etc. See:

Many people rely on the sun to calculate the exact direction, as they do in a vastu house facing east. But due to the position of the earth’s tilt on the axis of 23.5 degrees, it changes. So determining the exact west direction may be trivial, but not child science. If the house faces west, it is a west facing house. For better understanding, stay in your home facing the main door or gate. If you face west, you live in a house facing west. See the image below to understand what a west facing house means.

Many people assume that home decoration is compatible with all vastu. But apart from other important vastu facts, the suitability of living in a house facing west depends on the owner’s zodiac sign and the title of the owner. The following Sage professions and occupations are best suited for the western vastu:

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Those listed above are best suited for anyone looking for a west-facing home. However, they can also be compatible with other properties.

One of the important vastu guidelines for west facing houses is the direction of the house and the main entrance. It is important to consider when building a temple in the West. According to vastu shastra, the eight Padas are on the western side of vastu, namely Pitra, Dauvarika, Sugriva, Pushpdanta, Varuna, Asura, Shosha and PapayakSma. Among them, the two Padas Sugriva and Pushpdanta are very auspicious for the main entrance of the house facing west and help in getting great financial benefits. The rest of the other padas are inauspicious according to the vastu for the vastu of the house facing west. In simple words, the best direction to put the main entrance is the west or part of the house. Also, use some metal

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