What Color Carpet Goes With Gray Walls

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What Color Carpet Goes With Gray Walls – What carpet color goes with gray walls? (Top 10 Color Ideas) Our favorite carpet colors that look great with any dark gray wall. By: Editor | Last updated: September 16, 2022

Gray walls, especially light tones, are very neutral and easy to combine with any other color, be it gray, another neutral or bright color.

What Color Carpet Goes With Gray Walls

What Color Carpet Goes With Gray Walls

However, too many options can overwhelm any homeowner and make the selection process as difficult as using the wrong wall colors.

What Colors Go With Gray? Try These 11 Combinations

In today’s post, we’ll share our findings based on our experiment on which color goes best with gray walls, and here they are:

Being super natural, white can easily be combined with other colors to create a beautiful, clear look to brighten and brighten any room.

A white tile can also help keep the floor clean and tidy. However, this particular rug is one of the hardest to maintain, so avoid using it in a high-traffic area of ​​your home.

This combination can be very dangerous, but if you find the perfect arrangement, you can create a beautiful and harmonious environment.

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Using a gray rug in any room with gray walls can make a room blend in with the walls, and this can be really helpful if you use a floor that doesn’t really match the gray walls.

If you’re worried about using a similar shade between the wall and the carpet, but still want to create a complete look, you can opt for any light gray carpet.

This type of rug is great for avoiding monotony, but at the same time it still blends well with the wall and continuously spreads the gray element across the room.

What Color Carpet Goes With Gray Walls

Let’s move away from the safe neutral selection and into bolder and more colorful colors. Navy is one of the best options, especially for all dark gray walls, as it brings a lot of elegance to the wall.

What Color Floors Go With Gray Walls?

A navy blue rug can also stand out when placed around gray elements, so if you need a rug to be the focal point of a specific area of ​​the room, there’s no better option.

Most shades of gray have a cool undertone, so pairing it with something with a warm undertone is a great way to create a perfectly balanced room.

And if you’re looking for a warm tone that goes perfectly with gray, there’s no better option than beige.

To make it even better, you can opt for a beige rug with gray accents, like the one we used in the photo above.

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This amazing beige rug only had a small pattern of gray stripes, but that’s more than enough to match the gray wall behind it perfectly.

Gray and gold are the perfect combinations to create chic and stylish decor, so we like to add some gold accents to any room that uses gray as the main palette.

It might be an atypical approach, but you can use a rug to bring the beautiful gold accents into your spaces with a gold rug like the one we used pictured above.

What Color Carpet Goes With Gray Walls

Of course, the highlight will not be as much as the actual metal or brass elements, but it will still bring a sense of luxury and light jewelry to enrich the whole room.

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3 different neutral tones combine perfectly with a modern geometric pattern to create a simple, uniform and artistic look.

There are many different options for these types of rugs, and one of our favorites is this Luke Weavers rug.

This beautiful rug comes with an abstract pattern that looks amazing and artistic and can add more personality to your room than any other rug with a typical or primitive style.

There’s no better option for creating a fun and lively space than yellow. However, we avoid using a simple yellow rug in a room with a dominant gray, because they really don’t look good.

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But if you still want to add the beauty of yellow, don’t worry, you can use any rug with a pattern combination of yellow and gray like this Well Woven rug.

This particular rug had the perfect amount of gray so that it still blended seamlessly with the other gray elements in the room, while its yellow pattern stood out beautifully to bring some lively fun.

As we said before, a blue rug and gray wall can work really well, especially for any shade of dark blue, like a blue or dark blue rug.

What Color Carpet Goes With Gray Walls

However, if you are afraid to use a plain blue rug or want a light blue one, you can use any rug that comes in blue and gray colors, like the one we use here.

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Participates in the Amazon Services LLC Partner Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for websites to earn advertising fees by placing ads and links to Amazon.com. We ran a test to find the best light blue wall mats, and here are the results. By: Editor | Last updated: September 18, 2022

When it comes to walls, blue is one of the most popular and timeless choices and tends to be one of the first choices when someone needs to paint or change the color of their walls.

One of the reasons for its popularity is because blue had so many different colors and shades. For bolder and stronger options, navy blue or royal blue can be the perfect choice to create an elegant or glamorous interior. As for a soft and delicate choice, you can opt for navy blue or baby blue.

This hue was a very light shade of blue, but still enough to bring out the airy, calm vibe typical of any other blue. Some might think that this wall color only works well in any nautical or beach house setting, but in fact it can work in other settings as well.

What Color Carpet Goes With Blue Walls?

However, one problem with using light blue on all walls is that it can be mixed with other colors, particularly for any large element like a bedroom.

So before you decide to paint your interior walls bright blue, make sure it matches your existing floor colors, or at least have a plan for changing colors to match.

To give you some ideas, here are some examples of carpet colors that look amazing in a room with light blue walls. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Color Carpet Goes With Gray Walls

Based on our experiences, this is the best carpet color for light blue walls. The white rug will not only maintain the simplicity and lightness of the light blue walls, it will also provide a soft but pleasant contrast that keeps the light blue as the main color.

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With a white base, you can give plenty of opportunities to use all types of furniture colors, whether it’s solid brown furniture, neutral shoes or similar furniture in light blue.

Cream is another neutral rug option that goes well with light blue walls. The warmth it brings can help balance pale blue tones and create more pleasant and inviting spaces.

And that’s why we like to use this collection in any room where lots of families or guests come and spend a lot of time together, like a living room or dining room.

If you want to keep the flow of blue throughout your bedroom interior, you can use light blue carpet.

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Of course, in a similar color, light blue carpet and light blue walls will look very harmonious to create a perfect look.

But don’t worry because they both sound different, they still bring a bit of contrast which is definitely enough to keep them from sounding boring and monotonous when used together.

For some, light blue might seem a little too childish. To avoid this, you can use gray carpet.

What Color Carpet Goes With Gray Walls

A gray rug can make your room look a lot more “serious” to eliminate the nursery feel, and because of its elegance, a blue rug can instantly uplift the mood of the entire room.

Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

While any shade of gray can work great, we recommend using a light or medium gray. Avoid dark gray rugs unless you’re absolutely sure it won’t make your bedroom dark and gloomy.

A problem with gray is that sometimes it doesn’t match blue walls, even though it’s a neutral tone. To avoid this, you can try using any gray carpet that has a white pattern.

The white element, even if it’s just a small accent or pattern, can help tie the rug together and blend in with the design.

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